Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heading out to eat. Family photo.

Anytime we try to get a family photo on this trip, it's been an ordeal! I mean, we DO have a ripe ol 15 year old and three toddlers. He is WAAAAAY too cool to pose with them. Or us either for that matter! We got a few in. I think this one was a good effort. Lighting could've been better. We've got glare, shadows, and well, I will just shut up and take it!

It's a problem. I THINK I am "chill", but actually, deep down, I KNOW I am anal retentive! It's a trait. JinJin has it too. Staci does NOT! Neither does our daddy.

Hey, to each his own, right?! Look at all these Massey/ Raborn/ Groves girls! We are just missing our Hunter Bunter! He was with a pal down in south Louisiana when we left. He is scheming to make it down while Todd the Bod comes down. Staci and her crew head back today.

Shadows/ glare/ or whatever... I may be blowing this one up for my condo wall.

I like the way my entire torso is hidden. Yep. I am right back up to my fightin' weight, if ya know what I mean!

This is Hayden's equally COOL friend, Drake, who made the trip down with us. He is TOTALLY diggin' my kissing him. Can you tell!?

And then, we tried to get a few of just Staci and Hayden. This was the best one I got. But, I like this moment captured between mama and son.

And believe it or not, despite many tries, this is the best one of these three.
You know how it is. As the kids age, it seems that it's impossible to get everyone together at the same time. teens, particularly, have so many big important things to do and to be at, that they can't all line up to come on a family vacay at once. My girls have about 14 or so years, I hope, til we have that same issue.

Have you met my daughter, Ellie? She likes to POSE!

She can hold a pose for ooooh, a good 5 minutes, if she thinks a camera is around.

So, I get this text from JinJin regarding a friend of hers from high school whose son owns a restaurant down here in Gulf Shores. Since I donate my condo for a week every year to the Shake 4 Jake event as an auction item, it is a great idea to create a "bigger" package this year with things to do while you are here, should you win the condo package.

How cool is it that the owners of this joint are adding a pretty significant tab to the auction package. Now, I need to round up a manicure/ pedicure, a round of golf, and maybe another dinner, and that is a GREAT package.
SO, thanks to the Peningers for giving to a good cause!! (and thanks for the awesome snow crab legs. They were great!)

More to come. Better be sneaking to your computers tomorrow to get those 10 comments registered so I can update. I have lots of pics!!

10 comments and awwaaaaay we go!!



Hallie said...

I have the same problem taking pictures of my 17 year old nephew. Before prom pics was an excruciating experience for all involved. Even his girlfriend knew when he was acting out when she was looking at the camera and not at him.

Mbeaty19 said...

I actually love the lighting in the pictures. It gives it that real feeling and you can almost feel the warmth of the sun. The pictures are cute despite the stray looks away. I am already facing some of those problems with Johnathan and Charles and they are only 3 & 8 months. Add my husband into the mix and it's not easy to get a good family picture. So people just don't appreciate pictures like we do.
That's really cool about the package you are working on for the Shake. It's great all you do for the Foundation and I hope those who get the package appreciate it. I'm sure all those pictures remind people of the amazing family they are supporting.

jsdoskocil said...

Loving the photos and wishing I was at the beach! Who do I need to contact to see about renting?

connie said...

i love the pics i have problems too with getting my nieces and newphes all together i love what you did take i wish i was at the beach right now enjoy the rest of your vacation give the girls hugs from me and have alots of fun.

Becky said...

Love the pix of you with the girls, but what I really love the most is your pics that aren't staged - we're just getting to see your precious little ones enjoy life. When ever i see Ellie & Gabbi I always think of the song "I hope you Dance" cause that is just what I think they are doing and I hope they continue all their lives to do it.

Mindy said...

Can't believe how big Gabbi is getting. Make it STOP! Will be home and keeping up with the posts today;)

SamC said...

Looks like you all are having a great time! Enjoy!!

Lisa O. said...

I am sure glad to hear I am not the only one with problems taking pictures with my children. My husband and I have a 3 and 7 year old. My 7 year old daughter is like your Ellie- she is a poser!! She LOVES the camera! My 3 year old son is sooo very shy; he just hates his picture taken by anyone other than me pretty much. So it was very interesting trying to take family pics professionally last year when he was on me at ALL times!! They will be pictures to remember for sure! :)

SarahBeth said...

looks like the beach is a blast!! your ad looked great, by the way!

Holly said...

I think you do great! I try to get a picture of my guys and one is always in a choke hold! Girls all look beautiful!! I'm afraid I'm with you and Jin - not so chill down deep!

Anne said...

I love all the pictures. It's great to see the boys and how big they've gotten and the little girls are just so cute all the time!

And I think that makes 10 :)

jenny said...

LOVE Gulf Shores! That's where we went on our honeymoon. Now I live in Idaho and haven't been to the Gulf Coast in 15 years. That just ain't right!

Zhohn said...

I like the family photos! Ellie's poses are so cute. LOVE Madi's dress. Really enjoying your trip, just wish I was there!
Can't wait to see family pics with Todd.

Angie R. said...

Gotta love family pic time!

Mike and Kris said...

I love how Hayden is hanging out with all the ladies...your posts crack me up! Bring on another post!

Amy K said...

It looks like Ellie needs to train the rest of the crew how to love up to the camera.
Great photos. That sounds like an AWESOME auction vacay package.