Friday, September 16, 2011

We're Amy's All Stars!!

It's always fun to surprise someone! And today the surprise was for one of our patients and friends, Amy. Amy has completed her chemo and is ready to start her round of radiation.

She had some tees made up for the Susan G. Komen race, but had no idea that we had all purchased one to support her.

This is Jerome. He is our Austrailian intern. So fun to listen to him talk!

Summer got hers. And Lauren was there to witness the big surprise.

Angela and Amy both had theirs. In fact, this whole idea was Amy's. She is actually the other Amy's therapist.

Kristen wore hers with some hot pick earrings.

Yo Tom, where's your's?!

And what about you, Damon? ANother student doing his internship here from Arkansas.

I think Camryn missed the memo. She is only here as a patient, but she's like one of the MMPT family, and we probably should've let her in on it. She did get to party with us though.

And then, in walked Amy!

She'd actually cancelled her therapy, because she was not feeling well at all.

But someone called her and told her she had to be up here because we got her a cake! ANd little did she know, we were all also "Amy's All Stars"!

Amy is only one year younger than I am. We played softbal together and were in school at the same time.So, if nothing else today, I hope we helped someone feel better and lifted a spirit. (Amy, I was at the doctor getting a shot, which was supposed to take about 5 minutes and ended up taking my whole lunch break! I am sorry I was not there for you. I WAS in my tee shirt!!)

Good Luck, Amy.... now let's DO this!



Bj said...

What a sweet and kind thing for you guys to do. I am sure several spirits were lifted, not just Amy's. Keep up the good work!....and God bless you Amy!....huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Y'all are such a sweet group! Good luck Amy!

nss said...

Support of friends is such big postitve energy! You guys ROCK!

SamC said...

That was the sweetest thing ya'll did for her. She is a beautiful woman!

snekcip said...

This certainly made my day. I can't say enough how much I admire you and your wonderful staff!! Have fun at the MoZart retreat this weekend!! (I sooooo hate I cldnt make this one!)

Shannon said...

How fun!! What a great company!

Shannon said...
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Kaia said...

It's awesome the things you and your people do for others! I love accents, too.. might have to go find myself an Australian.. kidding!