Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Camp 2011

I felt like we should focus on the cuteness of my kids for a day or two! Dang. Their mama has raked them over the coals for the past two days. Poor girls! So this was last week when the girlies went to therapy with me every day to participate MMPT summer camp. In particular, Kindergarten Readiness camp.

I think Gabbi looks ethnic in these pictures. Just sayin'! Nothin against ethnic, Sarah B! They are the prettiest anyway, right?!

We grabbed a healthy breakfast of YooHoo and ummm.... well that's all I am going to tell you about anyway. (Especially you, Dee and Kathryn. You'll tear me a new butthole! Ha. ) It was probably something like an apple. Or a banana. Or... I'm all out of healthy ideas!

I'm thinking about hiring a nutrionist. I told Todd that yesterday! I absolutely know NOTHING about nutrition. JINNIE!! Anyway, there's a bird. Back to my story!

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the first ever Mo'z art, or Mo Zart, or Teach Me, Mo Retreat!? Anybody have an opinion on a name?! Or MoJoy.

Helloooo... I'm back now.

I just decided to write today from my stream of consciousness. Like, hey Sarah M. I love these pants. I think it's time that you come over and either a) teach me how to make them, since I'm all seamstress and all now, or b) come take my order for fall/ winter ruffle bottomed pants. We hardly wore our other ones, because I got them at the end of spring, and as we all know... it was 105 degrees yesterday! So, I still have those. Too bad two pair of them have rabbits all over them. Oh wait. We DID wear them to church on Easter Sunday.

Stream of consciousness... Todd looks like he is in the CIA.

I KNOW I can't eat eggs since lapband. WHY do I do that to myself? But what's a chef salad without eggs?! Right?! And why would a narrow passage have ANYTHING to do with boiled eggs anyway? They're soft! I just don't get it!

Back to my story. After camp, the girls climbed up into the car (Gabbi can now do that by herself. Gooooo Gabs!), and Ellie proceeded to make sure her babies were fed!

She is quite serious about her babies these days.

She sleeps with them. They watch her bathe. They sit in a high chair at the table. They watch movies with her. They have weird names. Oh wait, did I just say that?!

Maybe Todd's right. Maybe she is about to go through a more "growny" phase. That'd be great with me. I like this kind of moment!

And with that, welcome to my weird mind!



Zhohn said...

I'm laughing, what a random blog tonight! Love the pic of Ellie feeding her babies, that's the sweet, adorable Ellie :)
Adore GG's top! I'd bet that the girls had the white powdered donuts with their Yoohoo for breakfast.
Sure hope you're having a great week!!!

Kimie said...

I like Mo'z Art the best. My other baby is on his way home from Dallas. See you soon!

Kaia said...

I like "Mo'z Art!"

tricia said...

I agree with Kimie..... I like Mo'z Art. It is so unique and catchy!

I love stories about your girls...the good,bad and the ugly. Actually isn't that what life is about? Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Mindy said...

First of all.....Did you burn all the "ugly tank tops"? Isn't that what she called them? I mean Ellie has rocked several DRESSES in the past few weeks! So cute!

2. I've been calling it MoJoy Arts already:)

3. I saw a squash on the bar in one pic. Go with that. Yoohoo and squash...breakfast of champions.

Kathryn said...

How about MoArt? I am not tearing you a new anything, because it is too danged hot. I looked out the window yesterday morning and told the flowers they were on their own for the day. I have to water them today, though. Conscience pricking me! (Five Little Peppers moment.)

I didn't even paint. I am painting the Grandgirlies' furniture because it is so dark, heavy walnut. Don't care that it is antique. It is full of curly ques and so much prettier now that it is sanded, primed, and has the first coat of Heirloom White on it. I am such a rebel.

About the eggs. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein. When you boil them though, it makes it harder to digest. There is a lot of concentrated goodness in a boiled egg, and that is probably why they are bothering you. I am sorry they hurt you. I do not like reading about you being in pain!

Love those pics! They sit so well in the car seats. Our children were hell on earth in their car seats. They all hated them with a passion. Of course, our children range from 36 to 26, so car seats have changed a lot. Our childrens' car seats looked like torture devices!

Amy K said...

Hilarious post Mo! I love the randomness.
My vote is for Mo'z Art...very clever. Still wish I was able to come.
Here's to your "breakfast of champions"!!

Bethany said...

I love that you share everything! Ellie is so serious about nurturing those doll babies - just practicing up to be a good mama to your baby grands some day :)

Bj said...

