Saturday, July 30, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I'll tell ya one thing. The kids in this house get plenty of exposure to art!! As do the kids in this neighborhood! But, hey... it's fun that way. Except when this little artiste' decides to color on her desk, chair, my table, the walls, ...

and to glue the table, and to take the scissors to my first ballet shoes which I have meticulously cared for in anticipation of putting in a shadow box with each of my girls' first ballet shoes, for ohhh.... 39 years! I thought I was going to DIE!

Yep. And those toes shoes she tried on recently... well, they now have neither the elastic strap which goes across the top of your foot nor the ribbons which strap around your ankle. Yessirreee... she cut every single thing that could be cut!

But, she is serious about her art! I took some pictures of her most recent creation, and I gotta tell you, I was way impressed!! She did a heart with wings! For her age, I am amazed at her ability to copy something that she sees. Truly!

And she does not think that kid markers are good enough for her. She only wants to use my "artist grade" markers... the kind you buy one at a time for, like, $6.00 or so. I suppose I should be glad she has good taste. But I am not. I want her to use HER markers! Many of mine are of the permanent nature!

And while we are on art... let's further discuss this retreat we got going in September.

As far as I can tell, I have my first class filled. But I need confirmations that my list is accurate.

So if you see your name on this list and don't really want to come or have had second thoughts, please just email me and let me know...

And if you thought your name should be on the list and is not, let me know that too.

For some of you who inquired, there WILL be more retreats. There will be some which are ENTIRELY painting. Some which are ENTIRELY fabrics. And some which are all things JEWELRY! I took three activities I feel very confident with to do this first one. So... check the list. And let me know if you are coming in September!


Riley Hammond
Mindy Hollingshead

Cindi White

Kacy Acree

Kim Cook

Susan x 2


And Shoemake... what's your actual name?!( I searched your blog, but you don't sign it. Sorry)!

If this is correct, email me so I can get some details to you. And so I can find out what you have in mind for a theme for your mini book so I can start storing up goodies specific to your project. This is gonna be a blast! MO


Zhohn said...

Omg! I would be on medication by now... Paint, glue, SCISSORS! ah!!!

Can't wait to hear about everyones experience at the retreat. Maybe I'll catch the next one.

Happy Weekend!

tricia said...

I bet you have so much patience with Ellie. I would have been a raving lunatic!

Congrats to the first class of Mo'Joy Art Retreat.

snekcip said...

Wait!! I don't see my name! I have been in YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS with absolute NO PHONE RECEPTION! I got our text but IDK if you got my response! I also tried to TEXT you to let you again and it kept KICKING BACK SAY "NO SERVICE"! Remind me to change my PHONE CARRIER! It begins with a T and ends with MOBILE!!

snekcip said...

Man I had some typos in my comment up above! Meant to say: I got YOUR text. I tried to text you BACK again and it kept kicking back saying "no service".

>>>>> Question for a late responder: Is *my sweet and dearly missed" Earl's old doghouse an option?

Augghhhh ok, if I have to wait until next time so be it! Darn FAMILY REUNION w/awesome food and family I hadn't NEVER met had to go an "ruin" such a fun time with you guys! Maybe this will give me time to convince T-mobile to install some towers in W Monroe/Minden wooded area! Sheesh!!!

*note* if this comment is "dripping w/sarcasm" it was MEANT to be" dribble....dribble!!! HA!! :)

Beth E. said...

Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about your ballet shoes. And Ellie's ballet shoes.

I wonder...if you sat down with Ellie and told her that only LITTLE girls color on the furniture and walls (or glue things they aren't supposed to glue) if that would put an end to it? She wants so much to be like the big girls...maybe that would help!

Maybe you could find some washable markers that don't have "Crayola" on them. Keep the bucket of your expensive ones locked up, and make an identical bucket of the washable markers to keep out. Just tell her they are your new markers and let her see you using them.

The little stinker! lol!!!