Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things to do in Gulf Shores. 1

I thought I'd do this big ol post on all the things to do while in Gulf SHores. Then, I thought, I'd be posting forever if I did that. Then I thought, I can break it up into small segments and do a few along the way. And so... that's what I am doing.

THIS is The Wharf. It is a fairly new development. And I actually can't believe how much it has NOT taken off. With that said, there are a few "gems" there. Not to mention a ferris wheel that I will NEVER get on as long as I live!
There are little eateries and an ice cream joint. THAT got my attention!

Sand Dollar Shoes is one of the best shoe stores I have ever been to! I got my Alegrias there (google them!!), and I swear, they are my favorite shoes EVA!

Staci and I LOVE this little shop called Bungalows. I saw this sign and decided I needed to PAINT it! (This is the Life) Hey, this would be a great one for an art retreat, and we take a group picture and put it in there. Hey, Mindy. Put that in your memory bank. I'll forget it in a couple of days! Just sayin.

Staci lookin' fruity!

And then, althought this has nothing reallly to do with places you should visit in Gulf Shores, I couldn't resist! These had me howling!

Ok, so more about this CUTE store. It just has all the cute things in there girls like.


For instance, this is ONE of the Vera Bradley walls. Ohhhhh... swooooon!! Anyone out there fan of Vera?! ME! ME! ME!! I love any busy print!

This is where I got JinJin a full set of luggage last year for Christmas. I wish I had that!

Ok, so that is Bungalows.

And right across the way is this little store. It is very small and not really a ton in it, but it's the kind of place you go to and ta-da, there's that cute little something that is perfect for a gift. Staci got Mary Allison a sweet 16 (Turned 16 two days ago!!) present here.

And while moms shop, dads can take the kids here! THAT's the kind of shopping I dream of. Not that it really happens that way!

And HERE's a story!

I do not wear nails. Period! I can't! I have to keep short nails to do massage, joint mobilization on spines/ shoulders/ knees, and most of all, and I don't want to shock you here, but I now do internal pelvic work. As in INternal! Sooooo, noone appreciates a PT with nails! Oh, and throw in there little tiny babies with precious, delicate skin and well.... Because of that, I save a lot on manicures! Buttttttt, the perfect storm occurred, and I found myself on a two week vacay with nails to the length I would normally start cutting (or biting... I know, I know, it'll cause worms! MOM!) , and I thought "LET'S DO THIS!!".

So guess what. These are my REAL NAILS!! I seriously think I have only had three manicures in my entire life! One being for my wedding. And then, I tried it a second time some year or so after that, and both of those involved fake nails. They also both involved PAIN as I OCD'd and peeled those suckers off.

So just imagine my excitement when I got a manicure and it was my own nails. This is monumental! A big, big day! And then, I'll have to have it all removed and get those suckers cut down when I go home and before I see my first client.

Oh yeah, and I did my toes to boot!!


Ok, so on the way home, I took a few pics of some other regionaly favorites. (What is it with me and ice cream?!)

I think the boys have been to Waterville, but I haven't. It's a big water slide park!

They have little kid rides too.

Also big, huge water play that I'd just as soon experience at my condo! BUt, if you have teenage boys, they'd love it!

Ok, so we will start on eating places in future posts. Doc's is a MUST do. But probably not this one! It is the newer one and has much less character. It'll do in a pinch!

And since CoCo's mom was down here with another group, we met up with them at the "other" Doc's, so be watching for that post soon!

Ok, so there you go. Phase 1 of what to do in Gulf Shores. I'll take 15 comments, then, you'll see me again. MO


Gwen said...

Thanks for the post!! I am taking notes, so keep it up! I started to say "in your spare time", but shoot, you got to bring sitters on your trip! Haha!

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

I love Vera and I am loving your information about Gulf Shores ~ we are looking forward to vacationing there soon! Where is your condo?

Bethany said...

I've been thinking that if you can find time on your vacation to load all those pics and write all that verbage least I can do is let you know how much I love readin it! So there, know you are keeping someone in rural Ostrander, Ohio entertained... Must say though that I love your posts about your precious wee ones the most :). Keep em comin!

Zhohn said...

Wow on the INternal!!! Lol but so glad you are enjoying tour manicure. I love Vera Wang. Those shops look cute, I love small shops, usually find great gifts there.
Missing the girls! Lol every post has been about them.

Mumx3 said...

Loved loved loved some of the vintage photo kind of humor! Thanks for posting those!

tricia said...

Loving your nails! Enjoy them while you can. I'm not a get a manicure type of person but I did buy "Perfect Formula' from great!

Jeri said...

Thanks. We've always wanted to visit there. Love the info!

Mindy said...

Um...I totally miss your girls in a post without them.

I've now got a folder on my computer entitled "Melanie's Art Retreat". The pic is saved inside. I totally love that frame and the one in the lower left corner.

And now please tell me we aren't going to do it either of the first two weekends in August. I just got invited to visit friends back on the Eastern Shore to suprise a friend for her bday. I'm goin' to the beach, too!!

Theresa Shirley said...

Well--I'm #9 I think! Maybe it's too late tonight? Love the nails! I never can grow any to a decent length, & can't stand the feel of fake ones. Where are the pics of those sweet girls? You could at least throw one in with the other stuff..Lol

Dottie Phillips said...

The last time I was in gulf shores it was still pretty destroyed from ome of tje hurricanes. Looks like things habe changed alot!

Onto another topic...seriously considering coming down for Shake for Jake. Is it kid-friendly? Would love to bring my girls to meet your girls! Also, can you recommend a hotel thats close by. might have a friend comimg too... We are just exploring the idea at this.point. Thanks!

Amy K said...

Definitely need to vacation at Gulf Shores...

Marti said...

If you love Vera Bradley, check out thirty one ( Cute bags and coolers.

Forrest Fun said...

Ok, so biting your nails causes worms? We were told you would poop flies if you bit your nails or picked your nose, kept us from doing it and it has worked on my girls, they don't pick their noses, but only one bites her nails, but she spits them out, go figure....Glad ya'll are havin fun, just remember us that are slaving at our desks enjoying your blogs to help us pass the day!

Shannon said...

Did you get a shellac manicure? I have heard they are great for lasting a long time but too hard to get off? They look really good.

Ande Malinowski said...

I remember going to the golf shores when I was a little girl. My best friend, Natalie LOVED Vera Bradely. She had the prints on her wall!

Beth E. said...

Wow...your nails look great! What a shame you can't keep them that length. I'm sure your clients appreciate your thoughtfulness regarding that, though. I get regular massages for my neck and shoulders, and I can tell when my massage therapist needs her nails trimmed!

Thanks for the tourist attraction info...and I LOVE ice cream, so this post was for me! ;-)