Sunday, June 19, 2011

More JOR Craft Day.

Oh now, you didn't think something as big as a craft day could be squeezed into one post, did you?! Well, nope! Expect another one after this!!

Ok, so we had LOTS to do! These cute little charms had to made into pendants and hung on ribbon as necklaces. As did these cute red rhinestone hearts with wings.

The pizza was delivered, and I decided it was time to crank out some painting!

I had a few ready to get me started. I put them up, also, in case someone got brave and wanted to help me in the painting department. These were a few samples.

This was our original jewelry crew. Annelise on the left and Katherine on the right.

And this was probably outfit number 3 on the morning. I seriously would imagine it to be more than than, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Kristi came over to help. She worked in the fabric station. She is a long time supporter of the JOR FOundation and is always at the ready to help.

Amy, an OT who works at MMPT, brought her whole crew too! Doesnt' that one bottom left look like Jessica Lange? I always tell her that! Her mom and dad always bring them all to the Shake 4 Jake store the morning of the event and buy their whole entourage tee shirts. I think there are 20+ of them. They buy for their four children and all of their grandchildren! That is so generous! We appreciate that support!

Katherine looked like she'd been doing this for ages! She hardly looked up. I gotta find this girl a job with me. Her work ethic was unbelievable, especially for a teenager these days! Just sayin'!

It took me a while to get going. I just kept walking around making sure everyone had what they needed and understood the assignments. I finally hauled out my supplies. Gah.. I love glitter!

And homemade dips!!

Sweet Polly, a perennial volunteer, shut her hair shop down early to come over and help! She also worked primarily in the fabric arts section. (Doesn't that make it sound really fancy?!)

Speaking of hair, Paula just got a keratin treatment and has newly straight hair. The last time she did it, she had to go 36 hours without washing it. I was with her on the 35th or so hour. And believe you me... it was T.I.M.E!

And here we have my LONE volunteer in the painting area. Veronicia just jumped right on in there. She was feeling under appreciated in the art room where they were sewing buttons on cuffs! I was proud of her for swishing that paint all around!

Stand back! Paula with a hot glue gun. She will be quick to tell you that crafting is not her thing. I am so proud of her for showing up and giving it her all.

Sarah came by to help a bit. She worked a little on jewelry and a little on fabric goodies.

And you KNOW my girl, Jessi, was here and, well, I guess we could name her a "team leader". She got the cuff crew heading in a very positive direction. Thank you, Jess, for all you do for me and for JOR Foundation!

Oh wow. Now a purple tank and some pink and orange hoochie shorts. With HEELS!

At least, these little wedges are what she calls her heels! And Madi came in so thrilled and said, "Ellie let me wear some of her clothes." Staci never buys Madi just some plain ol tee shirts, like this one from WalMart. She was so excited to look a touch skank like Ellie.

This was the movin and groovin art room! The people in here were pretty much nose to the grindstone. They didnt' come out to chitty chat. They just made those cuffs, sista!

Jin Jin was getting all super creative, doubling the buttons which act as the clasps. I'm telling you... they are CUTE! I need to take some pictures of the new ones!!

And then we had a special guest come by. More on her in a minute.

Go, JinJin. Goooo!

I love buttons. Almost as much as glitter. And don't even get me talking about sequins!

Ok, so this is Kelsey! She was interviewed by Staci and Don for this years's Shake event. She just had her port removed, is no longer taking that stinkin' chemo, and is cancer free!!

Staci said she really broke down when she was asked about her friends, and basic teenager stuff, and her road with cancer. She is from neighboring Bastrop, LA, and was also treated at St. Jude.

She and her mom came by and what could have been more inspiring for the volunteers than to meet someone who had been a recipient of the very money we were working to raise! And I LOVE that she chose a BELIEVE cuff and one with JOR on it. Sweet girl!

Our pastor today really talked about how it is more blessed to give than to receive. So true. God wants us to live outside ourselves. He wants us to give to the world more than to sit around and ponder what we can get from it! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the crafts this weekend. You are living a life WORTHY of the Gospel of Christ. Our church's verse right now... Philipians 1:27. Whether things are going your way or not, we are asked to "live worthy". Are you giving? Are you standing firm when things are not going your way?! Give to someone else today... your time, talents, or otherwise.

Have a good week. Expect a whole lotta Shake 4 Jake info from me.! Gotta keep my little man's memory alive!



Amy K said...

Great job everyone! Amazing things happening through JOR Foundation, and paying it forward! Thanks for sharing these uplifting posts Mo.

Bj said...

Wish I could have been right there in the middle of all that activity...looks like much was accomplished and fun had by all....Jake would be proud!! May God bless all your efforts!!...huggers, BJ

Lisa O. said...

Great job to you all and what wonderful creations you are making!! They are all great!

tricia said...

Such dedicated worker bees! All for a great cause!

jenny said...

Wow! Wish I didn't live so far away (Idaho). I would be so into helping with all that. God bless all your helpers!

Beth E. said...

That's a good word at the end of your post, Mo! Thank you for that.

Love all of the pics of everyone gettin' their craft on! I'm so inept in that area. I wish I could've been there, though. What fun!

Mary said...

Looks like fun! :)