Friday, October 7, 2011

Camp Creative Class Uno. Monday painters.

Well, I most certainly cannot just show one day of Camp Creative without showing you the first group, now can I ?! So, this is the first EVER day of kids' art classes. I think I was as excited as they. This is Ema. She is my perfectionist. Hey, Susan, you know what I am going to have to tell her, don't you? "Unpucker" and slap that paint on, girl!

This is her sister, Ellie. She is the total opposite. I needed a dropcloth under her chair!! I love it!

And this is Jessi's girl, Kaitlyn. I have been wanting to get my hands on this little creative child for a while!! She does projects with Jessi all the time, so she kind of has a head start!

And here's Roane. She also has some artistic genes. Her mom did the finishing touch painting in my house. Roane even dappled on some dots and said, "this is like my mom faux finishes". Hilarious!

I really loved how totally different everyone's paintings were. They did not look at others' to figure out what they wanted!! They had very definite ideas on what color they would be doing their backgrounds.

If I'm not mistaken, that's because their RIGHT brains are active!!

This is Karissa. She is her mother's child!! I guess that is a ridiculous thing to say. Of course she is. But, actually, her mama is Becky, who is a PT at my office, and is highly organized and methodical in her life. Even Becky asked me after the first day, "So, did she try to boss everyone around?". Ha. No, she didn't, Becky! She slid right into her pupil role perfectly.

This is Clara. Her mom also works at MMPT. From our discussions, she is who Ellie is becoming. DRAMA!! Loves to dress up. Loves to put on impromptu concerts. Loves bling. Help me, Rhonda!

Kaitlyn really is in her element in this artroom!! She is another who takes her art projects pretty seriously!!

And this is Lydia. Her mom works at MMPT too. Once I mentioned it, the news spread like wildfire up there at work. I think there are 5 in this class! Kind of cool though, cause there is some serious carpooling going on!

And Emily's mom is an OT at my office. I love it that she says Emily has said DAILY since last Monday, "I can't wait til next Monday!". Very cool!

Little worker bees!

And I don't know what it was about this class, but we had time to spare. So... we got to work on our inspiration journals.

I taught the girls to decoupage papers on their notebooks to customize them. They were also free to grab anything out of my Free For ALL bucket to add to their books.

This included sticker letters, cool masking tapes, scrapbook papers, ....

Here they are posing with their books. I'd say zebra print is hot amongst this age group!

Even little Ellie (the youngest kid in any of the classes) had her eye on the zebra!

And here they are with their pumpkins. Wanna hear something funny!?

The next day at work I saw a couple of pumpkins being displayed!! There were some seroiusly proud moms!

And with good reason!! I mean, check out this talent!!

This crew got into the glitter in a big way. Also they were really digging the spritzed stencils.

So, week one of Camp Creative has come to a close. Next week, we make earrings!!

I am so loving doing what I so love.



Kaia said...

I am impressed with those paintings-very good, girls!

Nana said...

I had to check one more time tonight...and I am glad I did. They are doing such a great job...and I am very glad you are getting to "live this part of your dream." I wish you could get to that huge scrapbook super store and the clearance center next to it in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge. It is HUGE...with all the stuff you talk about it...and the clearance store is dirt cheap. I even drooled and I am not artsy. I thought about you.
Still praying for the Mitchells and family and friends.

Zhohn said...

So glad you are doing what you love and having a blast. Looks like the girls are having a great time.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Cassie12 said...

Mo. You have me laughing this morning. These little girls paintings are wonderful. But there was no doubt in my mind - they have the very best teacher. I know you are having fun but I can assure you they are too. Continuing to pray for MA and her family and you too. So sorry about what happened. So happy she has you in her life. It's going to be hard. My last post never posted - not sure why. Sending lots of love and hugs.

Cassie12 said...

Mo. Not sure why this happens but Cassie12 is me Susan. It picks up my password and signs me in as that. I am trying to remember to sign comments but forgot on last one. Susan.

Amy K said...

Mo, you've definitely found (one of) your callings in these art retreats. These are just awesome!
These girls did a fantastic job.

Kelly said...

Ok Mo....I'd love to come to one of your retreats but being in California with two young children it just isn't feasible right now. Have you ever considered doing some online tutorial classes? Don't ask me how that would work exactly...but I'd definitely be interested in signing up for something like that! I'd love to learn how you make those pumpkin and ornament (etc...) paintings!!