Monday, July 4, 2011

A detail of the BAK.

Let me begin by showing what I have been eating a LOT of lately! Fresh tomatoes out of the garden, with.... bleu cheese crumbles, and real bacon bits! ummmmm!!! Todd likes to add little bits of purple onions to his, and I gotta admit, it's pretty good that way! I cannot get enough of this right now.

But I digress... just had to mention it!

What I am really taking about today is the BAK. I had a friend on Facebook who is adding onto her house and wanted to see my kitchen again. I decided I'd just give a little detail so she can see things I like and don't like. I wish someone had done this for me!

So here it is.

First few pics are just for reorientation.

Jennifer, remember, we have a big open area, combining kitchen and "den". And we also included our dining area in the big open space.

So far, so good. I've loved that idea.

Ok, so this is a nook we called the coffee bar. But we also anticipated a desktop computer here. I think the girls will need to be monitored for a while when on the computer, and this is the spot we will eventually have them doing computer time.

Alright, Jen... we used the space above our cabinets by extending the cabs all the way to the ceiling. I chose a speckled, bubbled glass on top to "hide" the things inside, but break up all that black.

If you guys are big cookers, DEFINITELY do this! It has been highly useful and Todd the Bod has a huge collection of spices and what not.

We also snuck some extra storage for the bigger ones up inside this ventahood area.

There is the spray Pam and things he uses regularly. From the front, you don't even see it.

We made the drawers around the island extra deep. ANd I am sorry to the recyclers out there... but we are fans on paper products. This drawer has worked great for this purpose.

The leftover space under this prep sink was saved for big stuff. I think we have a bucket and some cleaning supplies on the other side. I don't know how much Todd actually uses this sink, but I use it all the time for cleaning my paint brushes and scraping scraps of fabric into as a short term trash collector! And by the way, I DO love that built in soap pump. I wasn't sure if it'd be handy or not, but it has been! Especially with toddlers! Soap always at the ready.

Oh, and here we go.. for you recyclers... see?! We do our part! This is where we stash cans. It was meant to be the primary trash can for our kitchen, but that didn't work for us. We have a stand alone trash can (much bigger) on the end of the island, in the path we walk by regularly in our average day. This was a bit out of the way for us. And we can't waste all that energy walking those 6 steps one way to this trash can deal.

Big booboo! We have one of these totally USELESS spaces on each end of the island! It's about 2" deep. We have NO use for it! Had we scooted all the cabs down and had a 4"space on one end, then, maybe it could've housed something. All I can figure is that we hang something here, but again, I don't know what! I wish we'd left one end open and made a bookshelf for cookbooks. But oh well... that's what I'm doing here... trying to save you those booboos!

Anyone who comes in our kitchen makes mention of this big window and the really awesome view. But, I don't know what kind of remodel you guys actually have in mind. We have people over often, so I have lots of serving pieces. That buffet to the left is FULL of pewter trays, bowls, pitchers, etc.

And I know I am a little weird in this aspect, but I had to work in a gigantic bookshelf somewhere. And square in the middle of the den space was perfect for me.

Those top cabinets I was referring to earlier are used for serving pieces, gumbo pots, etc.

Oh, and jenn.... LOVE this! It is a spot for baking sheets, cheese cutters, muffin pans, etc. So handy!

And using the space UNDER the ovens is smart too! We have pots, bowls, collanders, etc. here.

Over under the coffee area, there are these pull out shelves. I love them,but notice they get really cluttered and a little more difficult to organize.

We really love our coffee area. ALthough we also put one in our master bathroom and use it primarily! This one is for parties, showers, etc.

We totally misjudged the size of our original microwave when we were building. Todd got antsy and went and bought a miniature one instead. I couldn't stand the aesthetics of having a big gap on top, so I added a few bottles of vino!

We also have jugs for bloody marys on the go and well... mainly just that! So, we have plenty of storage for that type of stuff over here above the computer nook. And I reserve the bottom shelf for candy. It's the PRIZE cabinet!

Last but not least, we have this pull out sprayer as our main sink squirter. And I LOVE it. We also have the hands free touch to turn it on. By that I mean, you can just bump the faucet with your forearm and it'll turn off and on. It has been handy for whey your hands are full or just nasty.

And there you have it! I am sure some of you Marthas out there are mortified by the disorganization of our cabinets, and when I have a retreat, feel free to come and re do them! You are welcome! I didn't "fluff" anything prior to taking pics. Case in point, the full sink above! So, that's life as we live it! Hope that was helpful, Jenn! Good luck on the remodel!



Bj said...

Hey, thanks for this Mo....gave me some ideas too. Happy fourth to you and yours....and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!....huggers, BJ

Bethany said...

Hand up... Pick me, pick me! I have an idea for your end shallow cabinets so they aren't a waste of space! Just string a piece of elastic across them about 1/3 of the way down and then store your wrapping paper there. You'd have all that counter space to wrap at too (cause I know your craft room counters are probably always full of your projects).

Love your BAK and how you really took the time to plan it all out - looks great!

jrey said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to blog the BAK for me. Gots me some great ideas. I was already thinking about a spice drawer and this confirmed it. Our neighbors are fairly close so we won't be doing any picture window. Actually thinking about my main sink in the island too. One thing I can't wait for is I will have a foot control thingie for the sink, so no touching when hands are icky.

Your BAK is beautiful! Maybe when I am home (hopefully next year) I can come see the entire BAH?!

Jenny said...

I am a long time lurker and admirer! I love your sweet family. Your BAK is beautiful(my dream kitchen)!! I saw the empty space at the end of your island and you know what I would do with that space? I would totally make it magnetic so the girls could play with their letters and they even have magnetic "paper" dolls they could dress up while you are working in the kitchen. Or you could do a chalkboard or dry erase board or a pad of paper. Then when they are done you could just close it up! XXOO love you guys!!

tricia said...

Loving you BAK! In the'end' spot on the cabinets you could buy chalkboard paint and the girls could be entertained by drawing,practicing letters etc. while cooking is going on.

Kathryn said...

Skinny cabinets? Cooling racks. I love that kitchen, and wish it was mine. You have seen mine, and although you don't cook, surely you can see the possibilities! First time home in 36 hours. Need prayers for Miss Suzie if you are of a mind. I need to sleep, and so does she!

charlotta said...

A friend of mine also thought she had wasted space with those cabinets but her hubby put a couple shelves in and a couple rods in to hold some coloring books, notebooks, art paper, crayons, markers....It worked out so well and the kids get it out and play with it and when their done they put it right back....She loves it! Just a little idea for ya hun!

Christy said...

I love all the ideas for the "wasted" space!

snekcip said...

Being that I saw that BAK in person, I gotta say it is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the suggestions for the "empty cabinets"!

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

Hey Mo~ Just a thought for the usless cabinet space.... Put glass doors on them and on the inside put shelves in there box them off and in the boxes put funky colorful pasts, rice, wheat, or anything decorative??? Just a thought! your BAK is beautiful!!

Ava said...

Some pictures of your house have just been "pinned" to my pintrest. I love your stove area and will probably do something similar in my new house.