Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ellie Sue gets a helping hand.

We were just hanging out the other night, and Ellie Sue decides she needs to get this baby out and her American Girl beauty shop chair that Todd's niece, Zoe, gave her this summer. She was playing beauty shop, but something wasn't quite right.

She was trying, but poor ol baby girl's hair was A HOT MESS!!

No matter how much she tried, she just could NOT get that baby's hair all sorted out. Tangles EVERYWHERE!!

So, I called Polly. And although all I wanted Polly to do was to talk Ellie through the intense steps required to fix such a "serious" problem, she, instead, said, "I'll be right over!".

Polly does my hair, Todd's hair, Staci's hair, Don's hair, Madi's hair, both the boys' hair, etc.

She was also the one who gave our extended family free haircuts the whole time Jake was sick. She refused to let us pay until he was healed!! THAT is a good friend!And now all these years later, she drops everything and comes to our rescue when baby needs a conditioning treatment.

And Zoe, if you are reading this, thank you, too, for passing down to us such a treasure!!

Hey Todd.... you just keep on doing those dishes, booooyyyy!! Whoo Hooo!!

And are you ready to see the final product?!

Here she is. All beautiful and slick headed. What a difference a few minutes with a real pro can make!!

On this day of Thanks, I am so thankful for my good friends who love me and my kids, and who show me in such giving ways!! I am a blessed chick!! I am thankful for this life I've been given, the opportunity to go to a job everyday that I love and where I can truly feel that I make a difference, and for my family. I am thankful I was raised in a Christian family and that I know right from wrong , and thankful for a gentle husband who really loves his girls... all three of them!! I hope your day is full of blessings and that you can reflect on all the GREAT things about your life as well.



Zhohn said...

The hair came out great, looks beautiful. You do have a wonderful group of friends!!


Becky said...


kimybeee said...

happy thanksgiving!!!!

Zoe said...

This is so cute!I'm glad she's putting the chair to good use :)