I think Mo'z Art is very catchy and cute!.....and so....YOU!! Love the pics of the girlies (but then I always do). Have a great day......huggers, BJ

SamC said...

Lap bands are the craziest things. I can eat boiled eggs but most bread is a no no. I can eat something for dinner and then take left overs for lunch the next day and I will have "issues." One of my friends that has one says the weather has something to do with it. ha

I like Mo Zart. Love the pictures of the girls. The are precious.

Tonya said...

mel, you tell me when and we can get you fixed right up for fall, im soooo ready!! cant stand this heat!! ready to sew some orange, green and browns. call me 355-4820 tonya willhite

snekcip said...

Wow...this was all over the place! *putting down my compass* and handing you back a "piece of your butt* AHEM....I love MoZart, I love Ellie in dresses, I love her w/her baby dolls, I love Gabbi's hilarious grin, I love the randomness of this post and I hate that I want be @ the first MoZart!! Snorrrrt!!!

ANYWHO, for a quick nutritional breakfast for the girls, what about toast w/peanut butter, microwaveable pancakes, or the pancake on a stick or a variety of fruit. I usually buy a container of strawberries or bananas, apples and oranges. I usually wash/cut the strawberries and put them in a container. They "keep" longer and don't get all fuzzy and stuff. Nothings worse than looking at a piece of fruit w/more hair than you! KWIM? Besides the kids probably would NEVER set eyes on it again...just saying! ANYWHO...these are a few quick breakfast ideas. They also have "breakfast bars" it has lots of dried nuts, wheat and fruit in them. This also is a "winner" in this household. I know "nutrition" goes beyond breakfast, but you get the idea.

Bree has a thing w/texture type foods (peanut butter, jelly, cheese etc), so far as me, I'm cool w/the gooey stuff...I just can't get ready for the GREEN ketchup!! That's just wrong in soooo many ways!!

MaryH said...

Mo'zArt would be great - however, classical music playing in the background? The girls looked darling and love Ellie with her babies - neither of my girls played with baby dolls like that - dang, I missed out on that - and my grandson is not going to help me out in that department either. He is all cars and trucks and trains. I'll take it anyway I can get it. Hope I wasn't too harsh yesterday - the girls will grow up quicker than you can imagine - and things are just things - their little hearts and minds are forever. Loved the ramblin' blog also - like having a little conversation about whatever popped into your head. 105 degress here in St. Louis also yesterday - my daughter saw a sign on a church when she was jogging (don't understand jogging in 105 degree heat) anyway the sign said "Satan called....he wants his weather back!"

Sarah said...

Am I the SarahB?? If so... I love it! Ethnic morning eyes rock!!!

Love this random Mel post... and love the pics of your girls! Love Ellie in her dresses and of course, your new blog header! Sooo happy that you have those two precious baby girls in your life!

Not judging the yoohoo and whatever else they had for breakfast... they are happy and healthy girls! We do toaster waffles, microwave pancakes or a bagel each morning and I feel like I become mom of the year when I have time to throw some cut up fresh fruit on her plate! She won't touch poptarts or those Nutrigrain bars... and I try not to buy powdered donuts because somebody in my house (not naming names {me}) seems to eat them in their sleep and they aren't around long enough... except on the midsection.

Happy Hump Day!

Jen Ehlers said...

I met with a nutrionist a coupel of years ago and it was *really* helpful. I was able to really discussed foods I liked/didn't like and how they could fit into a healthier diet.

Some ideas--breakfast--Kashi Whole grain waffles (toasted) with a little PB. Very tasty! Or even a banana and PB sandwich!

As far as the "growny" part--i just wanted to say that I've found four to be the HARDEST age so far. No one warned me. Everyone said two and three were the hardest. Nope. I say four! It gets better (if they live that long). I always remind mine that it's a good thing they're cute. It's their survival trait!

jenny said...

I like Mo'z Art - great name. Wish I lived closer than Idaho - I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

My question was (on your last blog post) who is supposed to be watching these girls? And I agree with all who said, "YOU are the Mom!!" If you or Todd aren't able to watch them at all times, then hire a live in nanny.

Lakeville Vertical said...

Just make the girls get a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables every day. Every color of the rainbow should be consumed. You could even paint up a cute little chart and come up with fruits and veggies to try everyday. I like the Mo'zart the best also. Wish I lived closer (minnesota is a bit far.) I would love to join you in the art classes. Also, I am convinced my 9 year old with sensory processing disorder would be doing so much better if she could get therapy with your center. Enjoy those girls. They are precious.