Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing.... LIZZIE!!

Now's as good a time as any... to introduce.... our new family member.... LIZZIE!!

She's a rescue dog adopted from a group called PAWS who get dovs from the Animal Shelter here and find foster homes for them first, then try to get them adopted. I happened to stop by a neighbor's house one day, during our daily golf cart ride. I went in and discovered she was doggie foster mom and she introduced us to Lizzie.

I almost immediately knew she had to be ours!! Gabbi loved her, and we took her home for an overnight stay with us, which was a success. Lizzie jumped right up into our bed and even seemed to like cuddling with the girlies.

Before you ask, I have no idea what her breed is. What I DO know is that she is a year and a half old, totally potty trained, and is spayed.

And as we all knew would be the case, she is absolutely adored by Gabbi Girl!

We've already taken her to the Ford's house for a get together and she passed the test. She can hang with the whole crew.

She's extremely docile, and we are already in love with her!

So, now you know. Lizzie is the new Groves! She completes our family. For now.

Isn't she beautiful!!?

We are a happy family!



Zhohn said...

I met Lizzie the other day on Facebook but on here, with all of these pics, I love her! Shes beautiful, her color and size is perfect! Wow, didn't you luck up with her age and being potty trained!!! I bet Gabbi is having fun.

I know she will be loved!

Cassie12 said...

I saw Lizzie on FB and meant to leave a comment....she is beautiful and I knew Gabbi would love her....can't wait to meet her too!!!

Unknown said...

Lizzie is precious! I am sure Gabbi is in heaven! She looks like such a sweet dog. So glad you found her!

kimybeee said...

you know that i totally got the for now reference lol!

i am so glad to you have lizzie in your lives! i am sure earl sent her to you from heaven...and a rescue dog is the absolute best ever!!

i can't put my finger on the breed lizzie looks like right at the moment. we got a puppy from the pound 8 years ago and she is a yellow lab. she is the best dog - so well behaved and just almost perfect. i wish you all the blessings with lizzie that we have with our chloe!!

Sandy P said...

Poor Todd didn't even get a male dog! But, she is adorable.

Anonymous said...

LUCKY little girls. What a great addition.

Sharidrew said...

I too saw Lizzie on Facebook. Smart of you to get an already potty trained doggie! And kid/people friendly is awesome! She is adorable. I think she looks like she has some border collie in her. So happy for you guys!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kathryn said...

Lizzie has the look of a Brittany Spaniel. Just a lovely dog!

Don't know why you named her after our younger daughter, but she is a love as well!

Kimie said...

She is a beautiful dog! Now, Gabbi needs a kitty cat and your fam will be complete!

snekcip said...

Saw your precious girl on FB too! Lizzie is already a celebrity!! :) She looks very similar to a "pound puppy" Sundae, that we adopted a few years ago. She was an Australian Shepherd mix, and was just gorgeous. She was caramel with white paws and snout. Her eyes were just as caramel as her coat. We knew the moment we saw her, she was OURS!! Your Lizzie reminds me so much of her (besides the long hair coat your Lizzie sports) she has the same look (body build), color, eyes and demeanor as our sweet Sundae had.

We loved her like crazy! She would "herd" things like crazy! Shoes, socks, etc. I knew just where to find a missing shoe or sock, it was always "buried" under her dog bed!

Your girls are gonna LOVE her! Bre loves our schnauzer to infinity and back! There is nothing like the love of a girl and her dog!! NOTHING!!!

Happy Friday Groves!!!

MaryH said...

Lizzie - you are one lucky, beautiful doggie - seriously, she is gorgeous - enjoy! Gabs must be beside herself. Lizzie, you have you "forever" home now.

tricia said...

Her coloring is delicious! That she's potty trained and spayed is such a bonus! Welcome Lizzie!

Shannon said...

So smart getting a dog already through the "evil" puppy year!! :)

Welcome Lizzie!!

jenny said...

Lizzie is absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats on your new girl. BTW she looks like some kind of spaniel mix to me - with maybe a little golden retriever mixed in. Hope y'all have many wonderful years with her. God bless.

Julie said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!!

snekcip said...

You know I came back to look at those beautiful sappy eye...uh...the dog's ...not yours Mo! Ha! The more I look at her I think she has a little "Irish Setter" in her!

My momma use to call "mix-breed" animals "sooners"! When I questioned why she called "said animal" that she replied "Well...."sooner" or later, we will figure out what the "datgum" animal is mixed with"!

My mother what a jewel she was...and always will be!!! Good memories on a Friday..I tell ya!!

Lisa O. said...

Lizzie is very lucky to join such a wonderful family; she surely will be loved!! Have a great weekend!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Congratulations!!! She is just beautiful. Gabbi must be beside herself loving Lizzie - Has Ellie stopped changing outfits long enough to realize that she even has another dog? Hopefully this one will like dress up as much as Earl did........
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Beth E. said...

Awwww...Lizzie looks like a sweetheart! I have no doubt she will be well loved in the Groves household. :-)

Maggie said...

Congratulations Groves!!!

Lizzie is beautiful and just became the luckiest dog in LA! I had been wondering since you shared the passing of your other two dogs, and GG's love of pups when your family might have a new addition. She's beautiful... she reminds me a little bit of a dog we had when I was a little girl, who was a Brittany/Springer spaniel mix. Maybe Lizzie has some spaniel in her?