Saturday, June 4, 2011

DInner at Doc's

Let me start by saying, yes, Bethany, you have been rocking at commenting lately! Way to go, girl . And see? I read every single comment!!

Ok, for a day or two, we will be skipping all over the place! That's because I figured you'd be seeing pics of Daddy and MA and wonder when they arrived. Soooo, to avoid confusion, I posted those first! So, let's go back a day or so. This is the last night that KK and CoCo were here with us. And lo and behold, Courtney's mom and sister were down vacationing with another group.

This brings me to another MUST DO in Gulf Shores. GO to Doc's!

And I mean the original Doc's! The small, hole in the wall, Doc's that has GREAT seafood!

There's usually a considerable wait! But, it's worth it.

Gabbi Girl was a total nightmare while there. When homegirl decides it's time to go to bed, then buddy, it is TIME TO GO TO BED. And it doesn't matter what anybody else is doing. It is TIME TO GO TO BED.

Ok, so this brings me to why we need TWO helpers down here! One for my nightowl, let's go out and partay til the moon is WAY up. ANd the other for my it's been a long hard day and I need my sleep girl! Sooooo... the girl on the left, Julianne, is staying down here for an extra week to help Mary Allison with my girlies. She is Courtney's sister and is the occasional sitter for Madi.

This is Courtney and her mama, Judy. Judy, thanks for lending me your kids for a few weeks! They are quite the helpful ones.

And Judy reads the blog too. Especially now, while her kids' every move is documented, so she can keep up with them even two states away!

(oh and Judy... Julieanne learned to wash dishes by hand, start basic loads of laundry, and .... more to come! Proud?! She sure is... NOT!)

So, here we are. Out to dinner. One new sitter here. The other showing up on Friday.

You know that little thing, "My mommy says Chubby people can't smile... well I'll show her"??? KK was showing her that and she was duplicating it. However, she got the words all mixed up and said, "My mommy is chubby." Perfect. Just perfect!

And doesn't EVERYONE need a lip gloss watchtop bracelet to wear when going out?!



SarahBeth said...

first to comment. i think.
docs is so my fav!! i'm jealous!

tricia said...

busy all day...out for over 12 hrs.,but here now. Ellie looks adorable in the pictures. You guys have babysitters at the quick!

Amy K said...

Yes, everyone does need a lip gloss watch! Ellie's got it goin' on...

Hindman Farm said...

Saw on Facebook that Gabbi is sick again. Praying she is better again soon. It is no fun to be sick on vacation.

Auntie Mip said...

Hi Mo,

Looks like the family vacay is still going swell. LOVE the ocean and am still a little jelly I wasn't invited :-). Today one of my 8 precious ones, my beautiful God Daughter graduates from High school. This is glorious day and zi am one proud auntie. She is poised and confident, smart as all get out, sweet and kind and in the fall...following in her auntie's footsteps and heading off to university to study nursing...with a full academic scholarship. Her auntie never pulled that last part off LOL. In July I take her off to Washington DC and the Big Apple. From her very first breath she has taken mine away...LOVE this kid! Being an Auntie is the best...I knew you of all people Mo would understand just how this auntie feels today! Have a great rest of your vacation!

Zhohn said...

Fun fun! Loving the posts! Ellie is so funny.

Becky said...

I think that Miss Ellie needs to learn how to do the laundry! I hope that Gaibbi is feeling better

Angie R. said...

Love the chubby girl thing, we do that to my son, it is hilarious!

Hallie said... me some Doc's fried scallops. Can't wait till August.

Amy said...

Ooh I love me some good seafood, the hole in the wall places are usually the best!
Ellie with her chubby cheeks made me laugh. I remember doing the skit when I was a kid.

Judy Cousans said...

Way to go Julianne!! Maybe you can have her trained by the time she gets home....I've been working on it for ohhhhhh 14 years or so!!
Hope ya'll are having a great time and that Gabbi is feeling better today!