Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day in paradise.

Thanks to all of you who recognized my need to decompress a bit. But, I have to admit.... I decompressed MY way! That involves a book to the bookstore the first full day I was left alone, and a pile of books to dig through the next day. So, I turned on the tv, ordered a much too expensive movie for the room, and got busy.

By busy, I mean, I started writing down IDEAS for projects, classes, retreats, which I think would be fun. I took each book, wrote down the title, then listed teh pages and descriptions of each activity.

I ended up with about six pages of ideas!! This, to me, IS paradise. It's something I just never take the time to do (or HAVE the time to do), but that I feel is really valuable, and actually really inspiring and FUN!

And for any of you local folks, my next endeavor is to have kids art classes, beginning next week!! I will be calling it Camp Creative. It is a time for the kids to learn about being creative in all kinds of ways. We will be making simple jewelry, designing earrings, making mom and grandma a peral choker with a cute pearl cross pendant, and even a couple of canvases.

Suzy, you reading?! ! Proud of me?! I am just doing it!

I want the parents to feel they are getting their money's worth, so I will be guaranteeing at least 15 Christmas gifts, IF the kid decides to give things away and not keep them!! Ha.

Ok, so enough on that. Unless you are local and want to know more. Only have openings on Wednesdays right now. Mondays are full up!

So, after my day of inspiration, the boys returned from their day of golf, and we all went out to eat together.

It was a cool little spot called Mary Mahoney's. And I think it's been there since about 1930 or so.

It reminded me of Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans. And they gave us the whole top floor since our party was so big.

It was a really, really old building, and it had watermarks downstairs indicating levels inside the building during various natural disasters which had hit the coast.

For instance,

can you tell this is above the doorframe!? Mike, here, is on a stair, my friends.

The eye of the storm actually hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not New Orleans, as many may think. N.O. just had lots of damage and is heavily populated, so it got a lot of attention. the MS coast actually had whole cities wiped OUT!!

Oh wait, I was only about 200 years off!! That house was built in 1737. I was close!

And I find it kind of miraculous that the Patriarch was still standing. A 2000 year old tree!!

I'm gonna tell you, I love me some southern Oaks!! I had to leave when they were clearing our property for our house. I couldn't stand that they would be taking down trees that had so gloriously been growing for so many years!! We minimized the number of trees cut with the placement of our house.

Here's a little FYI.

So, basically, if you are ever in Biloxi, MS, I recommend this joint!! There were more famous people on the Wall of Fame than I could ever list. Ronald Reagan had a dish named after him.

And another thing, is that it was in walking distance from the Beau Revage... another MUST STAY in Biloxi!!

I'll be back tomorrow with Day One... I am kinda moving along backwards! Happy Tuesday.



Bj said...

Mo, if you ever find a way to "bottle" all the energy you seem to have.....please, PLEASE...send me a case of it!...LOL, seriously, I am in awe of you....you are touching so many lives with all the GREAT things you get going...may God bless you with a continued zest for life and living! I think you are remarkable!!.........huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Glad you were able to get away. I can't wait to see kids working on projects.

Riley said...

Ok Mo, I'm thinking your first ever art retreat started something awesome! I love to see that you are starting the 8 weeks of kids crafting!! Your day in paradise sounds wonderful. It takes time to stop and write down ideas and let your creativity flow to paper. You may be reason enough to move to Louisiana...or at least to East Texas!

kimybeee said...

love the brainstorming and the trip photos!!! looking forward to more!

Mbeaty19 said...

I'm telling you we are so similar in so many ways. My husband always gives me a hard time because no matter where we got I try to take something to write on. I have countless notepads with 'inspiring' notes written on them. He always says - "you need to relax and enjoy this time". He just doesn't understand how relaxing it is for me to be inspired and write notes about things I would like to make or things I'd like to learn about.

I love your idea for the Camp Creative. I actually started working on a plan to do something like that in the summer. Again I have a huge list of ideas but just didn't get it accomplished this year. Thinking maybe have a couple of days of making crafts/art with kids they can use as Christmas Gifts. My son and I have been doing some lately.

Once again you continue to inspire me with all your great ideas and hoping to continue to share with you all my boys and my creations we've been making.

Cathy said...

First off, even when you're resting you're not resting :) We were at Mary Mahoney's in March before Katrina-wonderful place!!! AND we stayed at Beau Rivage!!!! Not really a coinkidink but just trivia. I would like to visit Biloxi again to see how much has changed~~~~ You are such an inspiration, when I'm down I can always read the blog and be uplifted---thank you so much for that!

snekcip said...

Thanks for the virtual tour Mo! Enjoying each post!!! The kids camp sounds awesome!!!

Beth E. said...

I'm glad you had some time to relax YOUR way! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good for you to take some time for yourself! I love to read all about what you do and it makes me TIRED! I'm going to make it to one of your retreats someday if you'll have me and I just wanted to say I'm in that fun magazine (Holidays & Celebrations) that you had on your bed!
-cortney (indigotwin)

Unknown said...

Yep. I'm reading and lovin' it. LOVE Camp Creative. Cute name. I have a little saying: "Create...it's a verb. Just do it."
When something comes as natural as this is for you, planning's a little over-rated. LOL.
Have you ever used LePen's? They're usually by the check-out at Michaels. Thin little super fine tip sketching markers. I started picking a color (my first was green) and bought every shade before starting on the next color. I'm hooked right now on sketching with them in my notebook of ideas. And now I can't wait for a BAM shopping trip for I have not seen ANY of those 3. Stinks living an hour away from the city sometimes.
And, of course, I totally "get" your way of relaxing but you inspire me to add a little "fun" to life. We'll catch up soon...