Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day at work.

I love being a PT. I may have mentioned that! You know... that is why I am having such a hard time getting my art career going. Because I like to FOCUS on one thing and put all my energy behind it! But guess what!! I have the first art retreat planned!! It'll be mid September. I know how much the food budget will be. I know what we will be making. I know the basic schedule! Anybody ready to know more?!

But for today.... we are doing PT! This is Jessica. And Grant. He is a hoss!! As is his twin sister. He doesnt' look like one of those tiny little twins, does he?!

He isn't exactly "high energy"! We are working on getting this young un to crawl, pull up, stand, and then cruise. His sister is leaving him behind! We gotta get him going.

And this is my girl, Sam. I love her! I have been working with her since she was the age of Grant!! And today she turned 15! That is C.R.A.Z.Y!!

And when I found out that was her sister, Cypress, who came to PT with her, I nearly died!! Cypress was, like, 9 when I last saw her. She is now going to college in Virginia! WHAT?!

Sam has inspired me to help start a new club. More about that when I get it going. As for now, just know she was my inspiration! We need to get teens of all abilities interacting and the able-bodied kids need to better understand those with disabilities!

And then I took a few pics in our Monroe clinic. This chica was getting her foot worked on.

And dudey rudey has been with us for months! He is one of those who just keeps the atmosphere light. I love those patients with good attitudes!

And I'll bet you can figure out what body part we are working on here!

This is Lindsey. She rocks the Monroe clinic all by herself. She is funny and always upbeat! Perfect for being a leader in a fairly small clinic. She has a large load on her shoulders and has always represented MMPT well!!

We just hired this dude. Cory is planning to apply to PT school this fall. We wish him good luck. He is a hard worker and has great manners. I hope people say that of my kids someday!

Flash forward to later in the day back in West Monroe pediatric clinic. It's Miss Ashley's bday. And we try to celebrate them all!!

Yep. I love what I do. But I am about to bust open on this art retreat thing! I stayed up til 5 am on Saturday night getting the art room ready to rock and roll in September. Who's with me?!



Zhohn said...

It's great that you love what you do, and it shows!
Ready for info on the retreat.

nss said...

Fun stuff!! Can't wait to hear all about your retreat. Life is good!:)

Kathryn said...

Can't wait to hear when in September. I am booked solid until after the 19th, so I probably won't make the "mid."

Just posted a new book I made on FB, for a very girlie newborn.

pickledfairy said...

I love this post Mel. Your PT clinics look like so much fun, especially compared to the one's I have been using in the past few year! It certainly shows that you and all of your staff love your profession. Looking forward to heading more about the retreat.

Laurie said...

Oh someday I would love to come to one of your art retreats but NJ is such a long way from LA, but it can be done right? Will have to keep my eyes open and see what dates you put up. Can you handle a NJ girl down there in LA?

Laurie in NJ

snekcip said...

Bring on the info!!! I'm ready!!

tricia said...

I admire you and all your employees for the special work that you do.

I'll be with you in spirit for the retreat

Mary said...

I love your spirit and the work you do. Such a blessing to so many.

Susantwilhelm said...

Gurl -- what date you lookin' at? I really want to cook, so need to see if the date "fits"!

MLP said...

I love your days at work. You and your staff are shows through your pictures ~ especially in your patients' faces. I know ALLLLL too well these days how important therapists are. The work you do is so inspiring!!!

Can't leave a comment without mentioning your two baby girls who are the cutest, most fun, sweetest things ever!!! I haven't been leaving comments because I'm trying SO hard to get my blog caught up. I LOVE each and every post though! ALWAYS.

Travis has his one year anniversary since this all began on Monday the 25th. Crazy.

Hugs from Texas!

MaryH said...

I can't be with you in person in mid-September, but I am with you and behind you in spirit and enthusiasm and envy and happiness for all who will be able to attend. AND, I can't wait to hear all about it now and when it happens and I can only imagine the fun, food and wonderful art - keep going on this - they will be great events.

Also, I belonged to a "club" or organization for special teens and young adults when I was a teen (many, many moons ago) - but it was a wonderful experience for all - I hope you get that idea going also - I know it is a ton of work and I wish I was closer - my experience with that changed my outlook on a lot of things, made me a much better young person (that was my mother's goal when she told me I was going to be part of this "club") and I had some of the best times of my life as a counselor at the summer camp connected with this club. You go, Mo - you are amazing.

Kim said...

Retreat, retreat, retreat ~ did I hear there will be news on your art retreat!! WooHoo ~ crossing fingers I can make it!!

It just makes my heart bubble seeing how passionate you and your therapists are! What you do ~ who you are shines thru in the eyes of your patients! Blessed you are!

shayney said...

hi Mo:

always read your blog but never wrote before. my son, shayne is 9yo with same b-day (i think) of jake. i am chronically ill; bedbound. your blog brings me joy each day.

anyway in terms of your plan with the teenagers....there is a website for sick young ppl called:

that you may like to check out. right now it is set-up for lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME young people...but it could expand perhaps....or you could use it for ideas on how to start a website for young disabled and abled kids to meet and hangout : )

thanks for sharing your happy life/family/friends with the world.

bye, lisa

Lisa O. said...

Ohh, can't wait to hear more about the retreat. I can dream about it and maybe one of these years when my kids get older I can actually attend one. South Dakota is quite the distance from LA. I can't say that I am the greatest artsy/creative person, but I sure would love to try and have some fun! Great post on your clinics- you sure have a great job!!

Bethany said...

If only Ohio was in LA then I'd have Braden DEFINATELY getting his therapies at your clinic! I wish I could find therapists like you, Mo!

I'm thinking hard on that retreat...

Mindy said...

Let's do this!

Mama J said...

Well, I KNOW you don't want to leave out the senior citizens at this retreat so if the dates are good..Mama J will be there. I will 'encourage' Leslie (Leath)to come with me! I am also going to send you an email about something else. Check for it.

Love dem babies!!!!

Amy K said...

Ohhhh, retreat details...can't wait to hear!

rebeccabrabb said...

I wanna know more about the retreat!