Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friends over for dress up!

I wish you could hear the theme music in my head right now. This picture makes me laugh... in all of its blurriness! Look at that determined model look on Ellie's face. And Madi's pretty fired up to be there as well. It reminds me of some serious music that would be playing just before a big boxing match! And in walks the wicked witch of the west. WHY do the big girls get the cute pink dress up clothes and they put the ol hag outfit on Gabbi Girl?! Poor little thing. She'll be big one day though! And then we'll see who gets the cute purses!

So, we're just hanging around on a Saturday morning, the THREE kids, (since what's a Saturday without the cousin!?), when Ellie decides we need additional friendage.

Thus... Jansen! Jansen was in our dance class last year and should go to school with us in a year, so who better to ask over?

Ummm hmmm... seems there was more pink in the costume box, eh, Ellie? WHY are you not tending your sister?! Really in truly, Gabs couldn't care LESS!

Well, hellloooooo there, Dora the Explorer!

Just sit back now and enjoy the show. As long as I have a camera pointed their direction, they will keep it coming!

Ellie, what's with the model pucker?! Puleeze!

Oh my word! Gonna be a crazy teenage ride!


Stick those lips back in yo' mouth!

Again. Gabbi in the haggardy ol bridesmaid's dress. She couldn't give a rip! They leave her out of everything. She doesnt' care a BIT! She likes to play alone. ANd that is lucky for those big girls. Because if they left her out and it hurt her feelings, that would be another story altogether.

She could sit in a corner and play with a stick. Actually she DOES do that! And she is perfectly content.

Homely dress. Poor thing.

THIS is what dress up actually looks like!

It is a Sea of costumes and dresses from a long time ago! And luckily, I had the forethought to have this BAC built (bet you can figure that one out!), which would house bins. BINS which could easily be stuffed by mama AND little girl hands when it came time to clean up!

If Madi is over, this is what this room looks like. Dress up in Ellie and Madi's FAVORITE thing to do together. Maybe someday they'll be readers! Ha. UNLIKELY!

For now, I will just try to sit back and enjoy the show!



tricia said...

Love their energy!

I too was a "gabby" growing up. My sister(older than me) and my cousin left me out too. They both got Barbie Dolls and I got Midge! Theirs had beautiful long blonde hair;mine red hair in a flip with freckles!

Zhohn said...

Such cute girls. Glad you built big closets, to hold big bins, to hold ALL those clothes!
They are so happy, love all of the different poses.

Bj said...

Almost spewed muh grape juice when I saw this.....too funny and too cute!! Makes me wish my baby girl (age 42) was little again.....NOT!!! Great memories here again Mo.......huggers, BJ

Theresa Shirley said...

Haha...that lip thing with Ellie is cracking me up! She is waaayyy beyond her years, isn't she? I SO, SO wish I was gonna get to meet ya'll at your first retreat! But I'm going to get to come one of these days, I'm counting on it. Love the pics of your house too--it's just gorgeous :)

snekcip said...

BAC=BIG A$$ ClOSET! Bree really enjoyed playing with Ellie and Gabbi!! Those girls have the best toys/dressup clothes!! I only wish I had the space that you have.

Their rooms are adorable and every little girls dream!!!

You are so right about Gabby, she plays well by herself. However, her and Bree hit it off really well. They would have stood and played with that little kitchen for hours.

Kim said...

Hey ~ dress up clothes ALL over the floor is MUCH better than paint all over the floor, paint all over the painting, stickers all over the table, ink all over the face!! LOVE the dress up ~ such creative imaginations! You can really see how short Ellie is compaired to Madi and even Jansen ~ no wonder she is a firecracker ~ big things do come in small packages! ;)

Kris said...

I love your posts! I love that you go with the flow and let them little girls play! Now the paint and markers...that's one that would put me over the edge! :)

MaryH said...

Big A_ _ Closet? Looks like tons of fun. Enjoy. Someday that will be prom dresses they will be swapping....