Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in my boudoir.

Does boudoir mean bedroom? If so, this is the place I am highlighting tonight! Perhaps since the last time I showed you my bedroom, I have now added an actual bed. One complete with a headboard and a dust ruffle, and some Euro shams, and such!

I have a new photo by my bed too! It is actually a canvas, so as soon as the holidays are over and all that red and green is back in the attic, I will hang this one somewhere else, rather it be propped on my bedside table on my lamp. This is a picture from our Christmas photo shoot. Too bad daddy-O didn't want to go with us that day.

Here we have the mantle. we didn't go too crazy with the decor here, namely because he ledge on it is about 4" wide!

Oh, and there's Ellie again! She went every single place I did. And typically did so with my cellphone on Pandora, dancing all the way to Nicki Minaj!

Not a good pic, but we had a nativity in the middle, and filled glass vases with glittery lime green balls.

They were also filled with actual sticks from outside and only a few little extra things to make them festive.

There. There's a better shot of the whole shindig.

My only storage area in my room has a good bit of junk on it, so there wasn't really room for a whole lot of anything!

For starters, I think I need to get that canvas framed. I just think it's time.

A favorite patient of mine gave me this teeny tiny nativity years ago! And then, of course, I had my girls' handprints in the mix. They stay there yearround.

Ok, now let's check out my Believe "angel tree"!

I love this little tree!! I know I have mentioned this tree before and probably told you all about the meaningful things all over it. But indulge me again!

First off, obviously, with it being my angel tree, there are going to be things on it that just remind me of Jake!

There are also angels all over it. I kinda look for them in whites and golds and silvers to add to my tree each year.

And I'll occasionally add a photo of my crew.

Dad and Rita started a tradition of getting me an annual Lenox ornament every year for our anniversary. I LOVE them!! For instance, this one is from 2002.

And here, we have 1996, the very first one!! The year we were married.

And this one is 2011! Our 15th year!

I love this wing, that I think may have come from the dollar store, that says, "Angels watch over us". Or maybe someone gave it to me. I have no idea. I just know I think it is absolutlely perfect for my angel tree!

And I thought the nest with three little eggs in it was a must have on my tree. My three birds that I take care of and build a "nest" for!

Here is 2004.

And just about the only thing I got from my Nannie when she passed away was her lace angel ornaments. She made them, and they are precious to me!! And a really awesome addition to my tree!

ANother Lenox ornament and an awesome pair of wings!

1997... dontcha just love it?!

And there's sweet Jake's actual armband from when he was inpatient at St. Jude!

So, as I told this tree goodbye til next year, I RELISHed all that it meant to me!

And I told good ol Coach goodbye too, and thanks for looking over us all these years and standing guard atop our tree during the holidays!

Please see that Ellie flung herself into that chair when she saw that I was going to give it one last frame on my camera, by looking in from the door to the room. She found a way to get in yet again!

So, as of tonight, we are back to bare. No Christmas in here at all! Kinda sad. But, I look forward to getting it all out next year again and remembering all the happy memories!



Jennifer Smith said...

Beautiful! What is the paint color on your bedroom walls?

Holly said...

Love it all! Doesn't it always look so bare when the decorations come down? I'm walking around my house feeling sad! I guess about 350+ days to go until they all come out to play again!

Amy K said...

GORGEOUS! I love the special meaning to all your decor.

Becky said...

I love, love, love the fireplace mantle in your bedroom! Beautiful home!! Thanks for sharing!

Zhohn said...

I must say, I LOVE the new pic of you and your girls!! Must blog about that soon! Lizzie fits so well!

I love sentimental things so of course, this tree is amazing to me!

SamC said...

I saw this and thought of you. It has Mo written all over it. I think I am going to try to make one too. Great way to remember the past year!

em said...

Hi Mo,
Love all the decorations in the BAH! My auntie made the "It takes the heart of a child..." ornament that is on Jake's tree! What a small and wonderful world!

Happy new year!
-Emily in Sam Diego ( and a recipient of one of your talismans earlier in the year)

Kaia said...

I like the colors of your bedroom! And the fireplace!

Beth E. said...

It is kinda sad to take down the decorations! I always dread it, and typically wait until after my birthday (New Year's Day) before taking them down.

Loved your decorations!

Renee said...

Wow! Love the bed and the angel tree. Oh and your cute little model too.