Friday, February 24, 2012

My wee ones. Reminiscing!

Hey. I am at work. And since I am confined to my office to do paperwork, since the office nazis are on my case, I am outwitting the system!! I am at my desk, digging through old pictures and reminiscing. The "MAN" can't keep me down!!
Can you believe I found all of these on my work computer!?
Look at this tiny little plump of love.
These were all pics that were uploaded from my iphone. I take a good many pics of patients or video them for pre/post treatment changes, so I apparently just uploaded all of these too. I was so happy when I saw them. Can you believe she was ever that little?!
And look at this... Gabs... one day old!!
I should've known THEN that I was gonna have some trouble on my hands!!
She's always been a little livewire... had a spark in her eye!
What a bundle of L.O.V.E!!

and apparently always had a flair for fashion too!

Oh... remember when she'd let me dress her in smocked dresses? And sweet matching bows? Yeah. I remember that too!!
And don't worry. I'm not being prejudiced! Gabbi will have her day next week. When once again, I am forced to sit and do paperwork. NOT part of my mojo! HOW did I survive this period of my life? Two!!! and so close together. and so teeny!!

SO blessed!


Bj said...

OH WOW!! What a is hard to believe that she's as "grown up" as she is now. Can't wait to Gabbi's pics too....huggers, BJ

Christina said...

My worst fear was having the younger 2 so close together I found out I was preggo the day Gabbi was born little did we know my 2 little (minus the bigger kiddos) would be an 11 month od and twins!

Zhohn said...

Awwww! I love it, Mo! I remember that sweet little Ellie.
I have no idea how you did it either.

Kris said...

Very cute - yes you can see the sparkle in her eyes! and can tell she is a sparkle in your heart.

kimybeee said...

i remember and you relished every minute of your joy while nesting! hah - take that lol

Martha from NC said...

Oh yes I do remember. Where does the time go and how do they grow so quickly? Thanks for sharing the pics of sweet Ellie Sue when she was just a "babe". Makes me smile every time!!

Renee said...

What precious pictures! Love your stories of your lil "livewire"!

snekcip said...

Oh how I remember THESE pics!! Kinda bittersweet!! Where does the time go!!!