Monday, September 19, 2011

MoZart... it's dindin time!

This is Saturday night. It was the night we all went out to eat together. ABove is Riley, Mindy, and Jessi. Below is Gabbi, Susan, Ellie, Kacy, and Blue.

We ate out on the patio so we could overlook our beautiful Ouachita River. What I forgot about was our beautiful 4" mosquitos!!

Gabbi was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open. She ended up sleeping right across my lap for the entire meal!

Ellie on the other hand would NEVER miss out on an opportunity to be all up in the mix!! She was FAR from going to sleep!!!

In fact, she decided it was time for a little beauty shop!! And Kacy was the willing subject.

Oh yeah, baby. Kacy was a trooper. She wore her hair directly on top of her head for most of the meal.

When I asked her if she thought I adequately captured my girls in my descriptions on my blog, she felt the way I describe Ellie may be a little "Gentle". In other words, she is even more rambunctious than she'd imagined. But, she said, "I like it!". And I kinda like it too. I am glad I have a high spirited kiddo!

Jessi got to play too!!

Most of the women at the retreat felt both of my girls were smaller than they actually thought too.

Once we got back home, Ellie cornernered Kacy and Blue and had them come to the kid table to color with her. I believe it was there that she told them that her dog's (LIZZIE!!) name was "Chocolate Thunder". I have NO IDEA where she came up with that one!

And on another occasion, as she was tending her babies, she also cranked out a "Oh, GOSH, child!" to her baby doll.

The girls at the retreat also had the privelege of meeting Big Baby. (Big Baby is having some seriously BAD HAIR days here lately!!) Oh, they also met "Suzie" and "Sweet Darlin'".

And finally, we ended the night with a SECOND banana caramel pie! My stepmom OUTDID herself with these pies. They were da bomb!! Thanks, Rita.

I'll be showing off everyone's finished canvases tomorrow!! Stay tuned. MO


Mindy said...

Lord, have mercy! I was telling somebody about that pie earlier today. I WILL be making one on my next cheat day. Hope you had a good day of rest. Thanks again....we all had a great time!

Bj said...

Looks like the retreat was a definite success! Sure wish I could have been there....maybe another time. Pssttt, I sure like the recipe for that there pie!! Looks absolutely!.....huggers, BJ

Amy K said...

Your girls look like they thoroughly enjoyed entertaining your new friends! :) Sweet little picture of Gabbi sleeping on your lap at the restaurant?

Theresa Shirley said...

Love it, once again! You are just so gracious, and are teaching your girls to be also. Yeah, I think big baby is definitely having some bad hair days! Looks like that stuff is Seems like everyone had a wonderful time!

nss said...

Looks like EVERYONE had a great time! Sure would have loved to come.. Maybe next time :)

snekcip said...

The retreat went wonderful~~it was no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't! I got a sneakpeek of the canvas on fb and all the ladies did a great job!!

Zhohn said...

I'm even more jealous!!! Looks like fun was had by all!
Can't wait to see finished projects!
Hope I get to meet big baby one day. ;)

Riley said...

Why didn't we take a picture of Gabbi sleeping on your lap? She was stretched out like Lizze girl! And that pie - oh my! So simple to make but so good!! It's no wonder we ate two!

Mary said...

Can't even talk about the retreat because:

a. I so want to go to one...SOON

b. Can't get my mind off the PIE.

recipe Rita....PLEASE!

I've googled it and the recipes vary please!

Susantwilhelm said...

The pie recipe looks like something that my aunt used to make -- Will Rita share the recipe????