Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hanging out with DeeDee

I will never be the one blamed for not bringing enough "crafts" and activities for my kids to do. Nor for me either, for that matter. I did it for the girls to have lots of options of things to do. But I also thought it might be fun for DeeDee to see how they've changed since she last saw them. I brought pre K books so she could see how Ellie Sue can now write all of her letters and numbers. ANd how Gabbi can now recognize and match her colors. After all, isn't that something ALL Grandmothers would want to see?!

Besides all of that, I packed an entire suitcase full of dress up clothes. OH... AND a pair of hot pink high heel boots. I'd hate for them to miss THAT treat!!

Every day, I think, we spent some time at the kitchen table making art.

Oh, and of course, I had to make sure I wasn't wasting any time either. I packed scrapbook supplies, and then I spent a good deal of time at Joann's Crafts in Orlando!!

I bought green pipecleaners to practice an idea or two for making garland for my office's windows next month. I know, I know... I have a bit of a problem! I always think ahead and cannot sit still.

And while we are making pipe cleaner garland, let's just make some heart garland as well!

And why not go ahead and make a mini book ready to rock and roll as soon as I can get home and print my pictures and fill that sucker up!

And you know I HAD to name my book, "Norlando"! (Oh, I added the missing '0' to the 2012.)

Have a happy Tuesday.



Pepper said...

I really want to be your kid. I am up for adoption. Love to read your post. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

Shannon said...

Hanging with Grandma is always good!
How is Grandpa doing?

Carla said...

I need to take a class in time management from you - I need to learn how to use every minute to do something creative! I think I am too anal.....sigh!

Amy said...

Ummmmm...that garland is awesome! I think I could do that! In fact we already have a trip to Michaels planned for today.

Renee said...

I wiah I had your scrapbook creativity. My books are plain Jane and several years behind. I'll get there--eventually!

MaryH said...

Yes, all grandmas want to see everything their little grands do - what a treat for DeeDee and the girls. I think I am going to have to make some garland - hearts and otherwise - that is so cute.

kimybeee said...

you have a sickness!!!! pipecleaner garland would never work around here - i give my cats and dogs pipecleaners as playthings. two or three all twisted up rocks their socks or even one just straight and plain entertains them!

you must learn to sit still and relax lol lol i enjoy all your crazy little projects you share with us!!!

kimybeee said...

and i forgot to add - ac moore crafty store here has easter critters made out of that heavy mesh garland stuff. they have a huge fat rabbit made out of it and everytime i go in that store i think of you - i have been meaning to take a pic and send you on fb and i just havent' done it. the project is totally a mel thing and they even have a little sheet with the directions.