Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Club activities

So here's the deal. I have had several people ask me about things to do while in Gulf Shores. Soooo.... Not today, and maybe not even tomorrow... but I AM going to do an entire post on things we do while we are down here. Just a little idea bank for anyone visiting the area.

Until then, let me tell you what we did yesterday. This is when Staci and I took the boys to the outlet mall. She was sunburned, so we avoided to sun. The sitters kept the girls back at the condo.

And lo and behold, there was all kinds of FUN out on the front lawn at the Beach Club! Including this cool little tram that ran kids all around the front parking lot area.

Gabbi Girl especially seemed to like it!

She was partnered up with Courtney, aka CoCo, it seemed. KK must have been manning the camera.

Doesn't this look fun? I love it here. They always have something fun that we had NO idea would be here! There is also a daily craft for kids. Neat, huh?!

Especially for this little water bug. She has to be TRICKED into getting out of the pool. Because she would NEVER get out if left to her own doing.

But there is one thing she loves just about as much as she loves water. And that's ANIMALS!!

So, I'd say this little impromptu petting zoo was a GREAT idea!

I wasn't there, but I instructed my sitters to take the camera if they did anything fun. After all, I DO have a BLOG to maintain!

I'd say petting zoo, water slide, and tram definitely met the criteria for "fun".

Then when I saw the photos they took.... well.... I wondered why exactly they took this one. And WHO took this one? Is this to show the fecal matter of a goat?! Quite impressive, KK. And so informative, might I add?!

It's not really that Ellie is "opposed" to a petting zoo... it's just... well, she's not all that impressed.

I mean she could be doing her nails. Or her make up. Or taking a little water break for total rehydration. All way more up her alley than ducks or goats.

She's my diva. Remember?But this one? WHAT? A HORSE!!!!

Or pony, I suppose, would be the better term. I know this kid's blood pressure jumped up a knotch or two!

I will likely be paying for riding lessons someday. She really loves all animals, but anytime we've been around horses, she gets pretty fired up about being on them.

What's really a shame is that I've had horses at my clinic for years! And about two years or so ago, we got rid of them and stopped operating the hippotherapy part of MMPT.

Man oh man, Gabbi Girl would've wanted to be at work with mama every day!

Maddi seems to have found something interesting here too.

ANd apparently, she introduced it to Gabbi Girl.

Oh, well. Whatever it takes to preoccupy our girls. They have already had so much fun, and we have another two weeks! I cannot imagine all the things we will get to explore. And for Gwen and L who asked for specifics, I will make sure I post all about what I know about Gulf Shores in the next few days. OH! And if you are my FB friend, be sure and check out my videos. GO ME!! I can't believe I am learning to use my photos/ videos in new areas and in new ways. How do you link videos from You Tube? Anybody know?!


P.S..... 10 comments, and I go again!


RaycoTD said...

I shall comment, not only because I want to hear more but I love hearing about your sweet family!!! I love your blog!!

RaycoTD said...

Oh, can I keep commenting to make all 10?

Amy K said...

My middle child loves all animals as well. She would just love Gabbi. Off to catch up on FB too...

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Looking forward to your post about Gulf Shores! We are vacationing there for the first time in a few weeks ~ already looking forward to eating at The Hangout! Let us know any details!

Mama J said...

Be thankful you have little girls and teen girls.. a) boys wouldn't be taking pictures b) IF they did, it most likely would be worse that animal poop 3) you wouldn't be asking for comments...wahahaha

So nice to see teenagers being responsible and giving you that peace of mind. Again, you and your family are blessed.

Love having a vacation thru osmosis with the Masseys!

Tracie said...

Me again Mo ;O) I'm looking forward to your guest poster telling me the story of your second miracle!

Your vacation looks so fun and as I head back to my class of second graders tomorrow I'll be dreaming of my summer vacation coming up in a week! WooHoo!

Kimie said...

It looks like ya'll are having so much fun! Wish I was there to get some little girl sugar!

Kimie said...

Ya'll look like you are having so much fun. Wish I was there to get some little girl sugar!

Zhohn said...

Tracy, go to the Comment section of the previous I could do! Still not sure why I don't remember DETAILS!

Haha I just love Ellie! That would be me, once glance at the animals (in the heat) and I would be ready to go, or a big gulp of water!

Lisa O. said...

Posting again! Looks like more fun was had by the girls. Who doesn't like trains and animals!? You all are sure staying at a wonderful place!! Soo jealous! :)

Kathryn said...

I think there is a share thing on a you tube page. If you click that, you can then click on Facebook, and it posts on your page. Are you signed in to You Tube?

melanie said...

You have two options to upload video...

When you are creating your post, there should be a movie board icon to insert a video. Should be right after the "insert picture" one. If that doesn't work, upload it to youtube then hit "share" and "embed" it will give you a code that you can drop into your html code in your post. (You should be able to swap it to HTML after you "compose")

Hope this helps! Have fun!!!

Beth E. said...

The pics are great....the ones of Maddi and Gabbi at, business end of the pony cracked me up. I sure hope they didn't see it in action! lol

I'm glad y'all are having a great time. I know it's crowded over the holiday weekend. What are the crowds like after the weekend is over?

Michelle said...

Enjoying all these posts! Looks like lots of fun!!!

GLOANN said...

There's just so much fun to be had in that area, that I find we don't even need a plan. More to do than we can possibly get done. It's one of my favorite places to be although since we're older we love going in the early spring or fall. Was there in October one year and loved it.

tricia said...

Wow...such fun things to do! Gabby looks excited.

I'm not on facebook....... can we blog readers see the videos too please?

Gwen said...

You're so lucky to have sitters go with you! Enjoy it!!!