Friday, January 27, 2012

It's the Jones Family Reunion... Thanksgiving 2011

THanks to Rebecca, for recounting her daughter's party for me. I appreciate the break from bloggin while I am down here on vacay! But, as I look back through old pics to find the posts that never came to fruition, here's the next one on my list. It was Thanksgiving Day. It just kind of cracks me up that I am posting about Thanksgiving in January of the next year. Oh well. WHatev.

Having family over is always fun for me, because the girls have new people to hug and love all over them, and new exciting folks to help me keep them entertained.

Enter Jenn. Jenn married my cousin, Drew, about two years ago. I have loved having her in the fam, because the kids like to hang out with her when we are all gathered. And believe me, as much as I love my kids, that is always a welcomed thing!

It was no small miracle that I was able to get Ellie to wear her Thanksgiving shirt and put her hair up in an almost kinda cute way.

Aunt Betty Lou came through again this year with tutus for the girlies. Good ol Betty Lou.

She is my mom's sister. I think she may be the closest in age to her. If I am wrong, I apologize to all the sisters in advance. JinJin is the baby of eight.

As the girls were dishing out love to Aunt Betty Lou, the mother hens (and Drew) were in the kitchen getting everything ready for the food line.

And with the mother hens, we had our family representative, Todd the Bod, who is always the one who contributes on behalf of the Groves family. We have our roles. And this ain't mine!

Way back when I took these pictures, there was some significance to what we were watching TV. But, today as I look at these old photos, I have NO IDEA what that was we were so into.

Nope. Still no clue. But, might I say those trees on my mantle look fabbbb u looouuusss!!

Cute pic of Ellie Sue and Jenn. Hey, Jennifer... you still reading my blog?

HUH? If so, I'll send you a copyof this picture. Gotta leav a comment though!

I decided to pour something on something here, strictly as a means of getting a photo op, I am quite sure And little did I know, Todd was being a comedian in the background.

These two were pretty much the busy bees on this Thanksgiving Day. Mom is funny. "Anything you want us to bring, Mom?" "Noo, not really. Maybe just a pork loin, the ham, a turkey , and your green bean casserole. But basically everything else we can handle."

Jussttt kidding mom. (no I'm not).

I think Jenn made something from the Paula Deen cookbook. And Aunt Bonnie brought the WORLD'S BEST PEANUT BRITTLE!!!

Aunt Bonnie had all grandSONS. In fact, the family is full of grandsons! So, this is their chance to love on baby girls.

And they take full advantage.

They do a lot of bribing (with tutus and such) to get all this swee loving.

They've even been known to let the girls do their make up and nails to have a little one on one time.

I remember back in the old days when my cousins and I would play football for most of the day on Thanksgiving Day. We called it the Turkey Bowl. We haven't done that in years. Mostly because we are all old and out of shape. SOrry. Joel Olsteen would say we are healthy and strong and lack nothing, but we are presently working back to our old selves. (I've been watching some of his old sermons tonight). Anyway, we have let this tradition fall by the wayside. We are going to have to get it rejuvenatd for the next generations.

Maybe when all these littles get a bit older, we will tell them the stories of yore.

This is my cousin, Stevie. Or, ahem, I believe he prefers STEVE these days. When we played the Turkey Bow, he was Stevie!! He's now a big shot nurse and teaches at the university level , so I suppose STEVE is how it goes now. Or maybe even Mr. Jordan!

This is Cherry Sue. Her middle name is Suzanne. The beginning of a long line of Susannes.... Melanie Susanne. Ellie Susanne. and who knows who may be next.

Speaking of Ellie Susanne.... check out that amazed face.

All the big folks seemed to enjoy the feast.

As did the little peeps.

I just love being with family. I am proud to be from such a large and closeknit bunch.

Who takes home lots of foiled up leftovers. Cherry, do you still read my blog? Comment and I'll send you a copy of this picture.

The sisters are a hoot when they are all together. I can only imagine what it was like growing up with six girls in a single house. Much like right here where they were all fighting over the ice maker. Jin being bossy. Betty Lou making sarcastic and hilarious remarks. Mary being just totally obstinent and likely, Aunt Bonnie being the moderator.

These are the remaining four sisters. Jinnie, baby of the bunch, and all the sisters have a story to tell about how spoiled she was. Mary who I have to guess was the party animal. Bonnie who was a homemaker and hairdresser forever and ever and ever (also mom to Cherry and Kelli, and who had the home in which I would go stay every summer when I was young...she let us ride our bikes to Dairy Queen), and Betty Lou who is always the funny girl.

Yep. Always fun to get the crew together. Once more... Tracey, leave a message if you read my blog still, and I'll shoot you a copy of this cute picture of your boys.

Peace out, peeps. Stay tuned for a totally random post again tomorrow.




Now I am Ready for Thanksgiving again.... BRing on the Turkey n dressing lol;)

Cherry said...

I do read your blog every day...but you dont have to send me a pic of me...You can shoot me one of mom and the girls....Love yall

Anonymous said...

Your TV mystery may be the Packers game. They played on Thanksgiving day. Looks like fun times!!!

Zhohn said...

I'm enjoying these post! Gosh, that food looks so good lol
I LOVE the trees on the mantle, they look even better in these pics.
Love me a big, close knit family! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Jennifer said...

Mel! O ye of little faith! I read every single day (during 1st hour, of course while my students are doing something productive!)

kimybeee said...

i love the random posts and always love whatever you choose to share with us!!! it is nice to see your extended family!!!!!

Traci Jordan said...
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Traci Jordan said...
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