Saturday, July 30, 2011

A talisman.

Hey Shelley... I hope you get to read this. It is a story describing to you what I felt was symbolic of you and and your life and included in this talisman which was commisioned by your friend, Toni! What I really should post is the awesome tribute Toni sent to me regarding your friendship and how special you are to her and to everyone with whom you come in contact!! I just let her words inspire me to create a piece for you she could give you for your 30th birthday.

First, you will note these three green pearls. They are representative of your three decades. Each one has taught you a considerable amount. As you wear this talisman, I hope you reflect on each of your decades and what it has taught you. How each has shaped who you are now and how the future ones will also dictate who you will become. One of the pearls hangs on a heart. That heart represents the love you have for your large circle of friends and the love they share back with you in return. Life is good, isn't it?!

This wing is representative of your daddy, whom I hear you were very close to. I wish he could be around for this important birthday, as you cross oveer into your third decade. Toni let me know how close you were to him, and she felt he should be represented on your necklace.

She also told me that your faith was important to you, so I included a cross and a Bible.

The Bible actually opens, so I put "Storm" in there, as it is her last name. The way it is placed in the Bible means even when you are in the midst of a storm, you are always in God's hands.

I chose these colorful beads to symbolize one, your love of the beach, and two that your favorite color is green.

And lastly, the guitar is for your love of music. I hope you enjoy your talisman. I enjoyed making it! Your friend, Toni, thinks very highly of you! She says you hold a special place in the hearts of every person whose life yours crosses


Bj said...

WOW! special that is Mo. I still love my talisman very much. It is very special to me, so thanks again for making it that way....huggers, BJ

sharon said...

melanie, when i tell you there wasn't a dry eye last night when toni presented shelley with her talisman, i'm not even kidding. you rock!

Toni Collins said...

Shelley LOVED her Talisman. We were all sharing tears as she opened it and I explained to her what it represented. I believe she will enjoy this gift for many years to come, and be reminded of how special she is to all that know and love her. Thank you again for your inspiring creativity....Toni

Toni Collins said...

P.S. Storm is her last name :) One that she is VERY proud to claim.

tricia said...

love how you turn someone's story into something tangible.

shell said...

i am wiping my tears once again as i read your explanation of my talisman that i received last night from my precious, precious friend Roni. (as i call her :) i was, and still am, overwhelmed with emotion of such a thoughtful , one of a kind, treasure for "little ole me". i am truely blessed to have such wonderful irreplaceable friends, that are soo much more than friends. I have learned how to love from my parents and also learned life is too short to let those around you Not know how much they mean to me. everybody comes into your life for a reason, and i;m forever grateful for my roni.