Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painting, make up, and dress up, oh my

Just chilling. Sitting at the kitchen bar, painting canvases. YOu know... It's her new obsession. She now knows where I keep my canvases and on more than one occasion have I come home to her latest creation on one of my "special"-sized and rather expensive canvases. NOT cool!

But on this day, there was supervision occurring. And, they were seriously in the zone!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

Sarah comes over to visit!! Remember Sarah? Our old next door neighbor?! Well, she came by to hang a while. And the girls got a makeover.

Other than my canvases, my personal make up bag is another favorite spot for my kids to pilfer. Nevermind they have drawers of their OWN play make up! No! They prefer Estee Lauder!

AND they prefer "quaintly coral" to "blushing blush", as anything that comes out of a tube but doesn't show up ain't gonna cut it for my two divas!

Ther prefer to be a bit bolder!!

ANd then the miraculous occurred, and Emma Lou showed up too. Oh my. The Heavens opened and the angels started singing! TWO big girls to play with!!

And they were playing a little dress up. This is the first outfit they came out in. Please notice the pursed lips of all three. WHAT is THAT?!

And although I gave them ONE more shot at a pose for the camera,...

the next one involved pulling DOWN those shirts and smiles on the faces.

(except for one! She's still pursing!)



Bj said...

Oh my....just can't wait until the "teen years" are here for REAL! Your house is going to be so, uhh...mmmmmmmmm INTERESTING!! Ellie's BIG girls will really be "big girls" and little miss diva will really be a "teen-too" and things will be.....well, exciting!! Mo, in your "spare time" need to write a book. I'm sure it would be a best seller........and I want an autographed copy......huggers, BJ

tricia said...

Painting is always fun for kids. We had thin paper to use...the Groves' girls have canvas! LOL

Kathryn said...

Okay. I am in love with this craft blog.

Go there. Look at the paint stick ornaments. I am on my way to get some paint sticks right now!

Kim said...

Ugh ~ this just makes my heart smile to see how much love of all the good things you and your girls have!! Precious babies you have Mo!! (and pretty precious friends of those babies too!!)

Zhohn said...

Ellie looks like such a big girl! I can't believe it; goodness where has the time gone? What happened to that precious little baby? GG, such a sweet girl!
Already wishing you luck for the coming years!