Friday, August 5, 2011

MMPT says goodbye to Donna

Well, it's official. Donna is a Californian. She is our "HR" person at MMPT and has been integral in establishing more order in an office belonging to an "orange" personality! And so, on her last official day, we all met at a joint not far from the clinic for a proper send off.

We love Donna, but truth be known, we just look for an excuse to get together for happy hour! Robin is our pediatric receptionist, Beth does all the input of charges for all 5 clinics, and Renee has handled all patient verification of input and input of info into our system for years.

Mr. Bob is married to Miss Bev, so we all love him. He is at most of our get togethers. And Melanie is a goober who is trying to take a photo of the two of them with outstretched arms. .

Rebecca even came. She didn't officially start until the following Monday, thus filling Donna's empty spot in our office. But, what a trooper!! She showed up to send Donna off anyway. Without even really knowing anybody. But, we are family, and we welcome pretty much anybody.

As you know, this is Jessi. She totally RUNS the Ruston clinic, and Amy is our certified hand specialist and in very high demand, OT!

Amber and Anna were students who spent the summer training under Amy and Summer and are scheduled to graduate later this year. Amber as a COTA. Anna as an LOTR.

This is Michelle. She does all the OT in Ruston. We are excited that she will soon be going to full time in the Ruston clinic which will cut down on the driving back and forth of all therapists.

Hello and welcome, Rebecca. I can tell already... we are gonna get along swimmingly!

And this is Tom. He is my new business manager. He has really, really, really whipped my offices into a more organized state. And I can't wait for the ride we have ahead! I expect even more positive changes.

I think we ended up with about three really large tables. It was one of our bigger turnouts for a party with the MMPT crew.

Robin's daughter, Maddi, showed up, even, to hang with us. We MUST be cool if teenagers want to come be with us.

This joint is OLD!! I mean, I can remember going here with my mom and dad when I was in junior high. It's changed owners and looks over the years. I like it like they have it now!

Because now they have a big outdoor patio for dining and even better.... for karaoke!

(Renee is a camera hog!!)

This is Renee. And the redhead is Jessica. SHe is a PTA and works in primarly pediatrics in our clinic. She has a heart of gold and what a blessing to have her with us! She came here as a student and ended up finding her husband while she was here attending church.

Do we have good looking staff members, or what?!

I tell the parents of the kids at my office, "we only let cute kids come here"... because as kid lovers, you can imagine, we think they are all cute!

Keith is a PT tech and also basically runs the show with regards to organizing all the techs' schedules in all the clinics. He also pretty much keeps up the grounds in the WM clinics.And who is THIS hot couple?! I changed shirts because I decided to have a drink and didn't want my MMPT logo on when I drank. Just in case you were wondering.

Wow there they are again!! A little more gray and Todd the Bod could play Santa this Christmas. I'm jusssssst playing! Anytime he has mentioned getting his hair colored, I protest!! I like that gray! I think it looks sophisticated. And kinda hot!

Keith and Robin are two brave souls who signed up for karaoke.

Look in the photo above... that's something unique about Louisiana. Ya know how sometimes restaurants will keep ketchup out on the table, as it is a common condiment?! Well, that is Tobasco hot sause beside it!! In Louisiana, that is as common a condiment as ketchup! Trivia for ya'!

Nope NOT me!! I don't sing karaoke. Ok, well sometimes I do. I think I've mentioned the songs I sing when I do. What's yours?! And does anybody know mine!?

If not, I'll share later!

We really do have the funnest group! Just a cool bunch of people who like to use their gifts to help others. There's a comraderie in that! Happy weekend, y'all!



Zhohn said...

Looks like you have a great group! Glad things are going well and positive changes are happening at MMPT.
I don't recall your karaoke singed choices. I have none to share because I do NOT do karaoke but I love to listen.
Happy Weekend to you!

Bj said...

WOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!! girl, Imma karaoke singing! I used to sing on an internet radio station that broadcast to the troops. My favorite songs to sing are the "Golden Oldies"...Country. (Now I'm telling my age)LOL! Your "group" looks like a lot of fun....I admire each one of you for all you do!...huggers, BJ

Lisa said...

looks like so much fun!!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ It really looks like a great send off party - you know how to do it!!
You know how you say Ellie has her lips (as you say "in a model pucker") well, look where she gets it from Mama - too funny!!
I loved the dress up blog from the other day - oh how I remember those days with my three girls - dress up was all day every day. And the clean up was never ending....sweet memories for sure.
Today I heard on the news that they are having a raffle for a half a million dollar house near me for a $100.00 ticket and all the proceeds will go to St. Jude's! When I heard that, I said to my hubby - we have to get a ticket because it is such a good cause, and then told him again about Jake and the WONDERFUL care he received while there and what a truly wonderful place it is. Wish me luck!!
Have a fun weekend,
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

First I gotta say "I LOVE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT what all those (letter titles or Call letters)mean. I don't know, I have always loved world jumbles and stuff and this is just "my thing". *Much like the BAH, BAC*!! So bear with me as I try to type these out! I already know (HR, MMPT, OT)Okay let's see COTA (certified occup therapist asst?) LOTR (Licensed occup therapist registered?) PTA (Pediatric Therapist Asst?)! How many did I get right?

You have an awesome staff and I will admit, they are just as engaging in person. Love the "family feel" of your staff! I personally think having a GREAT BOSS, has alot to do with everyone wonderful working relationship. I love that you can be a DOWN TO BUSINESS PERSON as well as ALL AROUND GREAT BOSS. It takes someone VERY SPECIAL to balance both.

I can't recall what your favorite song is it one of Jake's favorite "Live like you were dying"?

tricia said...

I've always said your staff is a wonderful group of people but more importantly they follow your lead.

jenny said...

Hey, isn't that a BELIEVE neon sign on the wall with a pic of Louisiana? Can't BELIEVE you didn't mention it! Looks like you guys have a blast wherever you go. Wish I lived closer than IDAHO - I'd apply for a job at MMPT. Have a great weekend.

Maggie said...

Looks like you had a blast... I love it when people that work together are able to develop a family atmosphere, I really feel like it builds a greater commitment to what we do each day!
I don't know your karaoke song, but my friends and I just rocked "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" the other nigh while out. It might be a new favorite, but at 8 min long - it's exhausting!
Have a great weekend!
Maggie from Boston

Kathryn said...

I love all the smiles!

Beth E. said...

What a great group of people you have working with you, Mo! I think it's awesome that everyone is like family. They are blessed to have you as their boss!