Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Karaoke and Gabbi Girl is sick!

THIS is the outfit I have been kinda mentioning! Ellie Sue did this ALL BY HERSELF! I mean, reallly!?

There aren't many three year olds who can do a ponytail holder at all! Much less, behind their backs! I later found out that apparently Emma and friends do their shirts like this.

I didn't really have the energy to argue with her. I had a sick baby on my hands. Many of you were keeping up with us on Facebook through her sickness.

Hey up there, JinJin!!

I took her down to poolside karaoke to see if I could perk her up a little. She had not been out of the condo in about two days.

And who would want to miss out on these two dorks?!

Certainly not me!!

I guess this is another perk of the Beach Club. There is some sort of activity planned poolside every night! They have a dive-in movie, with an inflatable poolside screen, and the kids watch the movie while IN the pool! There are several musicians who are regulars who play a guitar and sing by the pool. and on Fridays, there's karaoke.This was literally the first time in about two days (at this time) that Gabbi Girl had walked around at all by herself. She was just lying around and we carried her from place to place. She had some bad diarrhea! And continues to have a RAW behind!!

Dad took a turn watching the little precious play on the stairs.

It was actually very short lived, though. She was back in my lap in no time!

Meanwhile, kids of all ages signed up to sing karaoke. Ellie Sue has decided that this week, she wants MA to sing Justin Bieber with her. "Baby Baby", I think! I'm not really in on her decisions lately! She is much to into what the big girls around her are doing to worry about poor ol' mom!

This is what Gabbi and I did. We just cuddled.

Ya know, when your baby is sick, the world kinda quits turning! And that is about what was happening at this very moment!I am not sure what was in her gut. But I am VERY very glad it is gone! It tore her stomach UP! And she has several layers of skin missing from her booty now. So it must have been potent! I'll tell you what though...there's not a thing on the booty cream aisle that is not now in our condo!

Ellie reeeeeaaaallly pondered going up there to sing. I think she had to watch one night before feeling like she was ready to perform herself!

Not sure who captured this lovely shot of me. But,you know what? I really think having me in some pics, fugly or not, is important! It shows that I am THERE! And it shows that I am REAL. And it shows that I have feelings. On this day , it was total empathy for my sick baby. And it shows that I am not so vain as to feel I need to doll all up with makeup or clean hair to show you a picture of me. Heck! I think I am even posting me in my bathing suit tomorrow. You may need to scrub your eyes afterward!

And might I add, I am glad that I have this man to help me raise these girls! We make a good team!!



Bethany said...

My crew has been keeping me BUSY today! But I am L O V I N G all these posts... only problem is you should be tapering us off instead of ramping it up... what's gonna happen when you go back to your "real" life and we only get one post a day?! We are gonna have some serious girlie withdrawal :)

Enjoy your beach bliss and those darling, stylin', angels!

Oh, and, did I miss the fruity drink recipe? Ya gotta give the people what they want ;)

Zhohn said...

SO glad Gabbi is better, she looked pitiful! Loving Ellie's style.

tricia said...

Love this post! You and Todd are the best parents for those precious girls. What a lucky foursome!

Auntie Mip said...

Precious girl...precious, precious Gabbi girl. How you have managed to keep Ellie healthy is a testament to good hand hygiene...thank God her tummy didn't get sick too. Mo you are one good and might I add hot mama. Cannot believe you said fugly. I have always thought your were beautiful!!! Of course it is because you have such pretty eyes and skin. But lets be real, what makes Mo beautiful is all that joy and love. There is simply nothing more beautiful on a woman than confidence, joy and love! No matter what Ellie does with all her teen like fashion choices, she and Gabbi have such a role model for true beauty...lucky, blessed girls indeed!

Bj said...

Yes, you two do make a GREAT team....I admire and look up to..both of you! Keep up the good work and hug on them babies for me....huggers, BJ

Tracey said...

Truely hope Gabbie Girl is all better!!! No fun to be sick at all but especially not on vacation!!

Emily said...

LOVEEE this post-you know that I can SO relate to a sick baby.....try 132 weeks of it(on chemo alone). When my Peanut is sick-nothing else stops,no phone answering,just taking care of her.
OH! And I LOVE that pick of Todd-I don't know how ya'll got it without him making a face!

Lisa O. said...

Still keeping up on ALL your posts and enjoying everyone! The girls are so lucky to have great parents like you and Todd!! You two are a great team! Enjoy your last few days!!

Shannon said...

Love her little bones (or booty). Glad she's on the mend.

Holly said...

Glad sweet Gabbi is feeling better! I just love Ellie's zest for life! She has such a great adventure ahead of her! I don't think she will be one of those people who grow up and wish they'd been a little less self conscious and allowed themselves to have a little more fun!! She's gonna have a ball and look GREAT doing it! I love your pictures. As I have gotten older I have hated having my picture made so I am always behind the camera. About a year ago I was organizing my (way too many) pictures and I realized that it looks like my family had so many great times together and I was not even there! So I just decided I rather be remembered for being THERE fat, thin, makeup, no makeup I was there and I lived and loved them. Sometimes the family shows me pictures and I have to force myself not to just focus on how AWFUL I look (I never like any pictures of myself, I can only see flaws!) and just see everyone else and all the fun and love in each picture! It's an on-going process!

Thanks for posting, I just love your family!

L said...

Ok day behind here in NJ and just catching up. My 10 yr old still can't put the ponytail holder on her shirt in the back with out help so go Ellie!!!!


Maggie said...

Who cares about no make-up and not-the-cleanest hair? A momma holding her feeling-yucky babe... there is nothing more beautiful. And YOU Mo, are beautiful!!!

And while we're at it... for a man who usually pulls a goofy face, or hand to the camera, that last shot of Todd the Bod is possibly one of the best ones I've seen (aside from when he's humoring you taking family pics!)

Yep, a beautiful family all around.