Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pedicure a'la Ellie Sue

When we are not out in the scalding sun... we are inside trying to do something fun to preoccupy little girls!

Today, that "something" is a pedicure!

And by pedicure, I mean, ELLIE giving a pedicure! Thanks for sacrificing your toes, MA! Mama had just had a pedicure, and, well, I don't get them that often, so I really didn't want to see it all jacked up!

Ellie took her pedicure very seriously!

As for that headgear, well, Mary Allison had worn this bandana in the pool, so Ellie naturally thought it was the "big girl" thing to do and followed suit! She absolutely cracks me up. She notices everyone we are around's earrings, necklace, dress, matching shoes, etc! She comments on EVERYONE's outfit!!

They'll say, "You wont' believe what your daughter just said to me... she asked me why my shoes didn't match my dress." Or something along those lines. First, I usually want to jump in a lake. But second, YES, I WOULD believe it. Because she does that to EVERYONE!! She is very, very fashion conscious... at THREE!!

And her poor ol mama really isn't so much!

JinJin spending a little quality time with gabbi Girl. Obviously, before she headed back home.

I think, in fact, this may be them saying "goodbye". We'll see ya soon, JinJin. Heading home in three days! boohooooooo....
and just because I am posting every two hours doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you... comment please!!



Mary said...

OMG Ellie is a hoot. I'm telling you she reminds me of my daughter. Telling people what to wear since she could speak. Putting outfits together that were hideous, but yet she could pull them off. She's a junior and we are looking at schools for none other than.........Fashion Design!!!! Not the major I would chose, but again, she hasn't done what I wanted since she perhaps born without a doctor present. Yea...she showed us who was boss from the start!

Sandy P said...

What a great sport MA is to go along with Ellie. It is kind of dun watching your sitters grow up on your blog too!

adrogan said...

This is such a great way to document the girls childhood. Did you say you can print them out and you bind them? Modern technology!!! By the way, MA, toes look great!

Amy said...

Wow I'm gone for the day and come back to see allottt of posts. I have throughly enjoyed reading them all and I think were all getting spoiled. It will be sad when you go back to work and understandtibly can't post as often. I love to read about all your adventures at the Beach Club! I agree you're very lucky to have such great babysitters, you can tell by the pictures they're like part of the family and love your girls. Enjoy your final days with your family, can't wait to see those family pictures! Hopefully you'll share tonight......hint, hint!

Judy Cousans said...

Pam is at my house catching up on the blog, and has just read the one where you said only one of us comments....soooooo....Since her computer is broken, she is commenting via ME:
"I am sending you the biggest HUG ever, since you LOVE them so much!"
Now we've both commented, so POST AGAIN~you're late, woman!!

Zhohn said...

Ellie Ellie Ellie! Never a dull moment. That girl is so cute!

tricia said...

Ellie did a GREAT job with MA's pedicure.