Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ellie's Birthday Invitations

I don't believe I have shown you the cute corkboards I used as Ellie's birthday invitations. I found these bare chalkboards at the Dollar Tree for a buck a piece.So, first things first... we had to jazz em up with some paint! So, I added the tape to keep the paint from getting all over the boards. Duh!

And then I invited Ellie to come and help me do all her invitations. That will be an important detail in a few!

And as she worked with me, this was my mood! Only every once in a while. Wanna know why!? Well, first I cannot STAND rote activities. Rote, meaning routine, or constant... and taping off these dumb boards is one of those ROTE, but necessary activities that had to be done. It seemed like it took forever! LET ME PAINT!!!

Oh, wait! Did I mention I made cookies?! ANd squirted initials in chocolate frosting?! That's how I roll!!! Ha.

Gabbi Girl wasn't as excited about painting as her sister was. She was more interested in the cookies!! A girl after my own heart!

That sweet baby girl!

Ok, so I even went back and added a SECOND row of blue tape on the ones Ellie was painting to make SURE she wouldn't get it all over the black part.

There is actually never a project in this household htat doesn't become a family affair. Well, without daddy! He couldn't care less about our crafting projects!!

By the way, did I mention that Ellie asked for her party to have the theme "Tie dye and peace sign".

And THIS is how Ellie's boards eventually looked. I almost had a stroke! There she was, all pleased with herself, and the chalkboards she painted were totally COVERED with paint!!

She really couldn't care less how I felt about her "creative touches". She was quite pleased with herself!

Not only were the boards covered, but so were the shirts, the knees, the counters, and so forth!!

So, please not the green one in the middle. That became the new taping system!We chose a hot pink, lime green, and turquoise. Painted those suckers, then let them dry.

Oh, Emma Lou came over and helped us with the prject too. This was Tuesday, and party was Friday, and we still had to hand deliver each one to mailboxes all over town.

We had stinkin' chalkboards all over the place.

I took some of the leftover vinyl from Daddy's shop, that I have scavenged over the years, (how DARE he throw things away?!), and hand cut some peace signs for each one. Which one do you think Ellie's ?!

We added a couple of sticks of colored chalk, and wrote in the details.

Mary Allison got in on the program, and by now, it's Wednesday. Think we need to get going?!

Poor ol Gabbi has her birthday in August. We'll be choosing invitations and MAILING them!! That's fo sho!

And the girls at Staci's store cut out vinyl names for me, so we had to go through THAT process.

And finally.... ta-daaaa.... INVITATIONS!Despite the much too long time spent on the project, I'd say the result was ultimately worth the effort. we took them to each person's mailbox and left them there. With about a day to spare in some cases.

The extremes we'll go to for our kids!!


P.S. Sorry if you missed the final products earlier today. I deleted them because the addresses and my number were listed. Just being a little more careful. Trust me, they turned out cute!


Zhohn said...

By far the cutest invitation I have seen!!! Love them.

blessedmomof3 said...

WOW!! Talk about labor intensive! These are precious!! I love that they also are a cute gift for the recipient!!!

Sharidrew said...

those invitations ROCK! I hope you saved one for keepsake! You must have a lot of patience that's for sure! I can hardly let my almost 9 year old decorate his own cookies at Christmas without my guidence. I'm so controlling! :) Well, I love your invitations!

Hugs from Missouri,

Shannon said...

You are so creative. I would have never thought of that! You are such an awesome Momma!!!

tricia said...

The most creative invitations that I have ever seen!

No paper invites for Gabby;get your creative juices flowing.....just start early!!!! LOL

SamC said...

But they are so worth it! :o)

snekcip said...

Cute Mo! I love it!! So creative! I can't wait to see the party pics!!

Please check you email ASAP!!!

Lisa said...

Those are so stinkin' cute!! I think that is THE cutest invitation ever!!

Amy K said...

Love them - awesome!

snekcip said...


RADstitches said...

Love that idea girl!!!!!

Mbeaty19 said...

I so LOVE these. I know it's a lot of work but that fact that you do things like that for your girls will be remembered. While having boys I'm sure we won't have a lot of cute stuff like that but it does make me want to step up for the boys party this fall.