Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ellie the photographer.

Ok, my oldest snagged my camera... apparently! And this is about 50% of the images I found on my camera when I loaded up my photo card.

I think we should take this opportunity to make a few observations.

At what age do you think is too old to still wear cute little bloomers?!

Stainless steel fridges really show swipe marks as well as grubby little handprints! And they reflect a flash... well!

What about blue fingernail polish is so attractive to little girls?

Gabbi's smudge on her upper lip kinda makes her look like a Mexican policeman, named Pedro. See that thin little moustache?!

Gabbi Girl, who had the weirdest cowlicks in her little head when she was little, has turned out to have some fabulously long and lustrous hair!

I'm going with spaghettios? Or maybe.... ummm..... what else!?

Something about that long hair and funk on the neck just make a total nightmare come nighttime. Her hair straight up sticks to her neck and she squeals when it is pulled away.

See what I mean?!


I'm gonna miss this little outfit. It has to go in the giveaway pile. Not gonna make it another summer. So long cute bloomer outfit.

One thing's for sure. My sweet baby girl really has pretty green eyes.

Is her face asymmetrical?! Or is it just this picture?!

Welllll, helllloooo there, Ellie Sue!!I love my floors. Still!

I am so glad we have this picture of Polly Pockets. I may have to blow it up on a canvas for Ellie Sue's room.

If you'd like a copy, just email me.

Glad we could share this time together tonight.



Zhohn said...

Oh yes, Ellie needs Polly Pockets hanging on her wall lol
I must agree, Gabbi's hair is beautiful but I'm sure it is a mess at the end of the day. Speaking of, Ellie sure went from a cute bald head to pretty long hair also. Thanks for sharing Ellie's photography skills with us.

RADstitches said...

Priceless! I love little surprises like that!

Mindy said...

I'm thinking Ol' Santa might need to bring ESG a real camera of her very own for Christmas! She seems to be digging taking her own pictures. I thought that Polly Pockets shot showed real perspective;)

Amy K said...

I'm thinkin' Ellie just wanted to indulge her mama's love for other people snapping pictures for her when she can't. She's been taking note from Mary Allison and all your other awesome sitters. :0

Bj said...

Photography is a wonderful hobby...and sooooo inexpensive in this digital age (no film to buy and develop). Looks like you have a budding little shutter bug on your hands and I think that's great. Photography has always been my first love!.......huggers, BJ

Sharidrew said...

I love the angles kids capture! I gave my son an old digital camera and he loves it. He loves to take a picture and look at it on the screen. He's always so proud of his "work".

Thanks for sharing!!
Hugs from Missouri,

Shannon said...

I enjoyed the world through Ellie's eyes!!

Emily said...

I have a very similar collection of photographs on my phone including 30 copies of the rug, another 30 copies of the arm of the recliner, and another 30 copies of an unidentified eye. So funny!

Becky said...

Those look like the same kind of pics I find on my camera and cell phone!! LOL! KIDS... gotta love 'em!!

SamC said...

Ellie is very talented in the picture taking field. She needs her own camera!

Steph said...

Those pictures will be priceless to you one day. How often do you get to see the world how your child sees it!

Theresa Shirley said...

Love all Ellie's pics!! She knows it's very important to take pics of her "baby" sister--and even threw in one of herself! Love both of the girls hair--they are both just BEAUTIFUL! :)

Mama J said...

Yep, I can see a collage of Ellie's pics on a wall somewhere in the BAH. Personally, I love her eye for detail....Mo's baby fo sho.