Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Epcot Day 1

There's one "other" little reason that Todd and I kind of favor Epcot!! And while I share with you my delicious adult slush, I will also share that Todd took pictures like this all day long and sent them to all his buds via text. He'd sit his beer on a ledge in the foreground and have a bunch of flowers in the background and text them, "Would you look at this beautiful horticulture?" Or would put one on the table in the foreground, with the girls crashed in the buggy in the background, and say, "Boy are they whooped?". And so forth and so on! He was getting the funniest replies!!
There were princes and princesses all over the Epcot grounds. They would be in the country that was teh setting of their particular fairy tales. For instance, Jasmine was in Morocco.
There goes Gabs, in for the hug. Look at Ellie. She is too captivated by the fact that Jasmine's costume is TWO PIECE!!
I mean, she can't take her eyes off of her torso. It's like a bad wreck you can't look away from.
And later, she said, "why is her skin dark?" That was interesting to me, because Ellie has plenty of dark skinned friends at home and has never asked that question. Perhaps, she's just never seen their stomachs?! Jasmine and Aladdin were pretty nice. And extremely made up with excessive make up.
And one to grow on...
I swear that kid is the hugging bandit!
I will love you and stroke you and peer into your eyes...
About midday, Ellie was tired of her princess dress and decided it was time to whip out the tank and leggings. I didn't fight it when she asked me to put it in my backpack. But, Breanna noticed!! Her comment on FB... "Looks like someone packed their OWN suitcase!" Thanks for noticing, Bre.
Can I tell you it was H-O-T?!! I think around 85 degrees. And the girls would get moody!!
I also like Epcot because I think it's cool to see the cultures of other countries... including their dress, their activities, their entertainment, and shopping the way they do in their respective countries.

Every once in a while, we'd have to just let the girls out of that buggy and let them loose to play a bit.
Here, Ellie is showing me "Hey, MOm. Look at my toes. Look how good I am pointing them." Todd had an affinity to the Japanese beers!!
Here the girls were shown how their names look in Japanese. And since it was nice and cool in this area, we stayed a while and colored.
And I went inside this store. Did you know Japan is the home of Hello Kitty? ANd lots of other fun little cartoony/ paper supply/ knick knacky things?!
I texted mom and told her, I am 42 years old and I am buying stickers and staples and fun sticky notes, and am soooo fired up to even have found them. WHAT Is wrong with me?!
That is also why I have decided that is the next big place I want to visit!! Has anyone been to Japan? Wait. ANyone who loves artsy fartsy stuff been to Japan? Because as I was telling mom, I am not one to visit the typical touresty areas. Rather, I like the markets and shops, and quaint little areas when I visit. Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? And what did you think about it?
So, the girls ended up having a blast at Epcot. And Todd and I eventually...
did too!! They were WORN SLAP OUT!!
So as they slept, we continued through Germany...

and China....
and then....

We called it a day!!


And by the way... I have the following CONFIRMED participants in the upcoming March MoJoy art retreat...
Brooklyn F
Brooklyn's mama
Jennifer JP
Tamala M
maybes are Maryann and her sister, and Kala, and I wasn't sure about you, Riley... but I have been looking at some super cool paint techniques just in case. Let me know if you want on the list. ANd to those maybes.... holla!!


Kathryn said...

I wish I could come! I would love to spend the weekend creating with you. But, life happens. I was wondering something. Could you put the old post on how to bead in the pipeline? That was an extraordinary tutorial, and I would love to see it again.

Love the Girlie pics. That makes my day!

snekcip said...

Wow, how did I miss the retreat post!! So wish I could join ya, but March is bday's, anniversaries and baby showers all rolled back to back!

Enjoying the VACAY PICS!!

snekcip said...

Wow, how did I miss the retreat post!! So wish I could join ya, but March is bday's, anniversaries and baby showers all rolled back to back!

Enjoying the VACAY PICS!!

Marianne said...

Sent you a Facebook message! Thanks Mo!

Renee said...

Your adult beverage looks yummy! Me and the hubby hit up the margaritas when we were there. They are quite potent!

Nena said...

Posted on your Facebook wall - I want to come!!

Riley said...

Although I wish I could come to the art retreat, I can't make this one. I've got plans in the making for a March Canton trip with a bunch of girlfriends. If only they weren't the same weekend! Can't wait to see what y'all create this go around. I'm sure I'll be ready to go for the next one (hopefully around August or September)!! Can't wait to see more of Disney this week. It looks like you and Todd might have enjoyed it as much or more than the girlies!

Robin said...

I just went through and got "caught up" Ellie made Maddi and I crack up with the way she was checkin out Jasmine!! Thank you for sharing! I really enjoy your stories!