Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canvas. the third phase of the retreat.

Ok, and finally.... the canvas!! I have chosen 16x20 (think small corkboard) to use as our canvases in the retreat. It should be small enough to still fit in a suitcase and large enough to make a statment. I will teach you to use the gloppy medium to make the canvases three dimensional prior to painting them. As for what we'll paint.... wellllll..... you get to decide that!! Just about anything really.

Polka dots, crosses, fleur de lis, heart with wings, or holiday things are my faves. I should have some samples here for you to look more closely at.

I love the idea of something fairly simple... like a pumpkin or a Christmas ornament. This gives us time to work a little on shading and "extras" that can make a canvas unique... you know, like GLITTER!

Or using a spritzy paint and stencils to make your canvas unique.

This was done by my friend who stopped by and was whining, "I can't paint. I have no idea where to begin." well, I'd say she's begun pretty great, wouldn't you!? All things can be learned.

And that's what I intend to prove with my retreat. Sooooo, who's with me!?

It's getting time to sign up. I have one commitment. Cindi! She's already booked her flight.

And when we aren't crafting, we will sit here and drink wine and stare at the beauty that is my backyard!!

We will start signing people up and giving out supplies on Friday, the 16th, at noonish. We will finish up Sunday, the 18th, at noonish. I have a full on agenda that I will post, maybe this weekend. The cost of the event is $300. That includes your two nights lodging, all your meals (except one fieldtrip dinner to a local spot), and all your supplies. You will be going home with at least two pair of earrings, a canvas, and a mini scrapbook. And you will have the knowledge to reproduce these things to make lots of your own Christmas gifts this year!! Wooo Hoooooo!!!

It's time to commit. I can only take the first 8. Either tell me here, inbox me on FB, or email me at

Let's do this.



Mindy said...

Me! I'm inboxing you to find out how to pay you. Soooo excited!

Riley said...

Yay yay yay! Mo I'm so pumped for this retreat!!! Please let me know how to pay you to reserve my spot. I can't wait!

Kacy said...

I'm flipping out and just woke Jeff up hollering about this! I'm so in. Send me the info on how to may you Miss Mo. I still wear the bracelet you and I made in the floor of the waiting room at The Jude. SO BEYOND EXCITED!!!

Amy K said...

I want to come so bad! Unfortunately (well maybe not so unfortunate) it's my birthday weekend, and we already made plans to go away. I definitely want in on the next one, provided you do another.
I'm certain it will be a raving success, and so much fun.

tricia said...

I so wish I lived closer. I'm so jealous of those who will be in attendance!

Ande Malinowski said...

I wish I could go but I have marching band! And I don't know if you'd accept 16-year-olds!

Gwen said...

Ok, so once my husband is home from Kuwait, I wanna be involved in one of these awesome retreats!! He'll be home in March, and I can't really do any travleing until then (got a 3 & 1 year old at home). So, by then, you'll have a few under your belt, and they'll be even better, right?? :)

Journey of the George's said...

Hey Mel! I so wish I could come! I am having knee replacement surgery 8/24. Hopefully by the next retreat I will be fully recooperated and ready to craft!

Christy (met you at Canton while wearing the knee brace)

Mary said...

Ugh! I would love to but can't do that weekend! Please promise you'll do another one!!

Jenny said...

I want to come too! But I am a weekender at St. Jude and would have to ask off. Please tell me you are going to do another one!!!

Beth E. said...

Sounds like such fun...I wish I could be there! Two boys in college + a summer wedding = lack o' moolah! I know everyone will have a blast!

Kim said...

me, Me, ME.....I want to come!! I sent you a FB inbox message with a couple questions!!

Tara said...

If I am not to late I want to comne. That is the weekend of my 40th birthday and I can't think of a better way to spend it.

The Shoemake Family said...

Ok tell me your exact location again. Could I fly from Dallas or how far is it? We are talking sept right? I so am in!!!

Cassie12 said...

Mo......are you full? I am trying to get someone to come with me from California!!!! I am not an artsy person, but the social part to hang out with you and be in your BAH would be so much fun. Please e-mail me and let me know if there is still room for 2 and I will keep trying to work on Monroe, LA the best airport to fly into?
e-mail address: