Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Beau Rivage.

Alrighty then, this is our first day at the Beau. My loving husband (to whom I am married 15 years TODAY!!), brought me up a gourmet coffee and some sort of moussey breakfast. I LOVE that kind of sweet gesture. No wonder I am still married to him! And I have discovered that I like caramel vanilla latte iced coffee. Can you say, "SWEET TOOTH"!??

And I am one of those who truly love having pretty little boxes of extras in a hotel bathroom. In fact, I never pack shampoo, conditioner, or any kind of soap. Typically, and accidentally, I usually end up having to BUY a toothbrush as well!! In this case, the supplied it all. ANd what I didn't end up using, I brought home to Brian Russell, my new PT, and set it all up on his desk because,well, it totally cracked me up that these were his initials.

And to those of you at my retreat, you will not be surprised, that I also brought home the packaging of the boxes I DID use! I mean, that yellow and white stripe is awesome!!

When we got there, they didn't have our reservations. So, they were forced to put us in a suite!! Todd said, "you want the good news or the bad news?".

When he said the good news is that we got to spend the night in a suite, I immediately knew that meant the bad news would be we would have to move the next night. Sure enough!! ANd look waaaaaay down there. .. it's a Waffle House!!

There wasn't that much all that exciting in the suite other than this neat headboard/ curtain backdrop.

And the attached den, the multiple tvs, and separate bathrooms for both of us. Other than that, who really cares?!

This was day one, and I KNEW I had to catch an artsy place or two. I LOVE Ocean Springs, and had to see one or two things before I holed up.

I'll have you know that my visiting this artist co-op occured only after I had my rocking breakfast, soaked in a hot bath, had a massage, and theeeennnn...

I was watching the storm brew as I pondered whether or not I should head down the road to another spot or two. But then I walk right past this awesome mural made from tiles in an alley that most people will never even see! That decided it for me. YES, I would press on!

That's our hotel.

And that's the hotel next door!

Looking out over the Gulf of Mexico, one would think the weather was just balmy!

But as I adventured on over the bridge to Ocean Springs, wellll...

It was downright ominous!

But I think I've shared this before, my Poppa always said, "Make a decision, then make it right." And my decision was to go to Ocean Springs, so I pressed on!

I kind of got to where I thought the sky was really pretty! And yes, I was snapping while I was driving. Sorry. I wasn't looking in the eyehole or anything, just holding my camera up and snapping.

Oh, here's the proof!! BAGS from BAM!!

And here's the proof that Todd actually played golf... at Fallen Oaks on a couple of occasions.

This is my man as he is readying to go kick some golfer bootay.

15 years. WOW!

I mean, we were like, YOUNG, when we started dating. ANd now we are gray and fat and have two kids and have built a house together, and have seen lots of places around the country together. and we still kinda even like each other.

View from the window in the room.

And as promised, I made it to Ocean Springs.. ANd this is one of the cute little boutiques I found.

and a very retro 50's fountain shoppe. C.U. T. E.

I had to get a chocolate shake. I mean, I HAD to!

And I found art galleries.

and antiques....

Can you just even imagine my JOY as I strolled down these little streets?!

I already look forward to going back!!

And if you are on the gulf coast, definitely go to Ocean Springs.

Give me a day or two and I will try to figure out how to scan an old photo of me and Todd the Bod 15 years ago, on our wedding day!!

It's been a wild ride, TG. And I would never have it any other way. Fun, exciting, adventurous,.... HAPPY!! I couldn't ask for a better husband.



Mama J said...

Awwwww...congratulations Mo and Toddy for the Body....! You are a great couple and fit like a glove. Nothing like a man who is the cook in the family (married to one for 31 years)but also truly the Rock of our families! How lucky can we be? Course, THEY are very lucky to have us..the creative geniuses we keep their life interesting at the very least! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Many More Mo!

Bj said...

Hey hubby and I celebrated 13 years on Sept. bout that?? Hope you and Todd have many, many more happy years together. Love the pics by the way!.....huggers, BJ

Kimie said...

Happy Anniversary! I will see you next week in WM for therapy. Kiss those sweetie pie's for me.

Alisha Bolyer said...

Happy Anniversary Mo! Isn't it awesome to be married to a wonderful man? I've been married to one for 22 years now! And love him more now than I did all those years ago. Hope you have an awesome day!!

Zhohn said...

Congrats Mel and Todd! Wishing you MANY more years together.

Enjoying your pics. I had to laugh when I read you brought back everything for your new PT bc if his initials, you are so much fun!

Sharidrew said...

wowzers!! Congratulations to you both! Here's to many many more happy years!! We celebrated 10 years in June! Thanks for sharing your trip. I cracked up over the hotel goodies. My hubs does the same thing. We don't stay at nice places like that though! HA

Hugs from Missouri,

jmckemie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Renee said...

Happy Anniversary! Everybody needs a break from reality to rejuvenate us again. Glad you had a great time.

khulet said...

Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a wonderful get-a-way thanks for sharing all that you do!

jenny said...

Happy Anniversary, Mo. And boy, does your Todd have beautiful eyes!
Could you maybe bottle up some of your energy and send it MY way?
God bless.

snekcip said...

Happy 15th Anniversary Todd and Melanie!!!

Tori said...

Happy anniversary Mo!

Warning....nerdy engineer comment coming up....

I loved seeing the pictures you took while driving over the Biloxi Bay Bridge. Hurricane Katrina destroyed the previous bridge in 2005 and I had the pleasure of designing the new one! I hope it rode well! :)

Mandy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you two many more to come!!

Mandy said...
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Becky said...

To many, many more happy years together!!

Kris said...

Congratulations. My hubby and I are going to celebrate 40 years the last day of the year. I couldn't say it any better then you's been a ride! :)

Kaia said...

I love looking at little shoppes like that! Happy 15 years!

Beth E. said...

Happy anniversary, Mo and Todd! May you be blessed with many more happy, wonderful years together!

Great pics...I'm a little jealous of your trip. I would like shopping there for sure!

charlotta said...

Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many, many more years and memories!

nineisenuff said...

Happy Anniversary!!

kimybeee said...

now we are gray and fat - lol lol lol lol only somebody married that long that truly loves each other would use that description lol lol

Lakeville Vertical said...

Just have to say that I loved reading this post because my sister just moved from Ocean Springs, MS (they also visited the Beau Rivage a time or two) and is now living in Wisconsin. Quite near your hubby's neck of the woods. It's such a small world! Happy anniversary. Keep on keeping on!!

Cassie12 said...

Happy Anniversary to you Mo and Todd too and wishing you many more happy years together!!!! I know you sure did bring back those wrapping....don't know when you might need them for a little scrapbooking or something!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful little get away together!!! Hugs!!!


Emily said...

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Amy K said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Congrats on 15 years.
Ocean Springs looks like a place I would fall in love with. I think I should've been born in the south. I love the culture and heritage...thanks for sharing!

Theresa Shirley said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Sounds like you two compliment each other so well. It looks like you had a great time on your getaway. Probably just what you needed, wasn't it? What tickled me was that you brought the used packaging back with you....hahaha...If I did that, it would get stuck somewhere, and I would find it like forever later & not remember what in the world I intended to use it for. But, I'm not creative like you either! You'll probably have it in a scrapbook before long!!