Saturday, October 29, 2011

Girls in Halloween clothes.

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All of my FB friends know that I try to take a picture of my babies every morning as we are heading out to daycare. You may have noticed that there has only been one baby for the last week or so. My oldest is going through a stubbron phase of not wanting to be in any pictures, primarily because she knows I want her to be. So, ya know what? I have decided to just leave her out of them. And on this particular day, it was tough, because they were actually dressed somewhat alike, and the pics would have been so cute!

I guess you know that one major difference is that Ellie did NOT have on a skirt. Suddenly she hates dresses and skirts. Whatever?! (insert eye roll here)

My sweet little Gabbi Girl continues to let me put her in anything I find appropriate.

I have found the best thing to do with Ellie is to just act like I don't really like it at all, and then MAYBE she will kind of like it herself.

This is her AFTER school. Her hair had taken a turn for the worst, as she can now do her own ponytails, "messy buns", side ponytails, or whatever else she may be in the mood for!

I actually have no idea what shoes she originally put on this morning, but rest assured, she liked them and I didn't. I just imagine that would be a good guess.

Those polka dot pants were a bit of a victory in my corner. Maybe we are making strides. Maybe NOT!



Mama J said...

Ahhh...the days of 'asserting' seem to be approaching for Ms. Ellie. LOL You are certainly doing the best thing by letting her just do her thang and trying to ignore her...which I know is hard to do. How can you ignore such a priceless adventure? LOL She will look back and ask you one day, where was I when this pic was taken. You can share...'Why Ms. were 'having a moment'...wahahaha...Thanks for sharing Mo...Love your family!

Zhohn said...

Hope this stubborn stage passes soon. It does look like it would have been a cute picture. Those pants are cute and so was GG outfit.

Bj said...

Memories, Memories.....M e m o r i e s!! All of you will look back at these precious pictures one day and take a stroll down memory lane and smile......huggers, BJ

Bj said...
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Bj said...

(for some reason, my post popped up there I deleted one of them) BJ

kimybeee said...

i love it that ellie is so independent!!! just let her roll - i imagine she is a whole lot like melanie was at this age Jin Jin???

gg is always adorable, and enjoy it, she may turn on you too lol lol

don't forget that they need to be independent as well as sisters too - individual pics are not a bad thing at all!! i enjoy you sharing them with us everyday!! maybe if you really want that pic you can have ellie take one of you and gg and then you can take one of her???? good luck with that lol

Beth E. said...

That's okay...Ellie will come around and want her picture made again. In the meantime, those are some great pics of Gabbi!

Amy K said...

hahaha! Ellie's independence will serve her well someday!