Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ellie moody at poolside!

Here's something a little out of the ordinary! Ellie avoiding the camera. She is just having one of her moody spells. Yes. They definitely occur!

Total avoidance of the camera.

But it won't last long.

She just doesn't have that kind of fortitude. She'll start laughing and showing off here in jusssst a minute!

I love this picture. She really does look like a big girl, doesnt' she?!

And like that... she is back in HAM IT UP mode!

Seriously? Peeking through some red onions?! Betcha don't have a picture like that of your kid. ANd betcha Ellie's hands stink!!

Glad I am raising a kid who can laugh at herself!



Zhohn said...

LOVE Ellie's swimsuit! She's so cute.
Hope you are enjoying your last couple days!

tricia said...

The progression of those pics are priceless!

Shannon said...

Giggle...maybe she just had low blood sugar and needed a little food!! :)

Judy Cousans said...

cutest swimsuit EVER!!!

Deb M. said...

Thats so funny - if I hadn't seen it for myself, I would have never believed that Ellie turned her head on the camera!! Her swimsuit is extremely cute I love the color.....looks nice w/her skin tone. And yes, your 1st born baby-girl is getting so very grown up looking! Gosh they grow so fast! ENJOY (like you wouldn't-duh!)
deb m