Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camp Creative Monday crew... scrapbookin'!

Bloggerland, you are going to have to bare with me for the next two days on nothing but Camp Creative posts! This is my Monday group. And this is the week after Halloween when we all brought our pictures in and worked on our scrapbooks. I put out all kinds of supplies, including papers, paints, inks, stamps, markers, tapes, etc.

It was a free for all for all who wanted to partake.

For my little budding artists, it was like a feast for the eyes!

I had my whole cart full of mini scrapbooks ready for the girls to peruse and to steal ideas and get crackin'!!

Roane, here in the foreground, is one of my "serious ones". I have those who just slap it on, because they are not as, let's just say, "specific" and then those who analyze every single rhinestone, piece of tape, and such.

In fact, this whole table is full of those perfectionist types. I was one of those as a kid. Actually, as it pertains to art, I still may be a little.

Little Emily, here, is almost always the first to finish. She also almost always finishes more than the others. For instance, if I am allowing them to make barettes, and the average is 4, Emily goes home with 13!

Kaitlyn, Jessi's daughter, was asked to help me in one of the first classes. When she came in the second day and I handed out nametags, she asked me if she could add, "Helper" to hers, just under her name. And so, she did!

Ema is my MOST specific artist in this class. She has a very definite plan for every task we take on.... and she does not veer from it. And she likes her work very neat.

See how people just have their own artsy styles?! Clara Belle, she is more on the messy side. Not messy as in bad... just messy as in "loose". Or the opposite of specific. Non-specific.

And the LOOSEST of all, interestingly, is Ema's little sister, Elli. Miss Elli likes to think WAY outside the box!! But, she too, always knows exactly how she wants things to look, and she heads that direction!

I love it that Roane wears her headbands from a previous class that she made all by herself!!

Sarah has been my main chick for helping with all these little people in art class.

Karissa, is kind of middle of the road. She knows how she wants things, but doesnt' really want to take a lot of her time making it perfect to get it there.

Pacey joined our group about two weeks into it, but has settled in nicely with the crew.

And this hottie. She is mucho fabuloso! As is THIS little artist!! She thinks she is a big shot when she comes in at the end of class when her daddy brings her in from daycare.

Finishing touches. Time for the ribbon to be added to the rings of our books.

Yay, for Ema!

Cute little cover with her sister and she on Halloween.

And I LOVE that she freehanded that little star for her cowboy hat.

Emily did some really nice journaling! I love it when they "write their own stories".

Clara has a whole book of just about nothing but herself!! I think that may be the kind of book Ellie makes one day!! In many different poses!

She loved it, so that means I did too.

Roane printed her own pics before she came, and she did lots and lots of mini photos. I loved it how she made little collages on a single page.

And despite lots of pics inside, she left the cover rather simple.

Miss Ellie used stamps, ribbons, the whole shebang!

She even did a little drawing!!

And every once in a while I throw in a little idea that I thought may be a new one or a teaching moment to them. Like this one...

See how I took a scrap piece of an old cut out picture and wrote on it and used it to fill in the scrap page. (Far right).

Then, the moment we were all waiting for... proud mamas arrive, and the girls get to show off their new scrapbooks to their mamas!!

Stay tuned for the Wednesday crew.



Bj said...

Looks like a good time was had by all......great job Mo!....huggers, BJ

Summer said...

Emilee is loving every minute of Camp Creative! Thank you for sharing your gifts with these girls!