Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cool things to do in Gulf Shores.

Waaay to go, peeps! Now I can post from about a week ago. When Staci and Mel were getting town together. And Gabbi Girl seems perkier! Thanks for all the concern and advice. Todd and I pretty much just bought one of everything advised (have you SEEN all the advice I got on FB!?) just to try !! I'm hoping she's on the mend. I think Immodium may have been our demise. The virus may have not yet run its course. And so even though we had one good day, I jumped the gun on letting her eat, etc. Now, it's applesauce and Gatorade. period.

Back to our tour of Gulf Shores.

Staci and I went to lunch at Cosmos. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Gulf Shores. Cosmos is the name of the owner's dog. And the owner seems to be a very artsy kind of chick. I love that. There is art all over the restaurant.

This was that day we were leaving the condo, with all three girls in tow, when lo and behold, the sitters (KK and CoCo at that time) walked up from their morning off at the outlet mall. Well, they showed up about 5 minutes too early, for them!, so we asked them to take the young uns while we had a little bonding time.

The food is here is just kinda "fancy", but not overly expensive.

Lots of fresh fish, but not necessarily, "plain" if you know what I mean. Not that I am a fancy conossieur (see? I don't even think I can spell it!), but I don't know... just fresh!

Dang. Staci, what was it that I had? I took a picture of it so I could share it,but now I can't remember. Basically, it was like a thing that is usually only a dessert, but it had ham, cheese, veggies, and portobello mushroom in it. Like cheesecake? or something? I have no memory anymore! Anyone else experiencing that?!

Staci pretty much can't pass up a chip and dip. Period.They have a big deck that is totally occupied and busy during the evening. We were there bright and early. In fact, I didn't even know they served lunch. I'd never been there for lunch, and I actually think I preferred it.

So, my favorite thing... this little shop that is out on the deck. It is full of little trinkets and handmade jewelry!!

Look at what a fun shop. See Staci back there in the corner?!

This was a cute way to display earrings. And I always have to buy a pair. I just think it's nice to support the artist. I know how it feels to have someone want your handmade goodies. It builds your confidence, for sho.

And I LOVED this corner. Look at all those colors! And original art on the wall for purchase.

Their main theme is dogs. Since Cosmos is their dog, they kinda use that as their central theme.

So, anyway, now you know about this place too, when you are heading to the Gulf Coast! Hope you get to get by there!



tricia said...

Cool place to eat lunch.

I hesitated to give advice on Gabby but since your facebook friends did, I am in agreement. I know present day pediatricians have drifted away fron the BRAT diet(bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast) for gastrointestinal viruses however it WORKS so why not use it. And please don't be so quick to resume a regular diet;reintoduce things slowly when you feel she's on the mend from the virus.Good Luck

adrogan said...

cute place! One of Our favorite places to go when we are down there is the FloraBama!!! Super fun place for the grown ups! Great drink - bushwacker! Great oysters!!! Great music!

colette said...

Glad to hear that Gabbi is on the mend. She should be able to advance to a full "BRAT" diet - bannanas, rice, applesauce and toast. As a pedi oncology nurse, it is used for patients who have viruses with severe diarrhea to help re-firm up their stools while not causing it to be worse.

Glad to hear that in spite of Gabbi's virus, everyone seems to be having a good time!

Michelle said...

Glad you got some sister time. It's the best! That little story looks adorable.

Becky said...

JW... is this a time share you have? or just a vacation spot you rented?
Glad Gabbi is slowly feeling better!

Ali said...

Try bananas, too. Bananas work wonders!
And my son's first stuffed animal ever was a doggie named Cosmo!

lchap62 said...

Hi -- I'm a long time lurker, first time comment poster... Glad Gabbi is feeling better. My family has vacationed at Perdido Key for years but we have never been to Cosmos. Heard it's fabulous and your review supports that reputation. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Judy Cousans said...

I love Cosmos! Def. on the list of places to go when we head back. Have you tried Cobalt? It is good too-reminds me a little of Cosmos (in menu-not atmosphere!~)

Amy said...

Oh gosh I love that restaurant and all the lively colors, looks like my kind of place! I would love to check out all of these fantastic places you have shared.
So glad to hear Gabbi is doing better again, hope this is the end for ya all so you can get back to good times and great memories.

If it makes you feel any better Mo, my memory is going too. I used to be able to remember anything and now life is so hectic I can't seem to remember half of what I used too. Too many appointments, basketball schedules and social events for my two boys who are 11 and 14.

Keep sharing the pictures love to see all of your adventures. Wish I had enough energy to start a blog so I could share mine.

Amy K said...

What a fun time you two must've had. We all know how precious time with our kids is, but adult time is also a must have. Glad to see you had yours.