Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Talisman for Kristen

Hey Kristen, this Talisman is for you!!
Let's start with the chain! I interrupted the silver chain with four little pieces of turquoise. These are representative of you and your immediate family.

For whatever reason, I really resonated with the concept of your grandmother, who was an integral part of your life, being kind of front and center in the piece. She is represented by the big piece of coral. When you wear this talisman, you can mainly remember her!

Because you told me you really like turquoise and coral, I went with that as my color scheme. I personally LOVE those two stones not only individually but together as well.

The three chunks of turquoise represent your three really close friends you told me about.

And the cross is significant for your spirituality. May it give you a constant peace.

The ribbon is in honor of you commitment to run annually for those who have cancer as well as your career as a nurse, since I am sure your path will cross often with those who will have a big impact on you, as you aid in their treatment and many in their healing.

This is the daisy which sort of represents your future husband, since daisies are the flowers you intend to carry on your wedding day!

Here's the cross again. Subtle, but a steady presence.

So, there you have it. I hope it stands for all you hoped it would.

It was a joy to make it. And you know who helped me package it up. How bout that heart with wings!?!?



Kaia said...

I'm impressed with Ellie's name and the heart with wings!

tricia said...

the talisman is beautiful. what a treasure to get ellie's signature drawing!

Shannon said...

Hey when are you going to get to see more of the new fur-baby? I saw a quick bleep on facebook and nothing here?

The Mommy said...

Ellie does really well with her penmanship and art! I always enjoy reading about the encouragement you give them in regards to creative expression. Too often I think we tend to stifle our kids a bit. I know that they need limits sometimes...but I would rather lean toward the freedom of expression. Plus, I think it builds their problem solving skills too.

love the talisman...beautiful.