Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We took our Pops to his Happy Father's Day lunch right after church. I love seeing my daddy interact with my kids. Don't know why exactly, but it kinda makes my heart sing.

Speaking of heart singing... this... notsomuch! This is pretty much where we just gave up and let them wrestle during lunch. Right up under our table!

Doesn't Ellie look angelic?! ha. She has got this camera FOOLED!

But I do really, really like she and pops together in these pics.

Poor ol' Pops. He had TWO daughters, and now he's surrounded by a whole new crop of girls! If it's one thing he knows, it's how to raise girls!

And my girls really, really love their Pops. Take for instance, my Gabbi Girl. She is beyond clingy to Mama! She is the ultimate mama's girl! I mean, usually I am the ONLY one she'll let hold her. But not today... not on Father's Day. She hopped up on Pops's lap and got ready to cheese.

Then two othe monkeys followed suit!

I have several friends who no longer have their daddies, and I don't take for granted that I have mine ! I can't imagine losing a parent. I know it will ultimately happen, but for now, I am very thankful that not only do I have my mom and dad, but they are active enough t0 truly enjoy playing with my girls.

That is no doubt a blessing! Have I ever mentioned that Pops had his first heart attack when he was 40? And then another, I believe, at 41 or 42. THAT'S MY AGE! Heart disease and diabetes run on his side of the family. He is now 63. Thank you, Lord, for sparing my dad.

We have had many fun filled days, deep talks, chill times together where we just listen to our favorite kind of music. He and I both LOVE old timey country! Think Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, George Jones, and the such.

The above is my favorite picture, by the way.

And then we tried a group photo. Rita took it for us.

It was virtually impossible to get all six of us looking at the camera and actually smiling.

But I did get a cute one of Staci and Dad. She was his baby girl. And she got away with murder. Well, not murder, but there was this one time that she was cold busted for sneaking out, and Daddy put the window down in her bedroom, and sat right inside her room, waiting for her to get home and "surprise" her with a welcome! Or the time... for another day!Our daddy had to sit through many a recital, cheer competition, softball game, track meet, homecoming assembly, etc. He was at every one.

I just never remember there being any function that both he and mom didnt' attend. I have good parents. I hope my kids will look back and say the same.

Then came time for presents. We got him three Columbia shirts and a tee shirt.

The tee was a "Life is Good" shirt that said, "The little things in life are the big things". I know that is his motto, so I knew he'd love it.

He had plenty of helpers!!

And a few models!I have to use that word carefully. If Ellie had heard that, she'd have grabbed a tankini, used this shirt as a cover up, thrown on some "heels", made up her face, and put on a tiara. Girlfriend LOVES to "model".

So, here's to my dad. A good man. A great daddy!


Same said great daddy has used every day this week to make signs for Shake 4 Jake. When I tell you it takes an army of volunteers. I mean, it takes us all! Looking forward to an inspirational weekend!!


Zhohn said...

Very sweet post! I love all of the pictures, they definitely show the love ALL the girls have for Pops, including you and Staci.
Saw your FB post, hope you get some sleep!

nss said...

I really understand your heart singing watching your daddy interact with your daughters. Just you talking about it makes me do the same! My dad just loved his granddaughters and I was blessed to be able to watch him with them. He became such a softy!
Thanks for the morning smile :)

Bj said...

Love the pics Mo...some good, GOOD memories here!! I love me some old country fact, I sing karoake online on the weekends and that is about all I sing....old country. Music is the voice of the soul...and my soul loves to sing!!...huggers, BJ

tricia said...

A Day to love on wonderful!

snekcip said...

What a sweet post!! I lost my dad when I was young and can only imagine how elated he would be with all the grandkids!

I love all the pics and especially HEART Madi's outfit!!! I gotta get to that spoiled rotten shop!!!!

Martha from NC said...

Oh how very blessed you are to still have your parents. How precious those pictures are of your Dad and his girls. TREASURE them. They are and will be priceless. So glad you had a fun Father's Day and that Pops had so much help with his gifts. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man who loves his family and has always been there for you & Staci. Your girls are blessed to have him in their lives.
Have a great weekend. Praying for a successful Shake for Jake!!

adrogan said...

Great family!

Lisa said...

I think this is my favorite post of all of your wonderful posts. My mom died when I was 15 and my dad died when I was 25 (and now I'm 53 as of last week!). I love reading about your family but I especially loved reading about your daddy. I'm so glad that you enjoy each day and FULLY live each day. Some of those photos are so great - you need to enlarge them. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!!

Kim said...

Sweet sweet post! Your family reminds me so much of mine ~ so close and do so much together! I thought of the book "Hop on Pop" when you were talking about Gabbi. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

charlotta said...

I just love, love, love all your posts! I know I don't come often and leave a comment but your blog and the pics of the girls always gives me a smile....That being said Happy Fathers Day to your pops. I never had a dad in my life so I didn't know how a dad was supposed to be until my hubby became a daddy. The love and devotion that he has given our daughter and son has not only made me fall even more in love with him, But it's made me sad to know that I missed out on alot of things because I was without one.

You are so very blessed MO to have a awesome pops and momma!! But I have to give my mommy some big props cause she raised this stubborn, independent, tempered Red head all on her own to be a successful adult. Love you mommy, and miss you more every day that passes...

Laura said...

I can't wait for your Shake for Jake posts.