Friday, June 24, 2011

Just for Zhohn!

Ok, Zhohn, since you not only responded to my blog post I did about my cuffs, but also sent $20, I am giving you a CHOICE on which cuff you'd like me to send you. Look closely cause they are all totally different! That's what makes em fun!

I was going to just pick one for you, but I figured I'd give you a shot at your favorite.

I've probably sold 1/2 of them,and when I take them up to the set up committee tomorrow, I'm figuring on a devouring!!

So, you look, comment on this post, and I will ship it out. I may need you to email me your address again too!

Oh, and I am also senging you a red heart with wings crystal choker on a green ribbon for being so patient and nice.


I just didn't have the energy to turn these pictures. How pitiful is that?!

As you can see I made lots of them to go with the Shake 4 Jake tees. But, I also made some just plain fun ones for everyday.

For instance at my office, we just switched to new uniforms, where we are wearing teal or lime green daily. So, most of the folks at MMPT chose one with those colors on it. And buddy, I SOLD some cuffs up at MMPT. I am so grateful my work peeps also support my "extracurricular" interests.Ok, so last call. Let me know, and let me know as soon as you read this so I can go ahead and make another blog post.

And if anyone else sees anything they are interested in, let me know that too. I hope to get them out tomorrow... IF you email me your addy.

We kick off Shake festivities tomorrow. Todd will be putting on his part of the show, which is the TEED OFF AT CANCER golf tournament. It is proving to be the biggest one we've ever had!

Then, the 5K Jogging for Jake on Saturday morning, and the telethon throughout the day. HEY>>email me your nane and number so I can call you and beg you for 10 or so bucks. I need to look busy on camera!! in case you missed it!!

And you know, I kinda sensed tonight as I was winding up with these and checked the time, that SOMEONE is watching over the whole show and is saying, "Thanks, guys!".

Hey Jake!!



Bj said... have indeed been a busy girl!! The cuffs are adorable and I know Jake is very proud! Hope you have lots and lots of sales....huggers, BJ

Bj said...

Hey, I don't think I've ever been the first to post a comment....feels!

Zhohn said...

Thank you, Mo! I definitely would like the cuff that is green with black polka dots with the HUGE believe :-). Thank you so much! I'll send you a message on FB with my address.
Happy Friday and beat of luck with the Shake!

Lisa O. said...

I LOVE them all and will email you now which one I would like if it is still available!! Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with Shake for Jake! :)

Amy said...

You are very talented, they are all so adorable and very detailed. Wow!!! Good Luck with the entire Shake for Jake festivities this weekend. I know from prior years and pictures you guys go all out for a wonderful cause. God Bless ya'll for your continued support with such a dreadful disease. I'll be praying for record breakin numbers.

Shea Albritton said...
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Shea Albritton said...

Love them all! You have some much talent!

Firemom said...
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Firemom said...

I was doing good until I saw the time...tears. But I wish you guys the very best this weekend!

Christy said...

Jake always has his own special way of saying hi! love it...

Ronda said...

The cuffs are awesome! I wanted to let you know that in the past two weeks, I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't caught the clock at 11:11, and everytime it happens, I think of you and Jake. I've been saying "hi" to a kid I never knew here on earth, but can't wait to meet in heaven for years now. Wonder if he'll recognize me? :)

Dawn said...

MELANIE - I NEED the You are my Sunshine one. Please say you haven't sold that one yet. If so, can you make me another one???? Please, please please?? Todd's mom used to sing that to her children and Shae loved to have it sung to him.

YLEO MOM said...

these are amazing! I'm so glad Zhohn got me hoocked on your site...check mine out if you get a sec.