Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water slide, baby!

Well, on this particular day, Staci and I decided to let the boys dictate what we did. They wanted to go to the big outlet mall today. We left the precious angels in the dutiful hands of our superstar babysitters, Courtney and Katelyn.

Just so happened there was a big blow up water park out on the front lawn of the condo. I LOVE the Beach Club because they seriously have something for everyone! There is some big something planned for kids everyday! Usually an art camp daily in the afternoons. For the mamas and daddies, there is almost always something fun happening around the pool.

(Look at my baby girl... she is so brave! This is no small slide!!)

Anyway, I love it that despite the fact we are going to be here for about 2 weeks, they seem to have something new to do every day. thank you, Beach Club! (and yes, I can definitely hook you up, regarging what to do while in the Gulf Shores area, Gwen. We are experts! Inbox me at Facebook and we'll connect. We FB friends?! )

Baby girl was a little more tentative.

She kinda had to "wade" in, as they say. But it didn't take her long!

She was being toted up by CoCo in nothing flat!

And then she had to contemplate the ride down!

Gabbi is usually a little slow to try something new. But once she does it, she is the one who doesn't want to stop. Likely, this would be the same deal!

Ummm...... YEP!

The first ride down is usually the worst. And the best... all in one fail swoop.

And before long the whole crew was going up and down the slide.

And eventually Miss Thang was even coming down all alone. Way to go, my sweet baby!

See why we love our babysitters so much? While we were with the big boys shopping, the babies were so well taken care of. And not only tended to, but also having so much fun!

Our babysitters definitely put our kiddos first. They will do whatever it is that makes them happy, regardless of what they actually want to do! You won't find them holed up in the condo, watching the soaps! And they will truck it in and out and in and out and in... as many times as necessary to give the girls a snack, a nap, a wet bathing suit change... whatever they want.

yea, we are pretty lucky in the babysitter department!

And now I have this brave little girl going up this big ol slide by herself. Yay, Gabbi Girl.

And this nut is going full blast down that sucker too!

So, thank you CoCo and KK for a day away for two mamas! We enjoyed hanging with the boys.

Aside from some shopping at the outlet mall, we also took them to the track for awhile for go cart racing, bumper boats, and lots of video games. Everything that they LOVE! (Look at Gabbi Girl's face below!!)

So, Saturday a the beach was a little differnet than teh way we spend most of them. Tomorrow, I think it'll be back to the beach/ poolside for us! Thanks, sitters, for giving us mamas a whole day off!

Same deal! 10 responses and a new post!

As for the peace sign tank,Becky, if you are serious, let me know and I'll see if there are more at Staci's store! We can hook a sista up! And stephleighjenkins, if I could get my stupid videos to upload (that first one was a miracle, I suppose), I'd post LOTS of things to entertain you... Gabbi with her head in the water, painting on the carpet, etc. But so far, no luck!? Oh, yeah. Traci, glad to have you back... but NO you will have to get the WHOLE story from someone about my second baby! Zhohn, you can always remember details of my life. Could you be a guest blogger and tell that story?! Just curious! Do you remember the story of Gabbi Girl?! No, Traci, no pregnancy... just another MIRACLE!!



Lisa O. said...

Looks like the girls had a blast on the waterslide! And what great babysitters you have to take them! My daughter, Paige, was lucky enough to have us rent one of those slides for her birthday a couple of years ago. It wasn't a water slide, but just one of those huge blow up slides. It was one of the greatest parties ever, the kids had a blast and I think the neighbors might have even thought we were a little crazy! But we will do about anything for our kids are aren't ones to have something that is the "norm". :)

dcpa81 said...

After seeing all the fun you all are having at the beach makes me want to go. Looks like the girls loved the slide where was Madi? Did she like the slide as much as the other to did?


Auntie Mip said...

I really need to go to the Gulf sometime. I have never been and it looks so pretty. Oceans here kn the West Coasr, well suffice it ti say our water is Ka-OLD!!! It looks so beaurifu there. What a great family vacation and for 2 weeks. You are indeed blessed and very grateful too Mo!

Zhohn said...

Haha Mo! I just love you, I can't miss a post. I hope I'm half the person, wife, and most of all mom you are 'when I grow up'!!! (not that I'm so young but...)

And I just love that the sitters take as many pics as you do so you don't have to miss a thing! Oh and I saw GG swimming on Staci's fb, how cute!

Well i don't know what I would share if I were a guest blogger! Lol

tricia said...

I love Ellie's bathing suit! Your Beach Club sounds like an ideal vacation spot. I can see how the kids could/would spend ALL day on that water slide. I think the boys would have loved it too. Gabby is so BRAVE! I have to have great babysitters but I'm sure you and Staci take care of them very well.

Zhohn said...

Tracy I'll try my best to fill you in on Gabbi! (who almost had many different names but Todd was sticking with Gabbi!) I think i remember more about Ellie-i remember every step of Ellie's :)) the announcement to the first family pic that was posted on Jake's site! Awww, memories!

Back to Gabbi, young girl (23ish i think) contacted Melanie and Todd (not sure if directly or through someone else..Mo?). Definitely had some bumps in the road of the adoption but I know it was worth it to them! Her birth mom has several children that she does not have custody of and even a couple in the same area that the Groves live in! Not sure why but I don't remember a whole lot... Sweet newborn photos and family pics! The sweetest pics are when the adoption was final! Go back maybe about 6 months maybe and check them out!

Maybe Mo can fill in more specific details on this one! I must have been so wrapped up in looking at sweet Ellie's pics (remember the body cast!?) to read and remember details of GG's adoption!

Amy K said...

Brave Gabbi! Nothing's going to stop her from keeping up with the big girls. She's such a happy-go-lucky little girl, and makes my heart smile with her infectious smile. Two weeks of awesome fun...can't wait to see more!

Becky said...

You don't know how important a GREAT babysitter is! (actually, you probably do!) I just gave our daycare provider, of 5 yrs, our 2 wk notice on Friday! I cried all morning! And my husband just says "What's the big deal???" Do they just not understand? Then I had to bring my baby girl to PRESCHOOL GRADUATION!!!!! The years go so fast! Treasure all these fun moments!
And, yes! Serious about the peace tank top. We would need like a 7/8! Let me know how much they are! She would love the tie-dyed peace dress that Ellie was wearing, too. But looks like that came from the gift shop down there?!?
Enjoy the vacation! Still raining here in Minnesota... cold, windy & crappy! I did get the lawn mowed, though! :)

kendra said...

I have never stayed at the Beach Club. Do you rent out your condo? I love the fact that there is so much to do. I need to head down there. I am fo sho eating at the Hangout. You've got me wanting to visit that gift shop. You guys seem to be having a blast. Good for you.

Kathryn said...

I love those tanks. Does Staci carry size twelves? Our girlies are growing up!

Renee said...

What fun! Those babysitters ROCK!!!!

L said...

I read every post but I've only commented 2 times at most. I live on the eastern border of AL and surprisingly have never been to Gulf Shores! I'd love more info your favorite things to do, favorite places to go and most of all, best time of the year to go!