Thursday, January 5, 2012

ORDER in Gab's room!

Guess what I accomplished on Monday morning. ORDER! In Gabbi's room!
And apparently my sweet angel appreciated it too, because this may just have been the second time she has EVER lay in her own bed. She is always piled up in Ellie's bed.
But I do wish she would want to stay in her bedroom more often. I actually think it's my favorite room of the house (except my artroom of course). Gabs's colors are very peaceful.
And for whatever reason, the lighting in her room is always perfect. And now, we don't have a Christmas tree, any snowman figurines, or a big pastel wreath on her door. So, it's back to normal around here.
Somehow or another, we managed to mesh all their new toys, games, art projects, etc with all their "old" toys, games, art projects, etc.
Trust me when I tell you that a day before this photo was taken, you couldn't even tell there was a bed underneath the pile!!
I got rid of TONS of stuffed animals. Don't worry, they were donated to a program who actually needed them. But there were lots of them, I just couldn't part with . Namely... the ones that were dogs or cats. WHY is that?! My hoarding tendencies run DEEP!!
I seem to just move my little figurines around. Bookshelf. Ellie's shelf above her bed. In the den. And now, they have found their way to the kids' books shelf.
Gabs got so many dishes and play food, that we now have to have an overhaul on the play kitchen area.
But, taaaaaa daaaaah!! I am so excited to show this. I got rid of two whole bins of dress up clothes. Nevermind that I have a whole suitcase packed with princess dresses, because we will be in Disney in a few weeks, and we are at the perfect age to be dressing like a princess every single day! Dontcha agree? So, that just means that when we return, we will have to squeeze all of those back in, but in the meanwhile, I will RELISH the ORDER in my NEST. (Did I just manage to squeeze my words from the last three years into one sentence?!)
I also sort of moved all the baby beds and babydolls to the other side of the room.
My little chickies will have real live "centers" like they do in pre K or Kindergarten!! Ha. As if... this ORDEr will last just about a whole week. But then, I'll regroup and go at it again!



Kaia said...

Nice! I looooove the colors in Gabbi's room also!

Amy K said...

Kudos on living your word in her beautiful room. I love the colors, and those owls are awesome.

adrogan said...

Looks awesome! I really like that bookshelf that you put all thos stuffed animals on....Where did you find that? Im looking for something exactly like that!

Zhohn said...

Go you! I really do love Gabbi's room also. It looks so peaceful.

Have a great weekend!

Becky said...

WoW! Looks awesome! Don't you wish things could stay that nice and neat, though?! Like the lawn, for instance. You spend a full day mowing, raking, trim work, pulling weeds in the flower beds, etc. to have it look just perfect! Then, one week later you have to start all over again!!!!
I love that you have started your ORDER! My goal this last fall, after both girls were in school full time, was to ORGANIZE my house! But, its now January and I have LOTS to do! Well, it will have to wait another day because now I'm off to work!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Shannon said...

Gabbi looks so tiny in that big bed!! :)

SamC said...

Very nice. I LOVE to organize. I know, I am a freak. I think that is why I buy so many things for my craft room, I get to organize them. Now my closet, I need to LEARN to put things back where they belong in there.

snekcip said...

Where is that awesome OWL on that screen in that corner by the window!! You know my eyes searched for it!!! I love that!!! Don't ever get rid of that!! Ever!! Well if you get the itch to do so...send it my way!!! :)

BTW: Bre loved playing w/Gabbi in that little kitchen corner!! Still laughing the way they were taking "hot pans" out the oven w/those mitts!!

jenny said...

Good for you, Mel! That looks awesome, and I KNOW it had to be a little overwhelming. Seems like it always gets worse before it gets better. You've INSPIRED me!

Lori Curran said...

Happy New Year Melanie! I know I don't comment much, but I still read most every day. There is just something so very positive and uplifting about the way you write - we all have "stuff" that goes on in our lives, but reading your blog reminds me to choose to focus on the things that matter - family, friends and cherishing those special moments that evaporate in a flash. (Wooo! Ellie? In Kindergarten this fall? Hello! When did THAT happen???).

It took me a while, but I think my word for this year is HEAL. I had many significant life changes last year and I still need some time to process and regroup. I am allowing myself the time to do that, but I will hopefully be able to move forward in that process instead of staying stuck inside my head.

Thanks for the encouragement to "put it out there"!

From Lori in Oregon.

Martha from NC said...

Awesome job Mo! Gabbi's room looks incredible! I'd say you are doing a great job "ordering" your life. Can you come to my house and order mine?
Keep up the good work! You rock!!

Renee said...

Wow, GG has some niiice pieces of furniture in her room. You did an awesome job decorating and now organizing her room.

Ronda said...

Can I come live in Gabbi's room. Simply gorgeous. Lovin' all of the owls. My five year old got owl decals for her room this year, and I think I've created a bit of a monster.

Carol H said...

Not sure if you remember me---you painted a canvas for me a year or so ago---"Pursue Happiness" in red, white, and blue. Love it!
I love the quilt in G's room! I want one! I have to have one! Can you tell me where you got it? Maybe I can order one or find it up here (Virginia) if it's from a chain store. Please don't tell me you made it.

Mary said...

Love it! Feels so great to get things in order!

Crystal Davis said...

Talk about some "order"!!!! Love it!