Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Pirate Party

Two weekends ago, Todd and I went to the LSU game in Baton Rouge. I had to leave the girlies, so I called up my trusty sitter, KK, and all was well with my world. Only one thing! There was a big pirate party in the neighborhood, and I really wanted the little darlins to be at it. And I really wanted to see pictures from it too. I cut up an old pair of leggings to make Gabbi Girls' waist sashy-thingy.

I recruited Breanna to applique them some girly pirate tees. Then, hit the Dollar Tree for all the accessories!

I gotta say, I think my little pirates were about as cute as they come!!

Snaps to KK for manning the camera and making sure I had plenty of pictures to document the party I misssed.

Rebecca, my friend from down the street, pulled out all stops (as she does every year) to make sure her boys had an epic pirate birthday party!

This included building a SHIP on the back of a trailer and letting them have a grand entrance to their party being pulled behind the truck!!

Gabbi Girl seemed to think the ship thing was a great idea!

Oh, hey, here's Rebecca now, putting on pirate tattoos.


I love a mama who will go all out!!

Not everyone was dressed, but mine sure were. Although Ellie refused to take off her sweatshirt the entire time, per KK.

Totally Tumbling.... yea, that's kinda piratey, isn't it?!

I think Ellie wanted to maintain an aura of being cool and aloof!

And when I say "cool and aloof", I mean COOL and ALOOF!

What a cute photo prop!!

Looks like Gabbi Girl just settled right on into a dirt pile!! That girl LOVES a dirt pile!

B and K had mostly boys, I think, at their party, but I appreciate them letting a couple of cool chicks being on the invite list!

And even treat bags and LOOT to take home!

Thanks, Rebecca, and boys, for inviting us. It seemed like it was a major hit!!

Wish I could've been there too! MO


Amy K said...

Fun! How awesome is that pirate ship on the trailer?! Man, you guys have the best parties.

Zhohn said...

Wow! What a cute idea. Loved the girls pirate outfits.

snekcip said...

Cute! Don't you just love pirate parties!

rebeccabrabb said...

Thanks for posting about our party! I love to get other peoples take on everything!

connie said...

ohhhh i love these pics of the girls so so cute as pirates... looked like they had a great time at the party. i loved the pirate ship and all the goodies that was there... oh mo did u get my message on fb?? i sent you my home address on there.. sending lots of hugs your way..

Renee said...

Super cool pirate ship! And GG made a perfect pirate!