Friday, July 1, 2011

We've got that Fourth spirit!!

I couldn't resist them! The flags and glasses, that is! Do you have a Dollar Tree where you are?! I LOVE the Dollar Tree!! There is always something I want there! And usually a whole buggy full of things I want!

Like these awesome glasses!! This is Chandler. I have been working with Chandler for about 16 years. He has literally grown up in my clinic!

And this is Keith and Kirk. They are usually in their own little world over here on the mat, telling fart jokes or other weird things! Kirk was paralyzed, from the neck down, during a totally fluke accident at the beach a year ago, while playing with his sister. Our lives can totally change in the blink of an eye!

Becky is my head PT down in the adult clinic in West Monroe. Dude..when it comes to matters of the spine, particularly the neck, she is hard to beat! So skilled in this area!

And this is Sam. He was up doing an IMOT (Intense Model of Therapy) session for three weeks, from Baton Rouge. He is a hard worker! That's him mom watching. Sam started walking in this walker unsupported this round. He was also here a couple of months ago, and needed help to keep the walker moving forward. Way to go, Sam!

And I LOVED it that his older brother would get right down on the floor and encourage Sam to keep trying.

He would set out those bowling pins and encourage Sam to keep going to knock them all over. A kid with a disability affects the whole family! I am inspired by the kids who come with their disabled sibling and really help them. They learn a lesson about sacrifice and empathy from an early age.

Ellie Sue happened to be here too, and she insisted that I put these on and let her take my picture. This is Miss Amaya. We only recently started working with her. She crawls everywhere she goes. It should be a fairly easy fix. She needs braces and a walker to get her started. And soon... I think she'll be going on her own. I feel honored to be a part of changing these kids' lives.

Gabbi Girl was there doing speech therapy! And Gabbi LOVES her some accessories!

That is her Fourth shirt. Ellie has it in navy blue. Just sayin'!

We are doing fireworks tonight. Are you!?

There's Ashley. She is Gabbi's Speech Therapist. She is patient and sweet. Gabbi works hard for her.

And here is cuckoo head.

She is just a permanent fixture around the clinic. I love having my girls here. I try to do it often. After all, I only have another year before I have a kindergartener!

And this is Jayci. She has made remarkable progress in a short period of town. She's starting to stand alone now for short periods. We are on our way, babY!

THis is Jessica, PTA. Another very patient and calm therapist. SHe is perfect for those kids who have sensory overload issues. She speaks softly, moves gently, and is very reassuring for those kids.

Really good contrast to me. I tend to be a little more gruff! I am loud, busy, and move fast!

This is Katherine. She is posing with a couple of her homies! Dontcha love their poses?Tada... another funny pic with Keith. I asked them, "Exactly how many people does it take to put on Blake's AFO's" (that would be his ankle foot orthoses.. or braces for his feet/ankles)

And then I looked down and noticed Blake just chillin and waiting on them to get done! He's a hoot! Also a fluke accident, where a car wreck changed his life forever. Good kid! Good worker. We just love him!

And this is a pretty cute pic too! Love it!

Back to Jayci. She kinda into those shades!

Madison is another one of those soft spoken calm types! The kids just love him!

And then there's Jade! Ha..Jade was actually a cheerleader at LA Tech. So, I guess she's got that ability to project her voice! She's new with us and is doing a great job! She's recently made the switch from helping in adults to helping in pediatrics. I think it is a good fit!

We have had a summer full of interns and the kids are coming during the day vs always after school. They seem more refreshed and not totally exhausted! THe MMPT staff is equally relaxed and enjoying the "slower" period with our caseload more spread out throughout the day. I swear, I know this, but when I do a therapy blog I remember it all over again...




MaryH said...

God bless you for doing your job and loving it so - I just so enjoy seeing the pictures of your work and the different people you help - Mo, you don't brag on yourself very much, so I must do it for you - we need a whole mess more of Mo's in this world and all the people who work with you. I worked with Cerebral Palsy kids many years ago - I know the trials, the hard work and the unbelievable rewards when one of them would show how much the work had paid off. Happy 4th - no fireworks at my house - nobody there this year - I will be cuddling with my dog to keep her from freaking out at the noise.

P.S. Mo, my mom passed away on June 13 - it is okay (sort of) - she was 99 years, 4 months and 9 days old! A very blessed life she had -- miss her every day.

Enjoy your family - they are such a gift.

Zhohn said...

Great post, inspiring. Thanks for the reminder that we sometimes are moving to fast to keep in mind; that our lives could change in an instant! You are great Mo and so are all of your employees!
Loving Ellie's dress and GG's outfit is adorable.

tricia said...

The work you and your staff do is inspiring. It appears to be a fun place to work despite the intensity of the job at hand. I love reading about it. You, Mo, set the tone.
Mary H, my condolences on the passing of your Mom. What a long life she lived. Its always difficult when someone dies,no matter the age or circumstance. Hugs to you!

Beth E. said...

And I just love to read about your work and all the wonderful things you do!

You are right about things happening in an instant, and changing lives forever. My poor brother is still dealing with the after-effects of his brain hemorrhage last year. He's hoping to start some PT next week, to help him regain upper body strength.

Thanks for all you (and your staff) do!

P.S. Loved all the pics of everyone in their glasses...what a hoot!

Anna Lea said...

Love all the pics of my LuLu, aka Jayci!!!!

Sandy P said...

Reading this makes me wish we lived close to one of your clinics. I think my 14 month old needs a PT evaluation.

Holly said...

I can see why hand stands on the beach make you nervous!! Your patients are so very blessed to have access to such excellent therapy in such a loving, fun environment by people who love what they do. You are doing God's work. A number of years back I spent almost a year in physical therapy and I am grateful for the results but I can tell you not every place is as joyful as yours! My PT told me on the first day "I will make you cry and you will hurt but if you work hard you will get better". I did get better but it was a very joyless time! Cheers to you and all your staff and patients!

snekcip said...

Next time I'm in WM, I gotta get a tour of MMPT!!

Nicole said...

Yay for Jayci!! I can NOT express bow grateful and blessed we are to have you and MMPT!! Y'all have been amazing to us! As often as we are there, and how well we are treated, I feel like family! Im reminded daily when we are there that our disability isn't so bad! It (life) can change in an instant! As for the news we got today about the MRI and any news we get monday, this too shall pass! I do everything I physically can and the rest is in his hands! Never underestimate a mothers love! Thanks again!!