Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spring Green Course... the House on the Rock.

We're going day by day, here, peeps. Remember, this is my family's life album! It's how I record all memories! And this was our first trip to Wisconsin as a family of four! Soooo, with that... let me take you to Spring Green, Wisconsin. This is the place from which Frank Lloyd Wright, famed architect, hailed. The town is famous for the House on the Rock. And just like the other 10 0r so times Todd and I have been here, we did not go visit it. SOMEDAY!! I'm pretty sure he designed this hotel. It is OLD SCHOOL! But, you can tell it was really unique in its day. IN THE SEVENTIES!!

And when our daddy slipped out early to play golf on their famous course, so the girls and I, as usual, had to plan our day according to the check out time of the hotel.

Lucky for me, I have Ellie to get her little sister ready!

And you have to admit, Gabbi is a sweet little sister. She just sat on that stool like a big girl and let her "teenage" sister fix her hair!

And moments later, when "teenage" sister slipped herself into a maxi dress, she proceeded to dry her own hair.

Maybe this is "normal" to all of you, but her independence continues to amaze me! She doesn't WANT help! In dressing, bathing, washing hair, choosing outfits, .... no much of anything. She even climbs up the fridge on her own at home and gets her and Gabbi's sippy cups ready every night. She's a trip!

Oh, wait. She must've decided to change Gabbi's hair to a side ponytail!

I'll just sit back and take pictures. (But I'll be changing it pretty soon!)

I mean, is it just me? Do you know 4 year olds (and she could do this when she was 3!!) who can do rubberbands as ponytails? Maybe that's common. I'm really asking. It seems like a pretty hard skill to me. I think I remember my mama doing my ponytails til I was about 11!

Ellie wraps that rubber band around her wrist, then pulls it off her wrist with her teeth while she holds the hair in a gathered tail. It is a scream. Obviously, she is good at doing things she has seen others do! (See? I changed the styles.. much to the shagrin of Ellie Sue) Is that how you spell shagrin?!

This was the balcony of our room. Daddy was out there on some hole somewhere... so what'd we do?!


You'll get to see what crazy fun Spring Green shopping is in tomorrow's post!This baby is so pretty! Don't you think!?

There's our hotel.. all hidden in the trees and amongst the hills. Wisconsin in the summer is good for the soul!!

I have never been there in the winter. I hear I may not like that so much. I am not all about freezing cold! I would like to visit one winter, though! Just not stay for long. Louisiana doesn't get a lot of snow. In case you didn't know it.

This is where we were.

Rivers and bridges all over the place. Love the whole place.

So, tomorrow, we will be be on a virtual shopping trip in Spring Green, WI!! You ready? ALrighty then!!

I'm in St. Louis now. Hey! MO


Bella's mommy said...

no, Ellie is not the norm! I don't know any 3 or 4 year olds that can do that! She is definitely precocious! close on the spelling of chagrin, though ;) Have a fantastic time in St. Louis!

Kaia said...

Ellie is skilled beyond her years!

Zhohn said...

I love Ellie's independence, I think it's awesome! The pictures are beautiful, I've never been to Wisconson. Girls were adorable, as always.
I'm ready for the shopping trip!!!

Amy K said...

I would have to agree that Ellie is very gifted and skilled for her age.
Shopping excitement in Spring Green....Spring Green????? OK, I'm definitely intrigued. :)

Renee said...

GG's party seemed absolutely precious! I'd say Ellie's hair and independence skills are well beyond her years. Most children even if they are able to do a task (like get the cups from fridge) would still just insist that mom do it.

snekcip said...

Like the old folks say "Ellie's been here before"! Enjoy your trip Mo!!

Beverly said...

Those two little girls are something (don't tell Ellie I called her a little girl!). I"m pretty sure I was not doing pony tails at 4 either. I was hoping to at least see a picture of the house on the rock. Next time would you please at least get a picture? I'm curios.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just LOVE seeing Ellie doing Gabbi's hair (she is so serious about it too) - just precious - and the way Gabbi just sits - your right she is adorable for sure.
From my experience with 3 girls - Ellie is WAY ahead of are absolutly right that putting hair in a rubberband is not easy. She is just super smart!!! And Gabbi will learn very quickly from her.
They are both just dolls!!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado