Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making fabric cuffs.

This is what is about to drive my husband crazy! The creative in me can easily overlook clutter and mess to have new designs and lots and lots of color!

And lately, it just happend to be sprawled out all over the kitchen counter.

I can't help it. I cant' stop! I am now in LOVE with fabric!

And I have had some volunteers come over to help too! They rip strips, seal them together, sew around the edges, and sew on buttons. I am usually the one who does the little designs on the top. That's because I really like the design component. Not so much the process! These little cuffs have turned out to be rather labor intensive. But I know that I am getting ahead on the stash needed for the Shake 4 Jake. I am way ahead this year.

Now if I could just stay OUT of the fabric stores. It's as bad as scrapbook paper once was!

I recruit the babysitters to help too! These are the strips I laid out all over the kitchen counter. Then, we get to matching. Any two you like together. I do try to make it a possibility of their being reversible.

I appreciate the people who have ordered one, and you should be getting it in the mail asap.

And for anyone else, they are $15. I just need your address, and we can get it out to you. We have been meeting for this year's Shake 4 Jake on June 25th. Check your calendars! Let this year be the one you take a roadtrip! Why not?! It's fun!



snekcip said...

So hoping to make it this year!

Jennifer said...

I want to come help! Call me! Call me!

Beverly said...

Amen to creative clutter. Oh, how I'd love to be there to help. I could quilt the cuffs for you!

Nora said...

What about dedicated patient's Moms?? Just kidding...I am hoping you didn't have to rip those buttons off and change them out! They are super cute!

tricia said...

I'm in Todd's corner...that clutter would drive me crazy! I thought you built an art room for that kind of work?

Riley said...

Super cute! Did you get my email?

Auntie Mip said...

Dear Mo,

First, I wanted to wish you a Happy and glorious Mother's Day. I imagine your wonderful family will elaborate n grand style. Mine will e together and we will celebrate 3 of the 7 birthdays we have this month. Have a fantastic day and weekend.

I confess, Mother's Day is the hardest daynof the year for me. I hate it. i reall do. Every other day I am okay with being single and not having children. But this day...this day, no matter how hard I try or how I know better, this day makes me feel like a complete failure. I enjoy it. I always am spoiled by my God Daughters. But it is hard. I am wearing my Embrace talisman. It has supported me through some awesome times in 2011. Did I tell you I clutched it through 5 job interviews and scored my DREAM job??? I am now the clinical director of a very large cancer program. While it means less involvement directly with kids, I am still responsible for all standards of care for adult and pediatric oncology patients. Eventually I will be transitioned not the director position and they paying for the remainder of my gradutate degree. I embraced and opportunity that landed in my lap and I am so HAPPY!!!

So there you go Mo...project talisman...a HUGE success!

Happy Mother's Day dear friend.