Monday, June 20, 2011

Last one. Crafting for JOR.

Just one more. Really! I thought it was pretty cool that this is what was out in my driveway! Check out the sticker on the back of every car there! This is JinJin. And here's Amy... pink believe in the lower left side of the window.

Veronicia believes!!

Staci believes AND has a JOR handmade sticker too. (And needs to wash her car!)

Here's a close up of V's.

And the ol' Hummer still has both a Believe AND a St. Jude sticker on it. This vehicle made MANY a trip to and from Memphis!!

Just a few more. I couldn't help myself. WE had a rockin crew and such a good time.

I don't think I showed a previous picture of Angie. She's the lone girl who had to have the College World Series on the tube!!

This was right before they started fighting. Staci didn't think Veronicia's creativity was up to her fabric cuff making standards. She said, "Sooommmeone was using white buttons with white thread. I'm not calling any names, but it starts with a "V" and ends with "eronicia". Staci... that's NOT using your kind words!

Check out my little Gabbi Girl over there in her desk... hard at work! My girls LOVE their new art desks!

I stocked them with cardstock, markers, stickers and wonderfulness like that!

Even Amy who will say she doesn't have a creative bone in her body, was rocking a hot glue gun.

And these two chicks are still in high school. (Junior high for the one on the right.)

Aren't these earrings cute. We kept a few in tact and dismantled the rest and hung them on sheer ribbon.Same situation with these bad mamma jammas!

Okie dokie. We are prepping for a big weekend here! I did a few more canvases tonight. I hope to show a few off in the next few days. I have a few bloggers who have never been to the event who are coming. I can't wait for them to experience this! And I may have them guest blog to tell you about it themselves!! Also, be watching for how YOU can give! Oh yeah, you didn't think I wouldn't involve YOU, did You!?!

Live remote telethon where I will be working the phones. I want to talk to YOU! on Saturday! More information on that later. You can watch a live stream online! Cool, huh?!



Holly said...

Can't wait!!

Kathryn said...

Can you put those"believe" stickers on your Etsy, or let me know where I can buy one? Thanks! I need one. Things are so awful here. So much destruction. I need to BELIEVE!

Kaia said...

Those art desks are super! The red looks great in the art room as well.

Amy K said...

Very cool - I'll be watching and waiting to participate.

Bethany said...

I had gotten sooooo spoiled while you were on vaca with those multiple daily posts... Need more pics of your Diva and Darling :)

Love JOR, hate that there is a need for it, sure your hearts ache for that sweet boy!

snekcip said...

Soooo gotta get that BELIEVE sticker!!! I'm counting down the days!!!!!

Becky said...

Was checking out the JOR store yesterday... gonna have to order some shirts! Sorry I can't be there! Wish we lived closer, would love to help! Where is Todd from in Wisc? Ever stop in Minnesota??

Bella's Mommy said...

All I can say is this looks like it was such fun and I wish I lived closer and could help you out.

tricia said...

Looking forward to Saturday!

MLP said...

YOU are simply amazing. Everything about you and your whole crew!!! Can't wait to meet ya'll someday!;)))

I LOVE the believe stickers and plan to do a shout out to you and your dad VERY soon about the BE BOLD stickers which are a HIT around town. I take pics when I see random cars with them!!!!!!! Thank you again so much for EVERYTHING!!! Your comments mean so much to my sister and me. We love knowing an expert!!!

Zhohn said...

I love my believe sticker! It is so old, but still looks great! it is lime green and I can't part with my car bc of that sticker!

Everything looks great, I need to go check out the JOR store.