Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earrings...our second retreat project.

So phase two of the upcoming retreat will be learning to make these... And by the end of the weekend, you will have the skills to make just about any of these. This is a portion of my personal collection!! I, myself, am a fan of turquoise!

But, there will also be an option for pearls.

And if you have a few sentimental beads, bring them and we can work them into a piece.

Some are more of the whimsical type. These earrings were made on headpins.

And these with the turquoise dangle were made with eyepins.



Headpins and eyepins! By the end of the weekend, you will clearly understand the difference and know how to make just about anything your heart desires.

As most of you know, I make my pilgrimage to Tucson every year to buy more beads than I could ever use. For that reason, I can supply all the beads for the projects at my house. Therefore, the cost is all inclusive.... you'll get two nights' lodging, all your meals (except one dinner so we can get out as a group to see a little of West Monroe... for you out of towners), and all your supplies.

There will be options for making additional goodies, if you are a fast paced worker and feel the need. These can be made into pendants and hung on ribbon, leather cording or chain as well.

Ok, so tomorrow, I dissect the painting to complete the projects for the retreat. Stay tuned.



Mindy said...

Ready! Can't wait to see the painting. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most!

Zhohn said...

Looks fun!

Sandy P said...

I wish I could figure out how to get my mom into IMOT and do the retreat at the same time. Then I could make one trip for 2 reasons!

Jenny said...

Oh you are so creative!! Can't wait to see when the retreat is!!!

tricia said...

This is going to be one FUN retreat!

Kim said... exciting!! I must say ~ I was a little intimidated at the size of those canvases (I saw on FB!)~ but excited non the less!! I hope the "call out" for sign up is not on the weekend ~ I have to work all weekend. I keep watching in anticipation!!

Renee said...

Love the new pic on your blog. They look so grown up in your beach book. E's hair is getting so long. Fun times a head for Ole Mo and them girlies.