Sunday, September 18, 2011

MoZart Day Two.

For starters... HEY JAKE! And next, well, my strange group of friends came by to help me with my retreat. Well, Cindy did anyway. She had made all the fruit trays, meat and cheese trays, cheese grits, and juice for the breakfasts. She decided she would just take that canvas and call it Even Steven.
They had been to our local WM Rebel football game, and swung by to meet everyone afterwards.

I think these two just came by to sample the wine that Susan and Melissa brought from California!

Tashia was likely keeping them in line. She's the CPA of the group. She's organized, and usually our "mama".

See what I mean?! T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

Anyhoo, these are my fruity friends. I am very lucky to have them, and so glad they knew it would mean alot to me that they come by to meet the retreaters.

Ok, for Day Two! When my buds came by on Friday night, they delivered a whole bunch of goodies for my guests to enjoy for breakfast the next day. Do I have sweet friends or what? Cindy, in particular, put together this spread for both mornings.

None of us were too quick to get up. We just kinda roused whenever we felt, stumbled into the kitchen and dined together.

On Saturday, my good friend, Angie came over to help with getting breakfast and lunch together. My pals know that if you want a place to have a party, and you want it to be decorated to the max, and if you want it to be fun and entertaining, come to my house. If you want it to eat, be served, or have a meal even warmed up or put out on trays, call someone else! The kitchen and I are just NOT simpatico!

So, while Angie handled breakfast, Lizzie got to know the guests.

Riley did her favorite thing and scratched her belly as she lay in her new favorite spot, the endchair at the table.

And then... we had a full day of making a mini scrapbook ahead of ut. These two over achievers got right on it. Kacy and Blue were both doing their books on a beach trip this summer.

JinJin came by to inspect the work. Melissa did her book on her many travels with her family. And Susan showcased her cute grandkids!!

Don't you think ol' MO didn't have adequate snackage!

I joked with Mindy that her cleavage looked hot when she put all her power into hole punching. Don't be hatin', Mindy! I've got it too... just sayin'!

Is this picture inspiring or what?! All kinds of craftiness going on!

Jessi came over every day and on scrapbook day, she printed out custom transparencies for everyone per their request for their particular scrapbooks. I used mine as the covers.

We learned inking the edges of our pages.

Thisi s my book. See that scalloped edge? That's one of Jessi's transparencies, I used as a frame.

Ok, so some introductions... this is Susan from the San Francisco area.

And Blue from north Mississippi. (I warned you, Blue!)

And Kacy, who we first met actually AT St. Jude when she came to pick up Hunter and Hayden to get them out of the hospital atmosphere for a day when Jake was in ICU and the boys were confined to the hospital world.

Melissa is from California as well. She has two C.U.T.E kids!!

I had a few inkpads from which they could choose!

And a few stamps.

And here we are with our mini books... these girls worked HARD!! ANd four of them were brand new to scrappin'!

Then, you know who arrived. ANd went straight into entertainment mode!

This is my finished book.

And this is Blue's.




Oh, and how nice of Susan to bring my girlies gifts!! Melissa and her daughter, Sophia, make lip balm together. They brought my girls a sample. Wasn't that thoughtful!?

And as the close of day two arrived, we headed upstairs, got dressed, and I took them out to a restaurant overlooking our Ouachita River, adn where they could sample some Louisiana cuisine. More on that tomorrow.



Susantwilhelm said...

Mel -- I am so sick that I couldn't be there!!!! You know I would have LOVED my chef duties!!!!! Looks like you all had a blast!

Theresa Shirley said...

Aw Man---I SO wish I could have been there! I bet ya'll had a blast. You're right--you have fantastic friends. It's great that they would come by to meet everybody, even if it was just to drink the wine, Lol. Maybe I can come for the next one! Are you brave enough to even think about when that might be yet? I know, I've probably gotta have time to recover from this one first! :)

Zhohn said...

I've never been so jealous before!! Looks like so much fun and I could use some training!
Do you have another one planned?

SamC said...

It looks like ya'll had a blast! I love everything that was made. Such a talented bunch of ladies!!

Amy K said...

Ahhh, awesome scrappin' fun!

You sure have an awesome team to help make MoZart happen. I hope you keep 'em coming, because I know I missed out on a great time!

Riley said...

Your friends were a hoot! So willing to host us and provide added entertainment. The mini albums were awesome! No one would guess that we worked on those the entire day!! They turned out wonderfully. If only I hadn't left mine at your house....