Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey Beth... now what?!

Beth. You mentioned trying certain markers for Ellie. And telling her only "little girls" drew on the wall. Well.... let me tell you... this is no ordinary toddler we are dealing with! I've tried EVERYTHING!! These are chalk markers made just for writing on glass. They are from Aunt Kimie. I went through every scenario of where we could NOT write on. And repeatedly asked her, "Now where CAN we write with these, Ellie?".

I went on to ask her to "watch her baby sister" as she was "little" and would need to have some help writing ONLY on the glas.

Cause, well, Ellie Sue eats that big sister/ babysitter role UP!

And sure enough when I was walking through the house today, I see a nice big fat red ring around the doorknob on the INSIDE of the door. INSIDE my house. Of course, as is her typical response of late, she said Gabbi did it. I know she did not. Gabbi could NOT make a circle around the doorknob!

What I try really hard to teach her is that with all the markers we have in the house, they are to be used on ONE thing.... PAPER!

Her new thing is drawing all over her dolls. or herself! I will say, "Ellie, what is the one place we are supposed to use markers? "

She'll reply, "Paper".

"And Ellie, Is that paper?"

"No". (which SHOULD be" no ma'am)"

"then why are you drawing on it, Ellie?"

"I don't know!"

So, Beth. Now what?! Spanking? Grounding? Total exclusion from markers? ANd believe me, it is also crayons, scissors, glue, etc. I can't really keep her away from them witout locking up my art room, which may be the next step.

And as frustrating as it is, I'll admit there is a part of me which doesn't want to squelch the inner artist that is obviously residing within her!

And Gabbi too, as you can see here.

Thanks, Kimie. They really loved the markers. And actually so did I. It gave them a fun activity that kept them preoccupied for about an hour. Or 15 minutes. Or something like that.

And if you think today's story is the least bit surprising, just wait until tomorrow's post! It involves PAINT!!


For those of you who are coming to the retreat, we better make it quick, while I still have a house standing!!




Kaia said...

Uh-oh! Would it be a terrible punishment for her if markers are taken away for a day or two? Or scissors or whatever was the instrument for the offense? Hopefully something will work!

Bella's mommy said...

I had the same problem. we have nail polish on the walls, coloring on the big screen tv, the walls, the floor, her toy box, her dolls, well you get the picture. I took drastic measures after threating. Paints, markers, pens, chalk or nothing of that sort is allowed in my house. Bella is incapable at this point of handling them responsibly. I made her throw away ALL of her toys. (Before everyone goes into panic mode, her birthday was in two weeks and i knew she was getting more, but she didn't) Strange, but it didn't seem to faze her...AT THE TIME. She now tells me daily "you remember when you made me throw away my toys?" And of course she stashed her Rapunzel barbie, so she only had that and her books. It was the nicest two weeks we've had. She now knows that she keeps her room clean or the toys are gone and since those drawing utensils aren't allowed in my house anymore, we don't have that problem either. Good luck, sounds like your princess is as head strong as mine.

Bella's mommy said...

that was threatening, lol

Anonymous said...

Who cleans up all the mess she makes? Maybe if she had to clean it up?? And locking the art room is sounding like a good idea...

Michelle said...

Oh goodness!!! :) Such cute girls!

Markers and gum aren't allowed in my house! :) My kids survive just great with crayons and map pencils!

Kathryn said...

Friends of ours went thru the same thing, not wanting to squash the creativity so they chose one way in their playroom that the kids could draw on, paint on, etc. Every now and then they repainted it.

Thank you for sharing your life, love and family.

Kathryn said...

Sorry ... that should have been "one wall in their playroom" :)

Bethany said...

I love that Ellie's spirit! Some day you will have freshly painted walls and pristine table tops and you WILL miss the shenanigans of her being little. Exasperating now, I know, but these will be the stories she asks to hear when she is all grown up... this is the stuffing of memories! :)

Zhohn said...

Sweet Ellie.... I'd be in tears. I vote to lock up the art room and have art time at a table, at a certain time.
Can't wait to see where the paint ends up!

tricia said...

Oh Lordy! What a mess. Clearly Ellie isn't capable of using the art supplies responsibly yet. Maybe locking the art room is the answer for now. You'll figure out what's best. Good luck with that, LOL

snekcip said...

I have to say I have never had to deal with "writing on the wall, furniture or anything of that nature". She loves writing on "pads of paper", her chalkboard (where she plays "school" and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the "grade school" workbooks that I buy. So good here. Good luck with your mini-Picasso!

Dawn said...

I think the art room should be locked. Maybe setting aside a time during the day that she is allowed to draw, paint, or glue and call it Ellie's Art Time. Set a timer and let her know that when the timer goes off Art time is over for the day. Have her help you clean up the supplies. If she doesn't cooperate with just drawing on the supplies you give her then she will lose a day of art time. It's just a thought. Good luck.

snekcip said...

I love Dawn's idea. That gives them a sense of responsibility and accountability! I love the name "Dawn" too!! Ha!

Norissa said...

How about using the big sister, little sister role to your advantage? I would show her how it was misused and still have the talk, then "Ground" Miss E from the said item she is misusing at the time. Then I would be sure to crate a situation where Miss G gets to use them on a ssome type of project. I would reinforce the fact that little sister used them the correct way and gets to keep the privilage of using whatever the item is, and when she show you that she can be responsible she can have her privilege back. I wouldn't make a huge deal over it, just a straight up conversation about responsibility and privileges :) Just my 2 cents... Good Luck!! I have an "Ellie" who is now 14, and I've lived and learned, and wish I would have reined her in earlier :)

Emily said...

Mel, If you ever find a way for her to do what you say please save me from my misery and I will do the same for you but so far I'm at the end of my rope, just barely hanging on...:(

Cassie12 said...

Oh my gosh.....I would be dying....I say lock up the room and only let them do art when you are with them!!! They are little and just have to learn the rules....

Julie said...

I have to agree with Cassie. I understand not wanting to stifle her creativity but not enforcing firm boundaries is not helping her. I know that it's hard but it really is in her best interest. I would lock the art room and let her know that until she can be trusted she can't have access to those things. It's not about the walls, furniture, etc.. it's about disobedience. Oh gosh I hate these issues LOL. I don't have that particular issue right now but we're working on others that have crept up and it's so hard.

It helps me when I think of it this way. Jesus loves me too much to let me always have my way and that's what I have to do with my kids.

Beth E. said...

Sounds like she's challenging you, Mo! lol Our son, Bo, did that with us. It was a very challenging time when he was a toddler/preschooler. Spankings didn't work very well with him, but oh-boy, having privileges removed really got through to him! We took away favorite toys, favorite TV shows, favorite activities, etc.

It wasn't always easy...sometimes it seemed like it was the hardest on us, because those things preoccupied him (so I could, like, make dinner...or use the bathroom). But, in the long run he learned that there was a consequence every time he disobeyed.

Bless your sweet heart! I remember how hard it was for me to discipline my children, but I knew I had to do it. Children need boundaries. They really help the family unit, as a whole!

Ellie has a very strong spirit, a zest for life, and a loving heart....I feel for ya when she gets to be a teenager! ;-)

Hang in there, little mama!