Monday, October 3, 2011

Jessica's wedding Part Deux.

Ok, let us continue! This is the unbelievably cute canvas that Jessica had people sign at the entrance to the wedding. The skill level involved in this painting is to be revered. Oh. I painted it by the way. Guess you figured! And look at Todd the Bod as he swandered into the backyard for the festivities.

Swantered? Swandered? Strolled!! Oh, wait!! Sauntered!!

Daniel, the groom, pretty much set up the whole backyard by himself. I think that makes it all the sweeter!

Scott actually said, "Hey, let me take a picture of you taking a picture of me!" I think I've met my match. I mean look at the glee on his face. He really loved this!! Hey Scott!!

See that asymmetrical necklace I have on? That bothered Ellie!! She couldn't figure out why there was a big flower on one side, but not the other. She doesnt' miss a beat!

Gabbi Girl couldn't care less. She just wants to sit in people's laps and "saunter" all about.

The people started coming in and finding their haybales!!

And we took turns manning the young uns to try and keep them calm and quiet.

Jessica's two boys, Tristan and Tucker, had very special roles in the wedding from the beginning til the nuptials were complete.

Above, they are escorting Jessica's mom down the aisle. And below, they are dragging out and setting up the white carpet for their mom to walk down shortly.

I love how Daniel is looking at Tucker here. Daniel has been such a presence in their lives for at least the past two years. He is stern and loving and a very sweet father figure to Jess's boys.

For me, that was the sweetest part of the wedding... having her boys right beside her during the whole thing.

Jessica was the prettiest little bride!

Would you look at these pretty big old brown eyes?!

And while we're at it, look at THESE big ol pretty brown eyes!!

Ahhhh... iPhones!!

And these sweet little green eyes!!

and this fruitcake's strange eyes.

I really, reallly like this picture of Todd and his mama!!

Daddy to Daddy. This one cracked me up!! Look at that dude holding that baby doll. Man, can Todd ever relate?!

Jessica had disposable cameras handy for folks to take pictures with throughout the evening. Jessica, I apologize now for pics that may be on Todd's camera! And then, there were sparklers to "light up the night" as the bride and groom left. We didn't make it quite that long, but we made sure the in-laws brought home a set for the girlies to do at home.

And Jess also had a special place in the wedding to remember her brother, Trey. Trey died in a car wreck several years ago. We were all devastated. I am so glad she had a special tribute to him. She also had a photo of him in her bouquet.

And that does it...

the two are now one, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as they both shall live.



Zhohn said...

That has to be the cutest wedding!! I LOVE the idea of the canvas and the chalk boards. The hay bales are a cute idea, made me laugh, reminded me of something my family would do!
Wishing them many great years of marriage!

kimybeee said...

very beautiful!!! i will take a homemade, sentimental wedding over an expensive showpiece anyday!!! thanks for sharing!!

Mama J said...

Todd had his "swagger" on! Thanks for sharing this unique wedding. It pretty much told their story and I don't even know them.

I wish them the very best.

Great Pics!

Beverly said...

That was beautiful! A lot of love went into wedding. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Teach said...

I just realized that Tristan and Tucker are Dennie's sons. I thought Jessica looked familiar. I taught Dennie for two years. My favorite student of all my years teaching. He was like my own! I miss him!

Carolyn G.

Granddad said...

Hi! Mel, thanks for your postings of Jessica's wedding. The pictures and descriptions have made it even more enjoyable for the family because we can now look at your blog and see again how beautiful it really was. Your comments on the wedding, of Jessica's remembrance of Trey, on the beautiful pictures of everyone and of the settings were simple fantastic. Thanks again.

DeeDee and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and look forward to the next one. Love, Granddad.

Jeni said...

Since reading your post this morning I have been thinking about Mary Allison all day. Her mother sounds like an amazing woman. Sending prayers tonight for ALL of you!

Riley said...

Such a cute wedding! You don't hear of too many backyard weddings anymore. I noticed there was no longer a blue spot on the canvas!!