Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day 3

Trust me when I say, we are almost at the end of our week at Disney. But we have to finish up. It wouldn't be right to skip a day at Magic Kingdom, now would it?! All you peeps who have commented on how different it is to have girls vs boys, well.... here's another girl thing.... DRAMA!! The slightest thing is blown SOOOO out of proportion by girls!! I mean, I don't know what was really wrong here, but you'd have thought she needed a retinal transplant.
Oh wait. NOW I KNOW!! Look in Todd's hand! It was the sunscreen!! NOW I know what all that drama was about!!
Gabbi Girl was pretty excited about going to "The Castle". After all, every Disney video we have seen in the past month has opened with the castle in the opening credits. And every time, I've said, "we're going to see the Caaassstle!".

We had our own way of getting in the gates.
And how nice of Disney to welcome us with these PURPLE AND GOLD flowers!!
When we came in, we had only about 15 minutes til the big Main Street Parade began. So, we plopped down, got some candy to preoccupy everyone, and waited in our front row spot.
And the crowd started gathering.
I am LOVING my new panoramic feature on my new camera!!

Hey, MOM.... here they come!
Ellie was taken with Jessie. After all, that is who she was for Halloween, remember?!

ANd then, the star of the show!
Ellie, naturally, loved all the dancers in the parade. She would whisper to me and point at them pointing their toes.

I think I need to let my girls watch Peter Pan. And I am pretty sure we've tried Alice in WOnderland, with little attention. Have to admit, it IS a weird one!
The girls wanted to ride the carousel. Todd had to take the stroller over to a stroller parking area. That left me to navigate the line (which flew), and I had to go get ON the carousel with them. I'm pitiful... even the carousel makes me nauseaus!!
He got back in the nick of time, and they let him on too. But by then, it was too late for me to jump off! Oh NO!
Believe it or not, I did pretty well. Not too much stimulation!
And I think this is going to be my fellow scaredy cat!! She was the required 40" for many of the rides but refused to get on them with her daddy. Gabs was the one dying to get on them! Interesting, huh?
Here I am just trying to keep my eye on one spot. Like pirouettes in ballet!
They decided to go second round. And this time, I viewed them from the sidelines!!
Todd looks like he is having a BLAST!!
As nightime fell, we loaded up the girlies and headed toward the exit gates. By then, we'd had our Bippidy Boppidy Boutique experience.
It's really pretty at night.
The crowd actually started thickening as it got dark. I suppose folks were coming there to watch the fireworks show.
We did make onnnneee more little stop!
ANd then, the princesses, the prince, and I headed to the car.
Ellie was feeling FLY about now!
And our daddy had his hands full of the MUST HAVE souveniers of the day!
We knew that we had to find a way to go see Granddad in these get-ups. He just HAD to see this!! It was Thursday and he'd not seen the girls for the entire trip.
We had to be careful because Ellie had had a horrible asthma flare up just before we left town, and we were afraid to let her near him earlier, as his pneumonia was deemed viral. She already had weak lungs. And on the other hand, we didn't want to drive him crazy in his weakened state with loud, active little girlies in his room.
We ran by and picked up DeeDee to go the hospital with us. Can you see the pride on all three of their faces?

We loaded up and totally surprised him. The girls were certainly the talk of the hospital!! Everyone wanted to see what these two had on. And you know who was more than happy to show them!!
Look how sweet. Granddad was so weak and yet, he still wanted to get a picture of his girls with his camera. His words, "This is the bright spot of my day!".
By now, he was well on his way to health, as they FINALLY got him on the right antibiotics.
So, we ended our day with our favorite thing all day! We got to see Granddad. And he got to see these babies in all their glory.
Just about done with Disney. Kinda sad. It'll be a WHOLE 'nother year til we get back. Hope you are enjoying our little trip down Memory Lane.



Michelle said...

Yes, girls are drama!! :) I bet you made Grandads day. Such fun girlies! So blessed to be able to do that you do!

Mama J said...

Ahhhhh...grandbabies make the worst of anything ALL better. So glad you were able to get the girls there to see him. His smile tells it all.

Bj said...

Such a special time for all...more precious memories....keep'em coming Mo!!....huggers, BJ

Sharidrew said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! It's awesome to see girly drama! Although, my son can be pretty darn dramatic too!! I want to go to Disney World and all the other fun places you've shown us so bad!! I may just have to go with you! Ha.

Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

Don't worry, boys can cause drama too. My nephew last year, thru himself on the concrete throwing a fit. When my sister walked away he got up, ran toward her and then thru himself back on the concrete to let his fit continue. My son who was 15 at the time, was TOTALLY embarassed. So happy grandad got to see his girls in their Disney attire.

Teach said...

We'll be in Orlando tomorrow... with the WM cheerleaders! :)

Liz Somers said...

I have to admit I have looked forward to every post this week! I have 2 sons and they for sure would have had a different type of week. Thanks for sharing your lovely little ladies!

Rhonda said...

I have LOVED all of your Disney blogs!!! It brings back such wonderful and special memories of my family's trip to DisneyWorld last year! The girls are absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!

Pepper said...

Look at Todd's face in that first picture. It is HYSTERICAL!!! He is looking at her like she has grown a third head. That made me seriously laugh out loud. I wish I could print that one out just to have to look at when I was having a bad day and get a laugh. Loved your pictures.

MaryH said...

Best part - the trip to see Granddad. Those girls are precious and I just love Ellie in her two piece princess outfit - you are right, hold on tight - she is going to take you for a ride...of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing, sorry it will end soon.

Lori Curran said...

Yes Melanie - keep the memories coming! And boys are NOT without drama. I remember when my youngest was 8 or 9 and we were at Disneyland in CA. I don't remember what the problem was but he was madder than a hornet and DROPPED himself down on the ground IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT and spun around full circle radius on his ELBOW screaming and crying. I kept thinking to myself, "at least I don't know anybody here that could give me grief about this later" when sure enough I locked eyes with a mom I knew from Oregon. I hung my head in shame and she said, "don't worry about it - I just returned from the bathroom where I had to peel my youngest off the ceiling for having a tantrum too!"

We laugh so hard about it now - it is ALL part of the memory!

Lori from Oregon xoxo

Becky said...

I know you've posted this before, but can you tell me again what kind of camera you have? We just got back from Mexico, and needless to say, I didn't take nearly enough pics! Wish you were with me as my own personal photographer. You take awesome pics! The trip looks like lots of fun. Hope granddad is feeling well!