Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jessica's wedding.... part one.

I have decided that despite having lots and lots of pictures of this past weekend's activities, I still only have so many hours in a day. For that reason, I will be breaking it up into "tiny bites". We'll start with the very cute wedding of Todd's niece, Jessica. That is the reason DeeDee and Granddad were in town. I can tell ya... Gabbi Girl gave the stamp of approval to the red velvet cupcakes that Daniel's grandmother made!

It was a quaint little backyard wedding, and I loved that the kids could just run around all free and noone really cared.

And Jessica made the most beautiful bride. She really is just as pretty on the inside as the outside!

I can remember Todd and I taking her and her brother to the Rangers baseball game when they were in grade school and we were just dating. Wow!! That was a long time ago!

And look at her now. Having the sweetest little wedding, and all of us here to enjoy her special day with her!

DeeDee and Granddad.

Her dad (Bubba, Todd's stepbrother), and his wife, who also happens to be DeeDee's sister, (Follow all that?!!) Linda.

So, basically, DeeDee's stepson is also her brother in law. Wow. Never really thought about it like that.

The photographer brought out this frame to take a few unique photos of the bride and groom. But, we went back after it and decided to do some unique photos of our own!! This is Scott, Todd's other stepbrother and his wife, Laurie, from Colorado.

And I don't know who this hot couple is, but they look like a fun bunch!

Jessica had lots of cute little special touches. Check out these Hershey's kisses... personalized for her and Daniel.

And there were little ones all over the place!!

I don't know who made this cute little ring box, but her oldest son was the ring bearer and stood with the couple, handing over this box to retrieve the rings at the appropriate time.

Daddy and his girls... my heart.

I'll have more pics to share tomorrow. I only had about 200! I am also starting my Camp Creative for kiddos tomorrow! Wish me luck!! We are painting canvases on our very first day!! MO


Amy K said...

Very pretty!

I'm sure your kids' class will be just as awesome as your adult retreat. I can't wait to see what the younger creative minds go home with.

Teach said...

I was eavesdropping on her at Dollar General last week talking about her upcoming wedding!! HA!!

Renee said...

What a unique dress. Can't wait to hear about that kids camp.

Theresa Shirley said...

My son got married this weekend too, and it was an outdoor wedding. It was actually pretty chilly here Saturday (just north of Atlanta). Can't believe that he is all grown up--will be 23 tomorrow, & is getting to celebrate his birthday while on his honeymoon in Cabo! Love that picture of you and Todd, and then the one of Todd & the girls....Just beautiful!!

snekcip said...

Awwww what a beautiful, beautiful bride!! That dress! Those shoes!! Cute wedding! Sheer perfection!! Love it!!

Also, I did "the frame" thing for Bree's recital!! I bought a HUGE frame from an antique shop that I was browsing thru one day looking for cute photo props! I scored big time w/this frame!! I have some of the cutest pics of her and my great-niece posing in ther ballet tutus!!

Beth E. said...

Beautiful! Oh, and props to Jessica for wearing those shoes...I'm totally impressed!